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Ford Expedition Advance Trac Problem

bwanapetebwanapete Posts: 15
edited July 2014 in Ford
'03 Expedition - Message center says to get Advance Trac serviced. On a trip, 75 miles before it first began to act up, I had the right front tire balanced. What could I check myself before I turn it over to a dealer? Like maybe dirt in sensors? When it first happened, I was going straight at 65 on an Interstate. I think it was raining. I was in 2wd, but had used AWD earlier that day, maybe 140 miles earlier, while climbing a steep gravel drive to a hard road. No wheel spinning took place.

The dealer I bought from has closed. What about where I stand outside and turn the wheel lock to lock, to re-center the system? Are there connections to jump, to make this work?


  • cardbuff3cardbuff3 Posts: 4
    Did you find what caused this ? Were you able to fix it youself ?
  • bwanapetebwanapete Posts: 15
    I haven't done anything about it yet. I bought a Mazda MX5 roadster (Miata), and have been letting the Ford rest. Sounds like you have the same problem, so whichever one of us fixes it first, lets post the details here.
  • cardbuff3cardbuff3 Posts: 4
    I took mine in and they gave me two error codes . U1900 & U1051 . The U1900 is a Communication Bus Fault Recieve Error and the U1051 SCP Indicating the brake switch signal missing or incorrect . I then talked to another guy who said that there was maybe a short somewhere . Not much help from him and I'm still not sure whats wrong . If anyone has a direction for me to begin with , that would be great . If not , its back to the drawing board . I just spent 1K on new tires ( part of the problem ? ) so I'm not ready to open the check book without at least trying to take a run at this problem myself . Any advice / information will help .
  • bwanapetebwanapete Posts: 15
    I'm going to try to figure out what there is for a wire leading to a sensor at my right front wheel because I had had that wheel off for balancing the day before this problem arose. Maybe this could be easy? This would fit with your error codes. I'll look in the next day or two and let you know.
  • cardbuff3cardbuff3 Posts: 4
    That a good place to start . I had two new tires put on just prior to the light coming on . I also think that you might want to check your brake switch . Its a micro switch that is by the brake pedal shaft . The Engine code U1051 seems to indicate some problem with mine ( maybe yours too ) . Frustrating part about that is Ford issued a Service Bulletin , TSB 02176 ( NHTSA 10008580 ) that address's this issue but I can't find a remedy to go along with the bulletin . So my first steps are to check out the brake switch as well as the fuses that pertain to the Advantrac , ABS and the modules that go along with them . Hopefully luck will be on our side .
  • cardbuff3cardbuff3 Posts: 4
    Hey Pete , FYI .
    Just got back from the Ford dealer where they charged me 73.00 to tell me its going to cost me 725.00 to get my crap expedtion fixed . I have been told its the ABS Module that will need to be replaced and reprogrammed . Not happy . Hope you make out better .
    Take care ,
  • It was a sensor on a wheel, corrosion I guess.
  • When pulling my boat uphill from the ramp, and backing it up my driveway, my 2007 Expedition EL hesitates and will not move unless I turn the engine off and on again. I have had it to the dealer twice and was told that I had to turn off the Advance Trac system. I tried that, and it doesn't work. Still hesitates. The dealer hasn't a clue what the problem is.
  • bwanapetebwanapete Posts: 15
    My '03 has Advance Trac. You don't have to turn it off. The dealer made that up because he didn't know what is wrong. You probably still have warranty coverage, so maybe you need to try a different dealer or get the Ford zone office involved. I don't suppose you have surge brakes on your trailer. Or any other kind of trailer brake which can lock up when it shouldn't. If you have electric brakes, maybe a funny current causes problems.
  • No, I don't have surge brakes. The boat and trailer are light enough not to need brakes.The dealer told me they had contacted their zone office about the problem and that office came up with that particular "solution". I guess I do need to take it to another dealer, ''re right...they're definitely giving me a story.
  • Let me go through the scenario to better expain my original post. I am parked on the boat ramp ready to pull boat/trailer out of water. I shift to 3 (doesn't matter which gear in this case...same thing happens). I have my left foot on brake and right on gas pedal. I ease down on gas and car starts to move, however, stops. I can move gas all the way to floor and engine still just idles and car doesn't move. I turn off engine for a moment...restart...and try the same thing. Car usually will move at this point. Sometimes it doesn't. So...there's some computer problem I'm guessing. Could it be the throttle sensor? The dealer hooked Expedition to their computer and nothing registered as being wrong.
  • bwanapetebwanapete Posts: 15
    Your tailpipe in the water? Not likely, so maybe this is time to start throwing parts at it. Maybe the dealer will find that is easier than thinking, and the warranty should cover them.
  • chris_817chris_817 Posts: 1
    Same thing happened to me today. First time pulling my boat up a ramp in this vehicle. Left foot on brake, right foot to ease up ramp and each time it just sat there and would not accelerate. I ended up taking my foot off the brake and it took right off. I did not have to restart engine.

    I know the manual suggests using the parking brake until vehicle begins to move. it says this will help to stop will spin.

    I wonder if this has anything to do with traction control, ABS or Advance-trac as opposed to an actual failure of the vehicle? Seems like it wants to cut power if it thinks you are braking and accelerating at the same time like during an emergency?

    I'll use parking brake next time and see if I still have an issue.

  • cobalt25cobalt25 Posts: 3
    I thought I felt a slight pulsation in the brakes on my '06 Expedition. It's got 65k on the clock and I can't remember if I've replaced the pads yet. Is it possible I haven't?

    The "check advance trac" light issue could be related to this. Anyway, the pads looked good with maybe three-eighths of an inch of meat showing. However, it looked like there were SLIGHT vertical lines showing on the pads. Would they be wear indicators? No squealing whatsoever.

    Then , for the bigger issue, the "check advance trac" light came on right after the brake inspection. How can I determine if I really should check the light? Do I have to pay a dealer to run a code or is there a way to do it myself? Any ideas?

    thanks, Peter
  • cobalt25cobalt25 Posts: 3
    I removed all 4 wheels on my 2006 Expedition recently to check brake pad wear. When driving operation resumed the "check advancetrac" light came on. I had read somewhere that wheel removal sometimes triggers false reading for the warning lights. Is that true? How do I reset the message? It is getting to be annoying because I can't read the dashboard messages properly with that displayed.

    thanks, Peter
  • My traction control light starts to flash for no reason at all on occasion and when I apply the brakes the truck will pulsate and brake pedal goes to the floor. They switched out the module but the truck continues to do the same thing. Anyone else have this issue?
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