Pontiac G6 paint problem

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I bought a 2007 G6 a year ago. I noticed the paint chipping and wearing off all along the bottom of the car and around the doors. They tell me it's from the debris on the roads kicking up and hitting the car. Of course they don't want to fix it but I'm told by a Pontiac body shop that it's an ongoing problem...anyone else having this problem?


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    My 2005 G6 GT sedan is having terrible paint problems on the hood and dealership is claiming the same thing - road rash. The chips are caused by the smallest of hits and I've been told by a GM engineer friend of mine that this should not be occuring.
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    My 2007 Pontiac G6 is has the very same paint problems on the hood. I brought the car to the dealership in November 2007 and after a lengthy discussion with the service manager they agreed to repaint the hood at no cost. I left the car at the body shop for 2 days. When I picked up the car it looked fine. Now I am seeing the same chipping problem in the same exact spot. I brought the car back to the dealership again and they tried to tell me it was a pebble or road rash problem. First they wanted $821. to fix it then $621 and when I argued that I would be trading the car in soon they offered to split the difference and charge me $310. I said absolutely not. I made a complaint to the GM service center but all they did was give my complaint a number and said the dealership was correct in their review of the case. So now I'm stuck with an inferior paint job on a vehicle that is less than 2 years old with less than 16k miles. Better Business Bureau will be my next stop or if I can find enough owners having the same issue maybe a class action against GM or the dealership.
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    My 2006 Pontiac G6 has the same problem. The whole passenger side of the car is damaged. I took it to the dealer ship and they said sorry it is road abrasion and there is nothing they would do. They suggested putting mud flaps on would help fix this problem. So I called GM Canada and talked to them and they said they have to go by what the dealership has said and would do anything about it. I then started to look for other cars with similar damage and I found a lot. I called Gm Canada back and explained this and they said they would send my file up to management level. When management called me back they offered me a discount on a paint job. I disagree with this, I feel it is a design flaw and they should fix my car. I glad I am not the only one with this problem. I am not sure where everyone is located but I would be willing to team up with people to create a case against them. I have seen other articles where people have won court cases because the paint should last a min of 5 - 10 yrs.
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    I am having the same problem. They don't want to do a thing about it. I am willing to team together and fight this.
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    I have not had any problems yet, I have an 08, with 6k on it now, just got back from a 2,400 mile trip, though covered in bugs, does not appear to have any chipping. Though, not sure if keeping it waxed, like 4 times already has helped it, but I don't plan to keep it more than another year or so, I am in a lease, and plan to trade during that time. Not, that I don't like the car, for me, it was not my choice to be in this car. I'll be back to Honda.
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    we are having the same problem with our 2008 G6.... just bought it not too long ago, and only at 7k miles, the husband was washing the car when it started to chip on the hood, and he wasn't even using a high powered washer! we only got to put on 3k of the miles and we bought it 2 months ago, so we are definitely not happy about it. if anyone else has any good useful into about this that would be awesome, or maybe suing the pants off of them :cry:
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    Hmmm, that sucks! Well I would take it to the dealer right away, though they might say it is wear and tear, but usually it shows differently that just rock chips. Keep taking it in. Contact GM, state what is happening. Get a case number going. I have heard they are usually pretty good.
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    I have a 2008 G6 i bought 4 MONTHS ago! Same thing, problems with the paint chipping from the debris when the front tires turn it shoots striaight back at the rear doors due to the flaired out design. I was told NO by gm as well. However i was also told that the paint job/clear coat at the factory is substandard and that is why it is so easy to chip. I have also received several scratches that were wayyy too easy to do. again result of the substandard clear coat. I have no issue with the occasional rock chip on the hood or fenders but these are concentrated and obvious.
    I am writing a letter to GM as well as the rep that denied the warranty work. I don't have high hopes of getting any satisfaction but they will know where my loyalties lay. If anyone hears of something that we can do pass it on! Thanks
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    Yes, I agree. I have an 08 G6 too. Salsa red, and it does scratch way too easily. Now, I only have 1 chip on the hood, but I did take the car on vacation, so that could be it. But, that is it. There paint seems to be a bit sloppy. If you happen to look around the rear tail lights, around the cracks, its a bit sloppy, as you can see the overspray, bubbling. I have never been impressed with the paint GM puts on all of their cars, as they all seem to get swirl marks so easily. Heck, even look at it, and it will get them. I even waxed mine heavily, though much better, it still shows them. I think you are right, the clear coat is horrible, it should be much stronger than that.

    There is another issue with the design , You frequently get bugs, and dirt spots on the lower sides of the cars. Its annoying. It is the design. I am a fanatic about keeping my car clean and shiny, and this does not help along with the substandard paint.

