Dodge Dakota Paint issues

red_dodgered_dodge Member Posts: 5
the Clear Coat on my 2000 Dodge Dakota is peeling off. Ive noticed that this is a common problem with Dakotas and Rams. I was wanting to know how other Dakota and Ram owners have dealt with this problem and about how much should I expect to pay for it.


  • popsavalonpopsavalon Member Posts: 231
    Same problem on cab top of my red 1998 Dakota. I lightly feathered the edges of peeling clear coat and used spray can of clear coat to touch up area. It's not a new paint job but it looks better than the peeling paint.

    However, I am noticing other areas starting to peel, so I am sure that the only real fix is a complete new paint job. I have not priced a new clear coat paint job, but I am sure it is expensive, especially for a 10 year old truck!
  • red_dodgered_dodge Member Posts: 5
    yeah, its going pretty bad on the top of my cab and my dad pointed out to me that it was starting on the hood as well. guess its the red paint.
  • wilkerbeastwilkerbeast Member Posts: 1
    My 1998 Dakota Club Cab started going bald a couple of years ago (2006 or so) and now has great balding patches on the hood, roof, "A" pillars and tops of the fenders. It got a new catalytic converter (2 actually) free from Daimler Chrysler, so I was wondering if there is any action with them concerning the paint jobs?
  • 1trkjon1trkjon Member Posts: 5
    My 2001 quad cab is black and is starting to go "bald" .
  • polarisgmpolarisgm Member Posts: 1
    My black dakota did this at about 60,000 miles. I spent about 3 months back and forth with the dealership and then directly with the Daimler Chrysler and they basically said this was normal sun damage and that no one else was having this problem!! What a load of bull. They wouldnt do anything to help!!!
  • citygal49citygal49 Member Posts: 3
    Bald? That's a great name for it! My husband has a black 2001 Dakota which has been going "bald" for almost 3 years now. After taking it to the car wash the other day, I noticed it seemed ALOT worse. It's on the top and almost on the exact spots on the hood (both sides). Has anyone called Detroit to see why the paint is coming off?
  • dustykdustyk Member Posts: 2,926
    I talked to a friend of mine in the used car business and he couldn't remember any known or wide-spread problems with paint on your vintage Dakota. And in my experience Dakotas of the last five years at least haven't had any issues. Oddly, about a day after I read your post I happen to notice a black Dakota that had the clear coat comming off on the roof and hood surfaces. I know that this truck was older than yours, though.

    If you bought this truck used it could've been repainted by a shop that did not do the best job of surface preparation or used an inferior painting process.

  • citygal49citygal49 Member Posts: 3
    Dusty, Thank you for the information. My husband bought his 2001 Dakota in 2002 brand new so this is the original paint job from the factory. I would have thought the paint job on a $40,000 truck would have lasted LONGER than it did. We live in CA...away from the ocean and desert so we are baffled!
    Thank you,
  • red_dodgered_dodge Member Posts: 5
    why on earth would you shell out $40,000 for a Dakota? that is way higher than you should have paid!
  • citygal49citygal49 Member Posts: 3
    I asked my husband the EXACT same thing! He bought this truck BEFORE he married me! He said he bought it "loaded". I will be going with him for the next one...that's for sure!
  • dustykdustyk Member Posts: 2,926

    Well, even if there wasn't an endemic problem with paint on the 2001s, it could still happen to a few under normal manufacturing circumstances.

    $40K? I'm thinking that might've included a (bad) trade deal or your husband's memory might have faded a bit. According to my 2003 price sheet, you couldn't get to $40k regardless how many accessories one ordered.

    Best regards,
  • gbettsgbetts Member Posts: 4
    I have a Red 99 4x4 v6 100K miles been going BALD for two years now. What a shame!! Shame on the Manufacturer!!! :(
  • lgoodwinlgoodwin Member Posts: 4
    The paint on my 1995 Dark Blue Dakota started going bad a few years ago and is now rusting on the passenger side cab on the top and completely across the hood. A local body shop here in Fayetteville, NC quoted me a $2200. paint job for the entire truck (no body damage and no other rust). That's more than the current blue book value for my truck, but I might do it any way if I can get the elecrtical problems straightened out.
  • yellow_dodgeyellow_dodge Member Posts: 1
    The paint on my 1999 Yellow Dakota is going bad too, on the hood roof and top of the bed. :mad:
  • 12051205 Member Posts: 6
    I have a 2004 Dodge Dakota with a metal painted rear bumper. Within four years it is peeling and rusting and looks like heck. I maintain the truck and keep it in good clean condition. Is this typical Dodge? I would think it would hold out longer.
    Anyone else have the same issues?
  • dakota888dakota888 Member Posts: 1
    I noticed about 2 years ago some small peeling on front fenders and top of cab (now about 6" diameter). This was right after a complete detailing by a car wash. (This may have been the first time I really looked at the paint.)

    Now the spots are starting to show rust. My thought is to use 400-600 wet dry paper to feather the edges and use touch-up paint. It's the pearl silver color.

    Does sound doable or is there something better?

  • jabolorjabolor Member Posts: 1
    My 2004 Dakota showed cracks in one of the doors last fall. By spring there were four cracks in the door and several in the roof. The roof paint is coming off the roof at the cracks like a sheet of linoleum. Chrysler has offered me 50% of the repaint cost, stating that I'm out of paint warranty. I'd like to think that I could expect the paint to remain affixed to the vehicle for more than four years. Chrysler is not standing by its product, and has eliminated a guaranteed new truck purchase in a couple of years.
  • gaetano01gaetano01 Member Posts: 1
    Call Dodge and make a case out of it.[you want to make a case out of it] Dodge dose not know how many are out here with this issues. B. S. They know. So call and make case out of it.
  • wranglerswranglers Member Posts: 2
    All the older dodge's always peel. I've heard stories of them using a waterbased paint until a certain year. I consider a trademark. I've had an 87, 93, and now 95 dakota ranging in color. family have 91 diesel and a 200? big dodge pickup that is starting to do the same thing. If you're worried about missing paint, don't take it in an automatic car wash and use higher priced carwash items. Don't touch dishsoap to wash the trucks.
  • ginyahginyah Member Posts: 1
    My Dakota began its "balding" in 2005. Even with loads of TLC and waxing it continued to go bad. I've noticed a boat-load of Dodge trucks that have the same thing happening to their paint jobs. I heard that there was a recall on the paint however, my local (shister) dealer from whom I have purchased two Dakota's did not notify me accordingly. Therefore, I just shelled out $5,000 for a completely new paint job. Truck looks stellar however, I am so dissatisfied with the crappy way that this dealer and Chrysler have treated me that it will be a cold day in H-E-double hockey sticks beforeI ever purchase another Chrysler product! :mad:
  • lbcherelbchere Member Posts: 1
    Wow! I thought I was the only one who had a beautiful 2001 Dakota that started going bald way to early. Now I read all of these posts.
    I am buying a new truck--but it will not be a Dodge for this very reason. I also had a complete computer failure on my truck about a year ago. Dead as a door nail, had to have it towed--$1000K later---
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