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Rumor has it Audi will spruce up the 09 A6 w/ either a supercharged or turbo 3.0 in the 290/300 hp range.

My guess it that with the new 09 A4 nipping at the A6's heels in size and power, the A6 needs to become more competitve.

Hope we get some more info soon.


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    I think the new one will be a 2010 MY, however. The current C6 A6 will, with little difference, soldier on again as a 2009 MY.

    Had the supercharged A6 3.0 been even a remote possibility and even remotely in the same price class, well it coulda been a contender -- the A4 is more technoligically advanced almost the same size and can be had with Audi Drive Select -- for the first few months, perhaps there will be a fire sale on the A6 3.2.

    You can't go wrong with an A6 -- but, for me, I can't see the $7,000+ premium at the current stage of content between the "old" A6 and the "new" A4.

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    I was thinking the same thing. But something has to be up. We got a memo the 09 A6 won't be put into production until the 40th week of this year. That means 09 A6's won't be on dealer lots until Christmas if that's true. A very minor re-skin shouldn't delay a car that long. One may hope there could be some extra juice under the hood.

    With the new 09 A4 3.2 making 265hp, the A6's will be hard to sell unless they do something to set it apart from the new A4. Why would you pay 54-55k for a decent A6 3.2 w/ navigation, when a loaded up A4 3.2 will probably come in @ $7 - 8000 less money. With S line, nav, tech, and 19's, you're up to almost 58k on a 3.2 A6. It's hard to justify nearly 60k for a car with 265hp.

    W/O a new engine, Audi will have to re-structure pricing on the A6, or maybe add more equiptment. Q7 3.6 Premiums will have navigation standard for 09 models. Maybe they'll do the same with the A6.
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    After reading posts here I think the new A6 will take at least another 18months.
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    Audi has traditionally gone with a 6 or 7 year cycle. Since the C6 came out in 05 has not yet even seen a mid-cycle refresh, I don't think we are going to see the C7 A6 until MY 2011 at the earliest.
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    On the OTHER hand, the 3.0 kompressor engine would NOT require a new body.

    I assumed that the new A6 would at least move up to 265HP. . .

    But here is the point that seems to be the most challenging for the dealer here in the US:

    The 1. wheelbase and 2. width and 3. content and 4. performance of the new A4 are:

    1. about the same
    2. close enough for most folks to not care
    3. favor the A4
    4. favor the A4 even when equipped with the new, uprated 2.0TFSI

    The width of the A6 will be slightly wider, but arguably not noticeable by many.

    The length of the A6 when able to be compared side by side, will still be greater than the new A4's -- but when they are NOT side by side, the A4 will be larger than its main German rivals (C class Merc and 3 series Bimmer.) Probably only of merit if the boot space of the A6 is "a deal breaker" since the boot of the A6 may hold a bit more than the new A4.

    The performance of the new A4: acceleration, handling, braking, even the ride will better in most cases and never be less than equal to the A6 3.2, even if the A6 is uprated to 265HP (since there is no boost in torque for the 3.2.) The 2.0 comes in at 258 ft pounds of torque coming on below 2,000 rpm's, and the 3.2 comes in at 243 ft pounds of torque coming on above 3,200 rpm's, all while consuming more fuel in the process.

    There is a real 19" sport package option offered on the A4 -- Sline trim on the A6 is, er, "all yak and no shak," so to speak.

    The A6 is nose heavy and will, at its current state of development, will not change and will also not use the 40:60 f/r torque split favored by "the motoring press" and many buyers of AWD LPS cars.

    The latest tech will be in the A4, the A6 if it does not change will be based on the same basic tech offered on it when it first rolled off the line in 2004.

    Having said that, I love my 2005 A6 3.2 -- I cannot say enough good about it. It is, NOT, for my tastes "woefully" underpowered -- but objectively, it is pretty low on power compared to the "usual suspects."

    Sitting on the showroom floor, a decked out A4 2.0TFSI including Premium Plus, will not look like the junior edition any longer.

    Test driven, back to back, even the motoring press gives the overall crown to the A4. If the A4 has been"debadged" (no mention on the trunk lid of the displacement of the engine, i.e.) and the stickers are kept covered, then revealed, well -- the A4 at over $6,000 perhaps over $7,000 less with equal or higher content will make the A6 a "tough sell."

    The new engine, at least, is really a good idea, if they can pull it off, for the '09 A6, for Audis LPS entrant has, in the US at least, fallen behind its rivals in the category of "mine's bigger than yours" -- which, despite the fact we all speak in HP terms, we literally LOVE torque the most.

    The above, at press time, are further reasons I could not re up for another A6 -- maybe next time.
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    My post was about the possiblity of a new engine. The A6 is not due for a total make-over until 2011..something I already knew.

    A new 3.0 super/turbo can easily fit under the hood of the A6.

    The 3.0 super/turbo is going in the new generation 2009 S4 as well. The S4 will have 330 ish hp. In the A6, 290-300 sounds about right.
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    Makes a difference to those of us that chauffeur around a wife and kid:)
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    The new 3.0 is supposed to be supercharged 286/hp 310/lb ft torque. Should be a very nice motor for the A6.

    article from another source...

    Audi has revealed more details about its forthcoming supercharged V6 engine, which will power the next S4 and feature in next year’s A6 refresh.

