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2010 Toyota Avalon



  • Hello, I am brand new to, but I'm quite familiar with the blogs and enjoy reading posts regarding most Toyota vehicles. I have always been a big fan of Toyota products. Last year, I drove (rented) a 2008 Avalon Touring. I absolutely fell in love with this car as it was the nicest handling vehicles that I had ever driven. I currently own a 2004 Corolla, so driving the Avalon was a huge difference! As we all know, the Touring model was discontinued for the 2009 model year. I was very disappointed when I learned this, because I was considering to upgrade/purchase a new Avalon (I liked the Touring model because of the dark charcoal interior). For 2009, Toyota introduced the dark charcoal interior to the XLS and Limited models. I still am considering to purchase an XLS with dark charcoal interior, but I cannot find one in my region (New England) with the color combination that I'm looking for, Blue Mirage on dark charcoal. My local dealer said it takes 4+ months to order one. Does this sound right? It seems like the dark charcoal interior is very hard to come by. I'm not sure if it's popular or not in other areas of the country, but it is very practical living in New England with the road salt associated with the long winter months!

    Okay, I'll get to the point! I have been reading many speculations of the Avalon being completely discontinued. If it is going to be discontinued, I find it interesting that Toyota is going to release a 2010 model. This will be the 6th year we have the 3rd generation Avalon. Most dealers in my region only had an average of 1-3, 2009 new Avalons on their lot since they arrived in September 2008. It seems like production has been strictly reduced. This is why I'm so surprised a 2010 will be built. If Toyota is going to discontinue the Avalon, why are they continuing production for another model year? Everything is a big mystery!
  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 6,413
    The key difference in ride between the Touring model and other Avalons is the tires and rims

    Not correct. The Touring uses the exact same size of tire found on the XLS and Limited models (all 17" Rims). The XL rides on 16" however, there are suspension differences in the touring model. Much firmer than the Xl/XLS/Limited.

    2017 Buick Enclave / 2017 Hyundai Elantra

  • lev45lev45 Posts: 1
    It would be a disaster if Avalon will be discontinued. I have 2005 Toyota Limited and love this car. Since it's more than 4 years old, I started looking for a new car. I test-drove Lexus 360, Mercedes S class, Audi and have to say that I feel more comfortable in Avalon. If Toyota add / change a few things, I would buy another Avalon.

    The main thing to change is the Navigation. Because, it so difficult to enter new address, I practically never use it. I would also appreciated to have a steering wheel automatic adjustment. Parking cameras would be appreciated as well. For the rest, I have no complaints.
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    If Toyota chooses NOT to up-date the Avalon, they will have only themselves to blame for low sales.

    Yes times are tough (but the tough will survive).
    Yes sales are low (come out with a new exciting model and that will change)!
    If the American companies are coming out with new models (the NEW Ford Taurus, WILL be a big seller - not in the same category, but a big seller still.)
    Toyota right now, is one of, if not the BEST selling cars in America … kick [non-permissible content removed] with some new exciting models, and stay ahead!

    I'm SURE that with this tough economy, Toyota needs to be carful they don't up-date the Avalon so much that it becomes expensive, because it WILL then have folks thinking Lexus, which will cause sales to be low, causing them to re-think the Avalon in the future.

    Hell, Toyota is now the sponsors for many PBS and National Geographic TV shows (ALL of which use to be sponsors by Ford - maybe a sad day in American history?

    Sorry about the tyrant:)

  • While searching on Yahoo, I came across a site that handles fleet management of various motor vehicles. This site has "revised" Toyota build-out and start-up dates of various 2010-2011 models (as of August 5, 2009). According to the information on this site, Toyota plans to release a 2011 Avalon in Febrary & March 2010 (around the same time the current 3rd generation was released back in 2005). Not sure if this Avalon will be the same as the 3rd generation, or completely redesigned. The 2010 will be the 6th consecutive year of this style/generation. It could be that Toyota is now on the 6-year cycle with generations. If this information is in fact true, we MAY have a completely redesigned Avalon on the way in a few months! I am very curious to see if this information is accurate. I will include the link that I found if you'd like to see what it lists: 09.pdf

    Sorry, I can't make it available to directly access, but this is the exact site that I found! Definitely check it out!
  • kenb757kenb757 Posts: 149
    Looks like a new Avalon is in the works. We should know in December at the latest, when the dealers will get the ordering info.
  • Let us hope a new Avalon is in the works! However, there is some speculation it will be more of a stretched Camry. Let us hope not. Face it, the Avalon cuts into Lexus sales, with nearly the luxury and comfort, but at a more reasonable price. I would love to see essentially the same vehicle, but with a bit stiffer suspension (as was in the Touring Edition) and an improved NAV system. Bottom line, being from Nevada, would not put even money on a 2011 Avalon as we wish it, if any at all. Not going to hold my breath...
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    It will be a real shame if they don't up-date the Avalon. It may not be their biggest seller, but it is a car that gets them plenty of air time (folks talking about the car).

