Rough Idle/ Front end recall

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Hi. My wife has a 2005 Jeep liberty sport. The other day the check engine light came on, and the vehicle now has a rough idle. The vehicle pulls fine under normal acceleration and otherwise has always run well. We did plugs and air filter 1 month ago. Also, does anybody know the status with the front end recall?


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    Go to an Autozone and borrow their code scanner to find out what is causing the check engine light. You can use it for free then look up the code to give you an idea
    of whats going on. If your battery is dying it can give you a rough idle. Theyll check you battery out for free, too. If you replace the battery you will have to drive about 10 miles for the computer to reset the idle.
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    My wife and I had recently purchased a 2005 Liberty with 16,000 miles. Our second issue with it was the engine service light. The problem (Decoded) was a miss fire on number three cylinder (rough idle). The cause to our understanding is the coil pack. I would like to know more on this front end recall as we had purchasede this liberty in GA. and brought it home to ND. and with the cold weather we can not get past all the squeaking in the front struts and suspenion bushings.
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    I think it was the first summer after my wife bought the jeep. It went back for some work, and someone mentioned to us that they might be doing a recall for some front end components. I have read in some magazines also that a recall may be looming. As of yet I have not heard anything else.
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    The code was for #3 coil. I just replaced it and it seems fine now. If I hear anything more about the front end recall I will post. Thanks to all for the help.
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    There is a recall to replace ball joints on all '02-'06 Jeep Liberty.The recall began Sept.11,2006.You should have been notified,but you can call Chrysler at 1-800-853-1403 or call your dealer,they should know all about this.A friend of mine was contacted by Chrysler and had their ball joints replace under the recall.
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    I'm looking for a complete jeep liberty wiring diagram that I can us to trouble shout my vehicle?
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