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Trying to get better mileage

loraglorag Member Posts: 2
edited March 2014 in Mercedes-Benz
I'm trying to figure out if I'd get better mileage between two different scenarios on my commute: the first is driving about 25 miles with no traffic lights and few stop signs along the way, and the second is 20 miles with several long stop lights. Would I get better diesel mileage just traveling along at a constant speed or would the shorter distance be a better option? Many thanks in advance for anyone's help.


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    jlbljlbl Member Posts: 1,333
    25% more miles may be too big a ∂ to get better mileage. If you have a gas station near your home/office, fill up the tank. Drive to and fro along, e.g., the long way and fill up the tank again. Next day do the same after driving the short way. Compare. ;) An on-board trip computer might give you (rougher) estimates as well.

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    loraglorag Member Posts: 2
    Thank you, Jose! I'm really just guessing at the mileage. My car's a 1983 model, and the odometer doesn't work anymore. I'm just doing the longer trip in the afternoons due to traffic, so it's just (I think) 5 more miles a day longer than the old route. I'll probably try the fill-up for two days in a row after trying the two different routes, but I wondered if there was some diesel logic that I wasn't aware of as far as idling vs actually moving. :)

    Thanks again, though!
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