non deployment of air bags in frontal crash

blazerbabyblazerbaby Member Posts: 2
i was in an accident yesterday in my 1999 chevy s10 blazer. i was going close to 30mph, and i rearended another vehicle. neither the driver or passenger airbag deployed. i was just wondering if anyone had any info about any related issues.


  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    Was the vehicle you collided with moving? Airbag deployment is dependent on the relative speed of the colliding vehicles.

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  • blazerbabyblazerbaby Member Posts: 2
    i'm not sure. we were going downhill. i turned for a split second. when i looked back, it was too late. i couldn't stop in time. my daughter hurt her arm. it's in a half cast. i'm just wondering if it was a higher speed collision, if they would have even gone off then. i'm pretty sure its a total loss. :cry:
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    Unfortunately, all it takes is a split second. I hope your daughter isn't too traumatized by the event and recovers quickly.

    I'd be interested in know whether anyone else has had a similar experience with Chevy Blazer air bags.

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  • harborlightsharborlights Member Posts: 6
    I had an acci on 4-30-08 hit from the rear and pushed into the car infront of me., who hit the car in front of them. My air bag did not deploy either. Messed up my knee on the dash even though I had on my seat belt. My duaghter was not hurt but the passenter air bag did n ot deploy either. $7888.78 in damages. Just not sure what to do next about this airbag thing.
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  • LesSharpLesSharp Member Posts: 1
    I work in a domestic car dealership and I see (mainly) Toyotas that are hit hard in the front and the front air bags do no deploy. Many of these late model cars are totaled and still no air bags out. I think Toyota has a problem with their late model line up and nobody is saying anything.
  • fonziesmurffonziesmurf Member Posts: 3
    In many vehicles, the air bags will not deploy in a collision less than 35mph. Even then, deployment is not guaranteed. The sensors must be triggered and the computer must agree that deployment is safe (i.e. the airbags should not deploy during a rollover). There should be two sensors behind the front bumper. If the bumper did not receive enough damage, the sensors may not have been triggered.
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