Porsche Cayenne S engine oil change

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we bought cayenne last oct., since then every month we have to add engine oil on it, dealer says that is normal it will last until it reach 15000 miles, do you have same experience, please let me know.


  • porscheturbomaporscheturboma Member Posts: 1
    I have the same experience.
    I was told the same thing by the dealer.
    I only have 5000 miles on the car, so I guess time will tell if he's right.
  • ginny14ginny14 Member Posts: 1
    On our cayenne S 2008 we have driven 7500 miles and have added 6 quarts of oil. We are told by Porsche Customer Service that this is normal. However, we have had several porsches and this cayenne is our 2nd cayenne. We have never added a drop of oil to any of our cars, other than normal oil changes.
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    I'm considering buying a used cayenne s - 04 or 05 - any thoughts, warnings, etc.?
  • bmlexusbmlexus Member Posts: 755
    Well, my uncle had a turbo, sold it within 4 years with troubles troubles and troubles,

    Reliability is the issue.
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    Well, I had that problem and was told the same thing. However, it really did not ask oil after 15K, I'm @18K now and never ask me oil from me again...
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