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Lexus SC-300 door problem

evijayevijay Member Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Lexus

I have a lexus sc-300 (mileage 87000). I came to
home and parked the car and tried to open the door
on the driver seat. The door was not at all
opening. The power lock of the driver door is not
working. While I can open the passenger seat door.
I have to go out via the passenger seat
door(climbing :-) ). This car is not involved in
any accident and was running fine for a while.

I took the car to the dealer body shop and he said
that he will diagnose. after two days, he
diagnosed that the door latch is worn out and I
have to replace it for a whopping 1300 $(total). I
am surprised to see the amount. I expected it to
a small repair. When I asked him why this
happened, he said he saw that in many cars of this
Do you think this is the problem ?.

He didnt mention anything about this problem
before when we gave the car for inspection and now
they say that to diagnose the problem to this
reason, they have to open up all the door etc.,.
and they are going to charge for all the labour
that they put on for this. They didnt take any
authorization from us for opening the door nor did
they gave any indication that it takes huge amount
($500) just to diagnose why the door is not

Also they say that now that they have opened the
door, they cannot close it or give it back to the
state it was before and we have to go with the
repair or take the car with door open !!.

We feel something fishy going on here. Can anybody
advice on this issue ?



  • canadianclcanadiancl Member Posts: 1,078
    I would call the Lexus customers' service hotline before you pay anything to this dealer.
  • rob8rob8 Member Posts: 16
    Way too much money. Any skilled stereo installer could easily disassemble the inside of your door to get at that latch. The professional installers do it all the time in order to get at the speakers. Go to another body shop and/or a skilled stereo installer and see if they will install a new latch. PS Get the lexus part number and Order the part form irontoad.com.

    By the way, if you went to a body shop that your dealer recommended chances are it's a premium shop that charges a bundle to do anything. While this is fine if insurance is picking up the bill,it isn't so great if you have to pay the bill. Try another body shop. Be careful though, pick someone who has experience taking these doors apart. You do not want someone who has never worked on an SC before.
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