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Isuzu Rodeo Door Problems

I have a 99 Isuzu Rodeo and the back door lock has broken.

We can not figure out how to get to it to fix it.

It is not a hatch back it is the one that the window goes up and the door swings open



  • seannlseannl Posts: 1
    I hope you found out how to fix that problem by now, however I just came across the same situation with my 02. I thought of drilling out the lock but couldn't find a replacement for it on line. (if anyone knows where to get one I'd appreciate the info). Anyway what I did was pry the plastic cover off on the hinge side at the bottom.Then I used a clip to pull the plastic cover away about six or eight inches, I tied it off to folding rear seat lock. This allowed just enough room for me to reach in with a metal clothes hanger and hook the release lever on the window. There is a poly plastic cover attached to the inside of the tailgate. Be careful because it's stuck on with sealant and can get very messy. Once the window was open the rest was easy. I lubricated the lock but I don't trust it so I drilled a hole through the hard plastic cover just where the window lever can be reached. I covered the hole with a trim button. If it ever gets stuck again I can pop out the button and insert a screwdriver to open the hatch.

    Good Luck
  • danidedanide Posts: 1
    How did you get the plastic to move 6-8 inches and what kind of clips did you use.
  • Hi everyone -

    I just bought a 1997 Isuzu Rodeo a few days back. I had to use the tailgate for the first time yesterday, but I cannot get the window to latch back and lock. The tailgate open button inside the car works, and also the lock on the tailgate itself. Everything works but the window? Is there a trick I am missing to locking the window?

    Thanks for your help!
    Emily :confuse:
  • were you ever able to figure out this problem!?
  • Key won't turn or button lock will not push in just got vehicle anyone know how to lock!?
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