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  • rickyeee1rickyeee1 Member Posts: 13
    Vehicle Information

    20131 E350W

    Region :Southern

    VPC :Brunswick

    Code Description Price interested in 24 months what should i pay 15 k year
    ist mont payment up front and bank fee

    E350W $51,000

    149 Polar White

    105 Almond MB-Tex

    P01 P01 Premium 1 Package: COMAND® System wi $4,000

    049 : iPod/MP3 Media Interface Cable

    218 : Rear View Camera

    512 : COMAND w/Navigation and Voice Control

    518 : iPod/MP3 Media Interface

    536 : SiriusXM Radio w. 6 mos. service

    540 : Power Rear-Window Sunshade

    R70 18" 5-Twin Spoke Wheel

    068 Wheel Locking bolts $140

    137 Comfort Box $290

    287 Split Folding Rear Seats $440

    314 Wood / Leather Steering Wheel $590

    321 321 Sport Package: 18" Wheels, Lowered S

    677 : Comfort Suspension

    772 : Sport Bodystyling

    951 : Appearance Code

    954 : Sport Package

    413 Power Tilt / Sliding Panorama Sunroof $1,090

    731 Burl Walnut Wood Trim

    810 harman/kardon LOGIG7 Surround Sound Syst

    873 Heated Front Seats

    SUBTOTAL $57,550


    TOTAL $58,455

    Pricing is subject to change. Mercedes-Benz reserves the right to make changes without
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    Hi Car Guy,

    I have a general question about the X6, and then a specific question about a quote. I apologize if the quote is imperfect information, as I was not able to get an invoice price from the guy over the phone.

    General question: What should I expect to pay over invoice for this type of car (X6 35i)? The quote I had seemed to come in 3,000 or 4,000 over invoice, which seemed a bit steep.

    Here's the quote. I told him I wanted to max out buying down the money factor as much as possible. Lease would be for three years, 12K/year. (I'm in Southern California if that makes a difference.)

    Model 2013 X6 xDr35i USD 59,800.00
    Color A52 Space Gray Metallic N/C
    Upholstery LUSW Black 'nevada' Leather N/C

    Options ZPP Premium Package 3,300.00
    319 Universal garage-door opener N/C
    322 Comfort Access keyless entry N/C
    3AH Rear View Camera w/ Top View N/C
    417 Rear manual side window shades N/C
    4NA Interior mirror with compass N/C
    4NB 4-zone climate control N/C
    609 Navigation system N/C
    615 Online Information Services N/C
    620 Voice-command N/C
    6UH Real Time Traffic Information N/C

    ZPS Premium Sound Package 950.00
    655 Satellite radio w/1 year sub. N/C
    677 Premium hi-fi system N/C

    ZTP Technology Package 1,700.00
    5AC Automatic high beams N/C
    5DK Side-view camera N/C
    610 Head-up Display N/C

    323 Soft-close automatic doors 600.00
    328 Running boards 300.00
    456 Multi-contour seats 1,300.00
    4AZ Dark Bamboo wood trim N/C
    4UK 3 Rear Seats 350.00
    6AA BMW TeleServices N/C
    6AB TeleService Control N/C
    6NF Smartphone Integration N/C
    6NR BMW Apps 250.00
    9AA Transport protection N/C

    Net Total 68,550.00
    Destination Charge 895.00
    Total Suggested Price 69,445.00
    Your Price $67,200

    36 month lease
    12k miles per year

    Residual value $40,972
    Money factor .00081 with 7 security deposits
    Total security deposit $6300
    $1093 drive off fees
    $750 loyalty rebate
    Total down $7843
    Monthly payment $842 per month plus tax
    Total payment based on la county tax $918

    Many thanks!
  • CarMan@Edmunds[email protected] Member Posts: 38,514
    That is an excellent question, 600poundsofsin. As you know, the X6 is a fairly low volume vehicle. Even so, I would think that you should be able to do much better than $3,000 to $4,000 over invoice on one. In an area that has a decent level of competition, I personally would shoot for more along the lines of $1,000 to $1,500 over.

