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Just bought an 08 Pilot EX-L, no nav or res. Sales person said the Pilot, like all Honda's, have automatic door locks that will lock after the car gets to a certain speed. My 97 CR-V does this once the car is put into gear, but my fancy new 08 Pilot doesn't. I asked the service manager and he thought it was just a matter of programming the car control unit. When I picked up the Pilot (had side step installed), he said the EX-L's don't have this function, it can't be programmed in. Is this true???

Oddly, he said some of the Pilot control units can do this, but not our EX-L. Which to me means I bought the top of the line Pilot and it has less functionality than some of the other Pilot trim levels!?!?

I'm hoping someone can confirm the Pilot does or doesn't have the autolock function and if so, can direct me where to get this resolved.




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    I have a 2008 pilot ex-l and have had this problem occur a couple of times. I open the door locks with the remote entry. I open a door and then close it. As soon as the door closes the doors automatically lock. Usually I have the keys in my pocket or I have the spare close by but one time it happened when I opened the doors, threw my keys on the front seat, secured my child into the rear car seat, closed the rear passenger door and it locked on me as soon as the door closed. I called the cops to open it and needless to say I now carry a spare hide a key under the car. Why does this happen and can I disable it?
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    The door won't lock if you insert the key to the ignition. It only lock the door back on after remote unlocked but keys not into the ignition.
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    Thanks, how do I disable the auto lock feature?
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    I'm not sure how to disable it. I do have a question for you, do your doors autolock when you start to drive? In other words, if you get in, start the car and begin driving, do the doors autolock? Mine don't and the techs say it isn't possible to be programmed into the 2008 Pilot EX-L, only the lower cost models.
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    Mine do not. I did a google search and found this

    I'm going to try it to see if it works.
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    Just tried it on my 08 EX-L. No luck. There is no click when holding it down and when I took it for a spin, there was no autolock. I believe this fix must only be for the lower end models. Why Honda in their infinite wisdom would equip this feature on their low end models and not on the high end models is beyond me. Most people would think when you buy top of the line you don't lose features.
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    My 08 EX-L with navi just started to do auto lock on its own. When you turn the ignition to on, the doors would lock; turn it off, they unlock. I have no idea how this got started. One other thing is the horn will do a short honk whenever I start the car. It's pretty annoying. I thought it might be the battery going dead, but the green light is still on the battery and the voltage is showing 12.8 volt. I cannot find anywhere in the manual or quick start guide talking about this auto lock feature, but I have it now.
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    Just bought a 2004 honda pilot-other than using the remote to open the power locks, I can't open the driver side door with the key. I can however open the passenger side door with the key. So...the remote opens the driver side door, but the key doesn't.
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