Buick Enclave Tires and Wheels

chicomedchicomed Member Posts: 3
Wondering........is it 20" by 9",...anybody know??



  • tourguidetourguide Member Posts: 190
    Stock or optional wheels go up to 19". (Those are 255/60/19)

    Are you referring to the 20" in the accessories catalog? (those are 275/50/20)

    Amazing how much more the rubber is for an inch larger diameter - basically double.
  • chicomedchicomed Member Posts: 3
    Thank you ,

    But, I am looking for the size of the WHEEL, not the tire,


  • pavewekpavewek Member Posts: 1
    would changing to 18 inch give a better ride to the Enclave?
  • millefunemillefune Member Posts: 5
    Changing them to 18" wheels from 19" while keeping the same overall diameter will theoretically give you a better ride as far as smoothness. However, the brand and model of tire will also play a factor. From what I remember reading around, the 19" wheels from the factory come with specially made tires to reduce noise and vibration compared to the tires on the 18" wheels that come from the factory. You would have to get the same model tires that came on the 19s or better, or your ride may suffer.
  • sponsonsponson Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2009 fwd enclave with 13000 miles and got sick and tired of the front wheels slipping at the thought of rain or god forbid snow. The original tires were the Goodyear Forteras. I replaced them with Cooper tires and had a very noticeable improvement in traction in all conditions. I will never use the Forteras on the front again.
  • unklrayunklray Member Posts: 4
    I purchased my 2008 with 70,000 on it and New Goodyear Eagles.
    at 90,000 I noticed a shake at about 40 miles.
    I had the tires balanced and the left front was off by 2 oz. All the others were off also. After rotation and another attempt at balance and 97,000 miles it is noticably worse. The tires only have another 10,000 good miles on them so I will replace them with the new BF Goodrich Eco. or the Michellin that came on them. I never have good luck with Goodyear and refuse to buy them anymore.
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