    If you are a loyal customer, you should subtract the $750 owner loyalty cash from that. There is a waiver of the first month's payment for loyal customers as well.

    The money factor that you were quoted is about right though.

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  • warz00warz00 Member Posts: 34
    Did mf rates and residuals stay the same for March from Feb? thx
  • warz00warz00 Member Posts: 34
    Car Man - Here is deal - thoughts?

    MSRP: 77, 895 Cap Cost: 72,230 Inv: 72,230 (from BMW Config site)
    No loyalty rebate

    2013 BMW X6 xDrive50i
    Exterior Color Midnight Blue Metallic
    Interior Color Black 'Nevada' Leather
    Stock Number B1929
    Production Number 3994675
    MSRP $77.895.00
    13XM X6 xDr50i
    B38 Midnight Blue Metallic
    LUSW Black 'Nevada' Leather
    ZAP Sport Activity Package
    ZCW Cold Weather Package
    248 Heated Steering Wheel
    464 Ski bag
    496 Heated rear seats
    502 Retractable headlight washers
    ZPP Premium Package
    322 Comfort Access keyless entry
    3AH Rear View Camera with Top View
    417 Rear manual side window shades
    4NA Interior mirror with compass
    4NB 4-zone automatic climate control
    ZPS Premium Sound Package
    655 Satellite radio with 1 year subscription
    677 Premium hi-fi system
    330 Sport Package
    2LE 20" Light alloy Y-spoke wheels style 214 with performance run flat tires...
    760 Shadowline exterior trim
    775 Anthracite headliner
    319 Universal garage-door opener
    328 Running boards
    456 Multi-contour seats
    4AZ Dark Bamboo wood trim
    4UK 3 Rear Seats
    6AA BMW TeleServices
    6AB TeleService Control
    9AA Transport protection
    Lender: BMW FS
    Type: Lease
    Term: 36 Months
    Miles per year: 12,000 miles/year
    Tax State: NY 8.625%
    First Payment: $987.02
    + Security: $0.00
    + Cap Red: $0.00
    + Tax on Cap Red: $0.00
    + Acquisition Fee: $725.00
    + DMV Fees: $65.00
    + Fuel Surcharge: $60.00
    + Tire Fee: $12.50
    + Insp Fee: $10.00
    + Doc Fee: $75.00
    + Other Fees: $0.00
    + Tax on Fees: $62.53
    = Cash Due on Lease: $1,997.05
    - Trade Equity to COD: $0.00
    = Total Cash Due: $1,997.05
    - Deposit: $0.00
    = Cash on Delivery: $1,997.05
  • CarMan@Edmunds[email protected] Member Posts: 38,514
    Hi warz00. I believe that the February and March lease programs for the 2013 X6 are exactly the same.

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  • CarMan@Edmunds[email protected] Member Posts: 38,514
    Hey warz00. Leasing an X6 at dealer invoice is a very good deal. Just make sure to see if you can get the dealer to use the buy rate lease money factor, .00130, to calculate your payment.

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  • warz00warz00 Member Posts: 34
    Thx for your help Car Man. Did the above deal @ .0013 with 59% residual.
  • CarMan@Edmunds[email protected] Member Posts: 38,514
    You're very welcome warz00. Enjoy your new ride :shades: !

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  • tovj829tovj829 Member Posts: 1
    Hi Car_man,

    Can you share with me the March and April residual and money factor for each car assuming a 36 month lease and 10K miles per year?
    - 2013 X6 50i
    - 2013 X5 50i
    - 2013 550xi

    I cannot decide which of those three I like the most and wondering if the residual and mf values will sway my decision.


  • sean121780sean121780 Member Posts: 2
    MF is 0.0013 for all 3.
    X6 and X5 have residuals of 60%
    550xi has 63%, and 1500 rebate available.
  • degeodegeo Member Posts: 5

    May I please know the MF and residual for 2104 BMW X6 35i?

  • jasonmdbmwjasonmdbmw Member Posts: 117
    .00125 and 56% for 15k miles, 58 for 12k and 59 for 10k
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