Buick Enclave Brakes

chicomedchicomed Member Posts: 3

Actually came on once without touching the brakes, to the dealer 3 times dealer says it's normal and working properly.

give me a break, ABS coming on w/o touching the brake....?
They should be ashamed at the terrible service and BS....

My wife and family ride in that car...



  • madazmadaz Member Posts: 1
    I haven't experienced any problems with the ABS but i am now on my third set of brakes with only 70,000kms (40,000 miles) on the Vehicle. I think this is very poor as I have had many other vehicles that would go 100,000 kms without even having to change the brake pads. All the service person said at the dealership was quit riding the brakes, which we do not do in the first place. Another thing that displeased me about GM's so called 80,000 bumper to bumper warranty is that brakes are only covered for 40,000 kms. (fine print stuff they neglect to tell you about when your buying the vehicle). Other than that I just had the lower ball joints, and struts but luckily they were changed out on warranty. We really like the vehicle overall but I doubt I would buy another one. There's just gotta be more dependable SUV's in that price range out there somewhere.
  • encaveencave Member Posts: 1
    LOL at least your brakes worl. My wife was driving at 80 kms/hr and brakes failed. Happens every so often but the cant find a problem> "Must be are imagination"
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