    What would I like to see them change, fix???

    - I'd love my coin tray back
    - I'd love softer more comfortable seats
    - I'd love AWD
    - I'd love it to be a bit more quiet on the highway (this is tire noise, as well as wind noise)
    - I'd love the radio to show the CD name while it's playing. Right now having to push next and wait until it's starts, to know who the CD is, kind-of sucks.
    - Heck, I'd love this feature for iPod's as well.
    - I'd love it to have a much better - high quality paint job. My 2008, has a ton of fine line scratches that just piss my off to no end.
    - I'd love to have more vents for heating and air around the car (and roof, for pointing down the backside of the front seats on a hot day.

    … ooh, looks like I want a Lexus:)

    I think some of these things are doable, and would make the Avalon a great car.

    What would you like to see them do?

  • kq0b1kq0b1 Posts: 14
    . Have the outside mirrors rotate towards car when engine is turned off and of course will remember memory settings
    . Make a nav system worth buying
    . include a dc power plug for the backseat and and extra for the front
    . include the power seat options on the passenger side as standard instead of option on the limited model
    . include sat radio receiver as a standard instead of option on the limited
    . include a little more room for the passenger seat to slide back
    . include the roll bar on the passenger seat like the driver seat
    . include an automatic dimmer switch for high beam to low beam
    . change the instrument panel to better show the speed or move speed to the center of the dashboard
    . change the day running lites from round to square
    As for as the sattelite is concerned I use my Iphone for xm radio and playing the ipod.
    Use the Iphone for getting directions or gps -- why pay 2K when you dont get a lot for it

    I have the 2009 Limited and trip this past weekend got 31.9 highest mpg and 31.0 overall. That was doing 74mph so computer starting to work great more miles I get.
    The ride is fantastic - my wife likes to ride in the backseat and instantly falls asleep
  • yankeryanker Posts: 156
    I would like to see a hybrid in the new AVALON which is a great car. I hope they keep the 6 disc stereo My new Camry has one disc and the dealer told me it had MP? and i pod I asked him what that was and he told me my kids woould explain it to me I still want a 6 disc stereo and a hybrid
  • kenb757kenb757 Posts: 149
    The current and past Avalons is/were stretched Camrys. The next one will probably be the same. Is it better than the gussied up Camry that is the Lexus ES 350? Might be for some. The Avalon is bigger and more comfortable than the Lexus, but the Lexus has a better warranty, dealer service, and resale value. The ES also gets some good lease specials that Toyota also offers on the Camry, but not on the Avalon. My next car will probably be one of the following (unless something else strikes my fancy in the meantime): Cadillac XTS (DTS replacement), Buick Lucerne replacement (unknown at this time; new LaCrosse is too small), Hyundai Equus, MB E350, Lexus ES 350, Citroen C6 (not imported to the US), new RR Ghost (only if I should win the lottery), or Toyota Avalon. Considering purchase price and fuel economy, the Toyota seems to be the most practical. Hopefully, the new guy at the top of Toyota will solve the quality problems that have plagued it recently.
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    I tried a Buick Lucrene CX and wasn't that impressed. It was no quieter nor as big in the back seat area. And it didn't have an iPod jack. That was just a short test ride (when I was considering trading my Camry in - which I did for the Avalon).

    I had thought about the Buick Enclave (which gets very good reviews for comfort and quietness, but was more then I was looking to spend at the time)

    I wish Buick would bring back the Road Master or Park Avenue:)

    As for the others on your list, some are more then I was looking to spend, and others I haven't thought about.

    I have recently tried a LS 430 - which I must say, wasn't that much nicer the my Avalon?

    I'm in hopes of trying out a E430 Mercedes later on this week. Other then that, I'm fine with my Avalon at this time.

    My next car WILL be (hopefully);

    - Quieter at highway speeds
    - More comfortable on the long haul (on the road salesman. I put on 30,000 miles a year, and want something I can drive 600 - 1500 miles a day, and not hurt when I get out of the car.
    - A bit fancier / cooler then the Avalon.

  • 5539655396 Posts: 529
    "If you adjust the mirrors the way the Car Talk guys indicate on their web site, it eliminates the blind spot on both sides of the car."

    I adjust so that I can just see the side of my car, then lean a bit towards the console to see out farther before changing lanes. Try it.
  • kq0b1kq0b1 Posts: 14
    Anyone care to share what the going price is for a new 2009 Avalon XLS/ Limited.
  • kq0b1kq0b1 Posts: 14
    Looking for a Bra for my 2009 Limited. Any suggestions.

    Also looking for rubber floor mats any suggestions

  • nceencee Posts: 419
    I can't help you with a bra, but I purchased the "WeatherTecH rubber floor mats … and LOVE them!


