Trapped on the inside of a Jaguar XJ8

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I purchased a 2002 Jaguar XJ8 Vanden Plas today and several times, I have turned off the ignition only to find that the front doors won't open from the inside. The back doors work fine. Initially, I had to wait until someone came up from the outside and opened the door for me. The I discovered that I could roll the windows down and open the door using the outside handles. I also discovered that if I put the car in drive and then put it back in park and grabbed for the inside levers within one second of putting the car in park, the doors would open. After that I'm trapped inside. Am I overlooking something?


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    I continue to see reports of this problem, lately mostly due to carpet or floor mat "creep".

    Is it time to add yet another FAILSAFE along with the need to firmly apply the brake in order to shift out of park..??

    Now that most passenger vehicles have adopted DBW, E-throttle why not disable the throttle altogether, drive it closed, any time the brakes are applied? Or even without DBW just use the EFI system to starve the engine of fuel in the same way my RX dethrottles the engine for TC activation.

    The left foot brakers might not like it at first but in the long term they would adjust and then get the benefits of improved FE and longer brake component life.
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    My driver's inside door handle started acting up, and now it will not open the door at all. I have to roll down the window and open it from the outside. Does anyone know what this could be?
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    anyone know where I can buy a cable (only) for the drivers door inside "release latch" (to open door from inside) Jag dealers only sell complete latch assembly with cable attached. (about $170 when all I need is a $15-$20 cable) It's 20.5" long, cable end to cable end. Thanks
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