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Rust on Toyota 4Runner

i30rlsi30rls Posts: 28
I bought Toyota 07 4Runner Sports from the dealer as new with 2 miles on it back in Sept 07. Been reading some 4Runner issues on the web and noticed there are people who mentioned their 4Runners had rust issues on the frame. I looked under my 4Runner and noticed I am having the same issue. My 4Runner shows rust spots on the frame, under the car. I am concerned and will address it at my next maintenance at Toyota. So check your 4runners, just because it's newer model, you just never know. My 4 year old CRV is rust free, so I am surprised why 4Runner would be rusting so soon, definitely a problem for a $33K car...


  • loudog2loudog2 Posts: 83
    I had a lot of rust spots on my 2004 limited before I got rid of it 2 weeks ago. The dealer won't do anything about it. Unless rust is eating through the body. Go to People are discussing this issue. Many of them took it to the dealer. But nothing was done to fix it.
  • i30rlsi30rls Posts: 28
    An update to the rust issue. Took it to the Toyota service, they said that since the frame is not perforating, they won't do anything about it. I told them a little preventive measures can save lots of problems in the future, but service person wasn't budging telling me Toyota 4Runners don't have serious rust issues, I mentioned Tacoma recalls, he aknowledged early models had issues with rust. So there it is folks, not very good example of Toyota making me feel safe. Will call Toyota directly to express my unsatisfaction with their assessment, so at least it's on record so I can sue their pants off if G-d forbid something happens on the road because of this.
  • ricolaricola Posts: 1
    Any truck or SUV with a full frame has many welds on it and the frames will have a small amount of surface rust on them, especially around the welds unless you undercoat them when they are new. You won't see that on a unibody frame (ie: CRV/Rav4,etc) because they are built differently. I sold Fords and Toyotas and all of the trucks and truck-based SUV's had that issue, usually even when they were on the lot. Ford didn't do anything about it under warranty either. Manufacturers only cover rust-through, not surface rust. The solution: get your truck undercoated when it's new or it will rust, no matter what the brand. If you're worried about it, pay the $300 to get it undercoated now and ask the company that does it for you to sand down the spots that have surface rust on them already.
  • i30rlsi30rls Posts: 28
    Thanks ricola for your response.

    Any suggestions what kind of places would do undercoating? I am in New York.
    I asked Toyota place in my neighborhood, but they said they won't do it.
  • My 4 Runner has rusted through the frame, Called dealer and Customer service, said nothing they could not do anything about, But it is unsafe to drive..

    Yet here they say do not drive it but cannot afford another Car so now what can I do. I have taken Picture's off the frame, My Husband drives a 1988 Ford Truck it has no rust anywere on or near the frame.

    Please help if there is anyone I can contact or do about this.
  • Very disappointed in Toyota, you would think they would do a better job. Head gaskets on the 4Runner and frame rust. My son has had head gasket issues, now frame rust, frame is so thin and crumbling and vehicle is unsafe to drive. I used to want one myself but don't think I will buy one, I will stick with Hyundai and Dodge truck. The frame issue is a danger.
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