  • nceencee Posts: 419
    I hadn't heard this, but I will let you know soon, as I will need new tires real soon.

    Is the a model, style or brand that you can recommend?

  • I purchased a leftover 2008 Touring in July. I had the 3m shield installed on the whole front end and the mirrors. Lots of $$, but no chipped paint. IMO the bra is ugly and every one I've seen eventually destroyed the paint under the bra.
  • I asked my Toyota service mgr about synthetic oil for my 08 touring. He told me that Toyota notified the dealer that the new Avalon will require synthetic. If he knew anything about oil change interval with the new model, he wasn't willing to share.
  • I live in the Kansas City area. I bought an '09 Limted, Blizzard Pearl, carpeted floor mats, power passenger seat & XM radio. Sticker price was $37,103. The discount was about $4,150 for brand new car, not a demonstrator. This was in June, 2009. If you are in the Midwest area, I highly recommend the dealer & salesperson I bought from in Lawrence, Kansas. Reply if you want more information.
  • kq0b1kq0b1 Posts: 14
    thanks for the info. Its a great car. I was wondering if prices were still running the same and appears they are. Got a 09 Limited - no mileage without the XM but with Spoiler, door moldings, power seats passenger side, mats, for $33,300 so not feeling bad about the choice. BTW I am getting 4 mpg better than whats on the sticker

    take care
  • I would be surprised to do as well right now. Around here, when you walk through a Toyota dealership, you might see 120 "clunkers" and maybe 60 to 70 new Toyotas. And these are at dealerships that typically had 300 to 400 new Toyotas in stock before the cash for clunkers program. I bought mine right before the program started. Unfortunately, I did not have a gas guzzling clunker to trade in since I have bought fuel efficient cars all my driving life. Once again, no free lunch ($4,500.00) for me.
  • Does anyone know approximately when Toyota will stop production of the 2010 Avalon? Toyota typically introduces new models/styles in early March, just in time for spring. I would like to order a 2010 because I like this generation's style. However, I am hesitant to do so because the 2011 should be on it's way, and I may like the new generation much more! Any new information on the 2011 model?
  • I bought a 2010 Avalon 3 weeks ago. It intermittently rumbles at 35-40mph when is drops into high gear and lugs the engine. The Toyotal field rep says this is normal for the Avalon (as well as other new Toyota cars) but most people don't complain about it. They don't want to publicize this because they wouldn't sell as many cars. Please let me know if you notice this: I'm trying to file a class action lawsuit about what I consider a deceptive practice by Toyota: my email address in Thanks.
  • Toyota seems to having a bit of grief with this transmission. Have read where they are proud of engineering it with substantially fewer parts than would be typical with a 6-speed automatic, but this may have come at a price.
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    No issues like this with my 2008?

    As for a class action law suit? With only 3 weeks on the car, my guess is (with a bit of toughness) the dealership will take the car back. Let them and Toyota Motor Corp., know "It's take it back, or I file a class action lawsuit"! My guess is, you won't own the car much longer, as it will be easier and cheaper to take it back, then the cost of a law suit.

    Now, if in fact you and others find that this is a problem, and Toyota is ignoring it, then please, on the behalf of Toyota customers everywhere … get some action taken!


    PS This won't bow well, (the bad press) if they are coming out with an all new model for 2011. It will look like the 2010 was a problem child, and so, they re-did it for 2011, in hopes of fixing it.

    As oppose to, coming out with a new model, because it was time for a change.
  • Toyotal never buys a car back without arbitration.
    The thing is that Toyota knows that the new transmissions shift into high gear at too low a speed so the car is going to lug at times, yet they do it to promote better gas mileage without alerting the customer that their car is going to rumble at times.
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    Not Toyota, the dealer.

    Here in Maine, most dealers (because of state laws), have to take back, or work hard to satisfy customer with problem vehicles.

    Now, this may not be easy, but if one is to complain hard enough, you should be successful.

    Hell, it's in the dealers best interest.

    Is there another car, that this dealership sells, that you can trade-in towards? I would think it would be in the dealers best interest to make you happy.
  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 6,413
    Almost all newer cars do this. My '06 Avalon (my '09 Genesis, and my GFs '08 Elantra also) did it at times (or would hunt between the gears) if it is that much of an annoyance, simply put the gear selector in manual and lock it in 3rd gear on the roads you are having a problem. My car only did it on one particular stretch of road where there was a slight hill that you I had to watch my speed on because there was always a patrolman waiting.

    2017 Buick Enclave / 2017 Hyundai Elantra

  • Sure sounds like the transmisssion is reluctant to disengage the torque converter and/or drop down a gear. Probably the designers attempting to squeeze every last MPG out of the car for marketing reasons, and to up their CAFE average. As all modern transmissions are electronically controlled, I would wager a simple reprogramning of the PCM will remedy the issue. IF they will do this, another story.
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