2007 Outlander AWD vs FWD ?

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I'm looking at buying a 2007 Outlander that's still on the lot. There are quite a few in my area (Denver/Colorado Springs Colorado).

Not so many AWD. Maybe 3-4 or so. Less if you consider I don't want a white car. I have this image of going off the edge and no one finding me in a snow storm ..... OK back to the ?

Would FWD be good or should I really go for AWD? I do go up into the mountains in winter and on my current car I use AWD about 4-5 times a year (suburban Z71). Not to mention I get snow here in town too.

Feedback greatly appreciated from those crazies living where it just snows and snows and snows.



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    For me it's a no-brainer as I need 4WD/AWD to tow a sled trailer in winter. If I just wanted FWD economy only there are plenty of vehicles that get better fuel economy, but if you're in snow country (mountains)and are going to buy a vehicle like this anyway it would be crazy to not go all the way and get the AWD (4WD)vesrion. (With the Outlander you can select FWD only if you want for a bit better economy and only use 4WD on rainy/snowy days.)
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    Based on your situation, I would definately suggest you to go with the AWD. One of the favorite feature I love about the Outie is that you can select 2WD/AWD with a simple switch, even when the vehicle is moving. So save gas by using 2WD on daily commute while use the AWD on mountains and snow. I live in So Cal and I only drive in the snow for may be twice a year in snowboarding session. Spend that extra grand, you will never regret it!
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    Just for clarification, the 4WD Outlander doesn't get any better mileage when switched to 2WD. The reason is that the weight of the 4WD system is still there, and most of the mechanical drivetrain parts still spin in both modes. So you'll never get as good mileage as a 2WD Outlander under the same conditions.

    I've tried mine in both modes and I can't notice any significant difference in fuel ecomomy. I feel that 4WD is safer, so I leave it on 4WD Auto most of the time.
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    I live in Wisconsin and we had just short of record snowfall this year. The extra I spent for Awd on my '07 Outlander was worth every penny and then some.

    I always use it in the rain, also. If you need to accelerate fast and the front tires break loose, the traction control will cut the power. In AWD mode, you have all the traction and power you need.
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