Nissan Titan will be replaced by 2011 Nissan Ram

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Chrysler/Nissan joint ventures announced - Chrysler LLC Press Release April 14 2008

I would imagine Nissan will get to reskin the truck similar to how Mitsubishi "edited" the Dodge Dakota to become the Mitsu Raider.

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    As a current Titan owner I am very disappointed in Nissan. I traded in my old Dodge Ram and bought the Titan, I said I would never own another Dodge truck again. Nissan did a poor job of marketing the Titan and of course gas prices havn't helped. I just hope they at least keep the Nissan 5.6L engine and tranny, its so much further advanced then the old style pushrod Hemis.
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    Guess I'll be going back to Chevy or GMC after this 2005 Titan.
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    I have had a titan since 06 and I have owned chevy's, fords, mazda, and last of all a dodge that I traded for my titan. and every other truck I have owned has had transmision issues or engine issues my last chevy the engine blew at 4000 miles then the last ford I had- 3 transmisions 8 sets of front brakes fuel pump etc, the last dodge transmision and a host of other issues. now i will admit I am very tuff on my trucks but d#$$% it they should be built tuff for as much as we have to pay for them. My Nissan now has 99134 miles on it and I have only had small things go wrong with it and NISSAN you are making a very VERY big mistake. I will not ever purchase your TITAN/RAM truck. :mad:
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    :mad: I have a 09 titan SE and I love my truck, I have owned and driven all brands of truck at one point or another in my life . Some better than others. My titan provides a good mix of some of the best qualities available from most of its rivals. However when I learned of nissan's plans to use a dodge ram platform for the new titan I got a little sick. First let me say I have owned a dodge ram so I think I can speak on quality of this truck. Dodge is a over priced piece of s-it!!!! every one of them even the new ones!!!!!!!. Nissan is making a huge mistake on this, if I wanted a dodge and I dont I would have bought one . This is the last nissan i will ever buy!! I am so sad to see it go like this.
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    I heard that the deal was off since they went into bankruptcy. Nissan will continue to build their own trucks.
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    Nissan North American announced they will continue to build the Titan without Dodge. The Titan does have awhile before it’s redesigned, being that 2011 was the scheduled date for the new Dodge Titan. They said it wouldn't be until 2014 when the new Titan should hit the market. This is good news for Titan owners... I believe there was a link to the full article on
    Titan4Life...if you drive one you know this.
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    If the Nissan Titan changes to Nissan Ram I'll be changing to the Toyota Tundra!!! Nissan needs to think about this.
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    Deal has been off for awhile. After Dodge filed for bankruptcy the original deal was cancelled.
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    I work at the Canton plant where the Titan is built and we are building 2011 model and plan to continue building in the future.
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    The 2004 design is getting a bit old and I'm sure affecting sales. Since the deal with Dodge went south when is Nissan planning on introducing a new design? They have to do something last time I checked the Titan sales were below 5K a month.
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