    Thankfully, I lease the car. Back to Honda I go.
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    This is so discouraging. I have a 07 G6 GTP and both sides are completely chipped. Pontiac fixed it for me last year but REFUSES to fix it again. I don't know what else to do. I told Pontiac last week that I was going to get an Attorney if they don't fix it but I've been told by friends that would be a waste of money. I'm embarrassed to even drive the car. I paid $28,000 for the car and this upsets me. I think we should all get together because I believe this is a design flaw in the car also. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get this fixed.
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    Well, I have not have any real problems with my 08, but I agree, I would like to move to a car that I can actually take pride in. Its too bad, because I am actually impressed with it. I am going to try to transfer a lease to a new owner since I only have about 9k miles, so its like new, still young. I think if I wait, It might be more difficult to do.

    As far as paint, I have waxed it with top end wax, and still can't get the swirl marks out, its annoying. I see that on a lot of GM cars though. I believe it is their cheaper clear coat. You should be able to buff out most flaws if you have decent clear coat.
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    my wife leases a 2005 g6 it has never been waxed and the paint is as good as the day it was delivered it has been washed regularly . has 50000 km on it , no swirl marks either , the problem that you people are having is you dont use wax on clear coat paint you are only recommended to use the gm polish that is liquid.it works for me quite well .
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    The issue is that the clear coat to begin with is not really strong or durable. You are right about waxing though. Regular up keep really helps. Though you have to be careful, I saw a black Honda, I believe 07, it looked all of a sudden all swirl marked. That car was never like that before, that tells me the owner tried to wax it or hand washed it wrong, that black is going to look bad. It can be fixed, but with much hard work, some marks won't ever come out. That tells you how strong your clear coat is, when you can take flaws out. Cheaper clear coats cannot stand up well to wear. I see this typically on GM cars. My G6 has swirl marks on it, but this is from the dealer using the mobile wash, I did not notice how bad it was, until I waxed it repeatedly with high quality wax, and it did not take the swirls out. My previous 06 Accord did not have this issue. I guess I will have to get used to the swirls, but I plan getting an 09 TSX soon! GM really needs to be careful these days. Their losing customers.
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    my paint scratches so easy and its all cracking all around the whole bottom of the car....im so pissed pay 36k for my car to have scratches every where...i have an 06 and it only had 50thousand driven... :sick: :mad: i think if i were to rub my own hand on my car it would scratch!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I totally agree! I have noticed scratching easily too. I think GM in general uses a clear coat that is not too durable. If you take a look at most GM cars that a new or newer, they already have swirl marks on them.

    You know that a clear coat is good, when you are able to buff out a scratch and it goes away or it doesn't scratch when you touch it.

    Also, another issue is that dealer are having a mobile wash system to keep their stock clean. However, does this require them to use a scrub brush on a car that really doesn't leave the lot? No! Brand new black, and colored cars all swirl marked.
    That right there, drops the value down of the car in my book!! The paint is like the skin of the car, the biggest part of the car.

    Nothing looks worse than a black car with swirl marks all over it. And its new!

    All the scratches have come out, except the ones on my bumper of which my dealer was supposed to get out when I leased it new. Oh well. Its not my honda I had, I would freak if that happened to it. I want to have faith in my G6, but as a first time owner, I am not fully satisfied. Includes paint, engine.

    Its a lease, its not forever.
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    I own a 2009 Pontiac GP GPX. I too have paint frosting, You can see this at the following url. http://www.lounsburyr.com/GXP.html I also have problems with the rims pitting. The car is less than 9 months old. The rims are pitted and the sides are heavily pitted from lateral debris. GM refuses to fix the problem. I owned a 2004 GP GPX and the rims did the same thing, they replaced them with no problem. Now they refuse. My new GP has Taiwanese finger prints in the clear coat also. You can see all this at my web site above
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    Hey there, you link doesn't work. I haven't had too many issues with the paint, but the paint is not too forgiving. Scratches from where.... I am not sure. I am the only driver and rider most of the time. Swirl marks are better since I have really waxed it, but there always there. GM seems to always have swirls on their paints.

    I would sooner or later get out of the car. As there will be little support for you on it. Not to mention its value is pitting as well. I will closely at getting a VW or the new Acura TSX next spring.
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    Having the same problem but it's on the driver side rear door. I thought it was dirt but the paint is gone. It is white. It looks horrible.
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    There is a few cars i believe from 2008-2009, There was a problem with the paint prep....30,000 plus cars, maybe trucks, etc...... the metal is treated with acid so the paint sticks etc, however these parts were not washed off, so the acid remained and makes bubbles in the paint (not sure of the process). Believe hoods, and other areas....the only way to solve the problem is to replace the parts, repaitng will not fix the problem

    May need to use your vin # for customer service but it is a problem they know about......
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