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09 changes have already been leaked. No v6 model for 09. Just the turbo. Aux in is tanard.

Some new and exciting changes though. RNS-510 with the new MDI unit. MDI does replace the CD Changer. MDI is a universal media playing device. Plays music through aux-in, USB, and iPod with the iPod specific cable for it. USB can do both thumb drives and non iPod players that are approved. Navigation can be ordered on all models. A retrofit kit will be avaliable for those 2007-2008 owners who want to replace their current nav to the RNS-510. A retrofit kit will probably be avaliable on non nav cars as well.

The RNS-510 is touch screen and has a hard drive. 10 GB for navi and 20 GB for music. SD card as well. Plays MP3 and WMA. Sirius Sat Radio and traffic. Bluetooth capable as well with the Skoda bluetooth module. Perhaps VW will make one for the US spec RNS-510.

A tech package with parking distance control and Bi-Xenons with AFS will be avaliable on all models. Lux package can have dynaudio sound. iPod adaptor is avaliable but don't order it since the MDI is capable of iPod. Just need the iPod specific cable for it. USB cable with the iPod sync cable won't work. MDI can show song info on the multi info display aka MFI.

Warranty has been downgraded to a 3 year/36,000 mile one. Free 10k, 20k, and 30k service. Hope this helps.


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    4F0 051 510 E

    This only applies for 09 navigation models with the Navigation Infotainment package. Works with the MDI aka Media In. This allows for full iPod integration. Even shows up on the MFI display. Also applies to retrofitted RNS-510's with the MDI. Doesn't work on shuttle models. You can get this at the dealer if you mention this part number. Should cost around 67.82 USD. Hope this helps.
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    Does anyone know if they will be offering steering wheel audio controls on the turbo and komfort models in 2009? Also, when will they release the 09 models? Thanks.
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    Yes it should be standard along with the MFI. Maybe this fall. Komfort is now the base model. Just Komfort and Lux.
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    Should be avaliable for 09. The great thing is that it should integrate with the new navigation system. The new RNS-510 has really good bluetooth integration. You can do a bunch of cool stuff with it. 6 number presets if you get the RNS-510. Also this kit will be retrofittable to the 07-08 models. Should come out within 6 months. Also integrates with the MFI computer. Also uses the mystery phone button. The RNS-510 will get a retrofit kit as well. RNS-510 is optional for 09. The RNS-510 is bascially the new touch screen navigation system that vw is debuting for 09. The tiguan is the first to get this new nav system.
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    Bluetooth is actually going to be standard on all 09's except for the Touareg and Beetle bug. Should come out in September-October time frame.
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    Apparently the RNS-510 will be a later avaliability item. VW wants to clear up the non RNS-510 navi stock :(. The RNS-510 is much better than the current system.
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    The new RNS-510 will finally have Climatronic integration. Thanks to an updated module that will interface with it. VW is changing the climatronic module to now send can-bus signals. Therefore, it can now communicate with the RNS-510. It displays when you change settings.
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    09's are up on No vr6. Just the 2.0L TSI which can be found in some 08's. Lux trim will remain. The Lux package can have a dynaudio system. All trims can get a new touch screen RNS-510 navigation system with the MDI. Bluetooth is going to be avaliable for the 09 but later. Can be retrofitted on 07-09. Thats if your 09 doesn't have it.

    000 051 446 C is the part number for the MDI iPod cable. This allows you to have full iPod integration the way it was meant to be played. Can't use the USB cable with iPod. Hope this helps.
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    If you want the full iPod integration then you must get the Navigation system since the non nav radio is an older design that doesn't work with it. That might change some day when the RCD-310 and RCD-510 come out. Right now you must get the RNS-510 which is an excellent navigation. You get 18.62 GB of music storage. Even plays DVD's while in park. Just load the maps in the slot once and then you can take it out and free up the CD/DVD slot. Maps are stored on the hard drive. Any firmware update will require you to reload the maps. Great system btw. Much improved over the current system.
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    Bluetooth will be optional for 2009. The same kit can be installed in 2007-2008 models. 09's that don't have it can have it installed. Nokia makes it and it supports your usual bluetooth features plus bluetooth audio streaming on the Premium 8 and RNS-510 units. The kit can be installed in 1 to 2 hours. Hope this helps. VW just has been taking a while for bluetooth. They might have neglected it but now they have finally decided to release it. Maybe they were waiting for the RNS-510.
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    I just read in Road and Track that two colors are dropping off the offerings in the 2009 Eos's. Anybody know which two? I've had my heart set on an Eismeer Blue with a tan interiow...hope that is not one of them. R&T says that some color called White Gold is being added. What is that?
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    White gold is a Tiguan color. It's really nice. It's a white with some gold in it. Looks somewhat like a very very light tan color.
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    Bluetooth will be an option on the 2009 Eos. Only works on those who have the phone button and the Multi info display. 1K0 051 437 is the part number. Only takes about 1 to 2 hours of installation time. Should cost around 299 to 350 USD minus your dealers installation time. Can be installed in 2007 to 2008 models and 09's without it.
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    I am considering an Eos (07, 08 or 09) but am reluctant after reading the posts about leaks and advise to not use automatic washers -- my concern is I do not have a garage. Am I asking for trouble?
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    Will they offer the paddle shifters or sport packs with the 2.0T engines? I was really upset they removed them from the 2008 2.0Ts, and I can't find a used 2007 near me at all. The VR6 doesn't make sense since it loses so much power at altitude that it's not really faster (maybe slower) and guzzles more gas. Since I had to wait to buy, I'm waiting for the 2009s, but I really liked the paddle shifts that I test drove on an 07 Eos 2.0T and a GTI.
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    Some are now arriving at your local dealers. One change is the mirrors. They are now using the Scirocco mirrors. The motor is the new 2.0 TSI engine which is similar in power to the 2.0T FSI engine. So far it's coming soon and yes you can get the new touch screen nav with MDI. Bluetooth will be offered later in the model year and can be installed in any Eos that has a phone button.
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    how do i stop the horn fron going off when i push key button to lock the car
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    it's the ATA Confirm option in the MFI...on/off.

    look it up in the index of your owner's manual
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    My wife and I just purchased a new 2009 Eos Komfort convertible with a 6 speed manual transmission. We hope to drive it for many years to come (or at least until it's paid off).

    Any recommendations as to what to watch out for; driving suggestions, etc.?

    We appreciate your help.
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    I want 2 buy Volkswagen Eos the top model but I still don't know the price in Indian Rupees.
    Is this car launched in India?
    can anyone please help me on this?
    I want to buy it soon.
    I'll appreciate your HELP.
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    Not a problem weLike our Eos runs super no leaks or rattles
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    We are looking for to purchase an 09 EOS Lux how has yours been?
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