    The 3.0-litre, direct-injection unit produces 286bhp at 4850rpm, and 310lb ft torque at 2500rpm. It’ll be known as the 3.0-litre TFSI, even though the ‘T’ traditionally stands for ‘turbo’.

    The new engine uses an Eaton supercharger and has an air-to-air intercooler rather than a water-to-air unit.

    Speculation was rife that Audi would fit its 3.2-litre V6 with twin turbos in an effort to rival BMW’s similarly specified 3.0-litre unit, which has just won Engine of the Year for the second year in succession. But the Ingolstadt engineers decided that the increasing weight of cars demanded a solution promising greater torque at low revs.

    Audi bosses believe that larger models like the Q7 and A8 - also likely to get the supercharged V6 - will benefit from low-down power delivery. Packaging a supercharger is also simpler than a twin-turbo, because it sits between the cylinders, although this does raise the centre of gravity.
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    Is this thought to be coming in the 2009 A6 or in the 2010 model?
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    I think it's going to be 2009.

    A6's are currently delayed until the fall production schedule. My guess is that the extra time is needed for the new engine and very minor restyle.

    This should hold the A6 over for 2 more years until the all new 2011 model.
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    Thanks for your reply. If you'd indulge me further....

    1. I recently drove both the 3.2 and 4.2 versions of the A6. I am by no means an auto sophisticate when it comes to discerning subtle differences in engine performance, but I found the performance response between these two to be obvious and substantial. In fact, I found the difference between these two engines much more pronounced than the difference between Infiniti's 6 and 8 (M35 v M45); perhaps not surprising since the delta in the Infiniti powerplants is only 50 hp. Do you think the 3.0 TFSI's "seat of the pants" performance will be comparable to that of the 4.2 or do believe a noticeable performance gap will remain?

    2. Any chance that Audi may be incorporating a hard drive feature into its A6 stereo/nav electronics? That CD/IPOD in the glove box arrangement really needs to be relegated to the audi museum.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I have an 08 4.2 A6, and there is a big difference in power between the 3.2 and 4.2.

    The new 3.0 supercharged is supposed to have 300 lb ft of torque. With the current 3.2 @ 255hp / 243 torque, it should make a huge differnce in bringing the 3.0T closer to the V8.

    The new 3.0 will probably decrease V8 sales even more. Very few V8 A6's are even sold each year. Had the new 3.0 super been available when I bought my car, I might have gone with the 6 instead for a little better mileage.

    You have to drive the 3.2 a lot harder to get some juice out of the motor, and the gas mileage isn't a huge difference.

    On the plus side, Audi's 4.2 V8 is a rock solid motor that will run forever if you take care of it. The new 3.0 will probably be a little higher maintenace, and V6 turbos and supercharged engines can be a little more finicky at times.

    We'll have to see about the new I pod for 2009. I agree that the glove box ipod and Cd are alot harder to use.
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    If Audi would see its way clear to installing a dashboard hard drive ala Cadillac and Infiniti, the inconvenience of the glove box IPOD/CD design would be minimized. Download each of your CDs and your IPOD onto the hard drive and you'll forget the glove compartment is even there.
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    There's supposed to be an new aux input that plugs right into the dash on the new 09 A4's, and that indeed may be the case with the A6's as well.
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    what kinf do fgas milaege to you get city and highway with the 4.2. I am looking at the 4.2 and 3.2 a6. Have an A8 now bit lease is up next month.
    I was going to wait for the 09 A6 but now here that it will not be out until the end of the year.
    Does anyone have any info on the 2009 A6
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    On the factory window sticker, the V8 is only 1 mpg different between the V6 & V8 in the city, and 2 mpg on the hwy.

    You can get 25 MPG on hwy with the V8 on steady driving. I do mostly in town driving, and I'm getting 17/17.5 on my V8.

    the current V6 is a bit underpowered, and you're not going to save much money on gas as you'll have to drive it a bit harder at times.

    Even if you average 2-3 mpg better on the V6, that's less than $35 a month difference in gas. The V8 is well worth it.

    The new supercharged 3.0 A6 is coming, but it going to be until Nov/Dec until they appear on dealer lots.
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    Interesting, i am hering that the city driving is closer to 13 and hway low 20's. I guess it depends on how you drive. I found the 3.2 to be a little lacking but have been driving an A8 and there is a big difference.
    I am really interested in the new suoercharged A6 but not sure if i will wait until the end of the year. May have to look at some other car options like the 353xi BMW since i owed 2 7 series before th A8
    Thanks for your help. The Audi is a great car.
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    Will ALL versions of the '09 A6 be delayed until late November/December or only the version featuring the new 3.0T? I'm interested in the 4.2. I have a lease expiring 10/1. I'm hopeful certain other improvements will be made in the A6; hence I'm waiting for the '09 4.2 as opposed to moving on the '08 version. I'd prefer not to have to extend my current lease to a month-to-month, but may have to if all versions of the '09 are delayed until December.
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    Im not sure since i was only interested in the new supercharged engine. Im sure your dealer would know when the 09 4.2 is coming out. If not call Audi USA and they may know.
    I drove the 4.2 and didnt thing it was worth the extra money over the 3.2 and the gas milaege is not great on the car.
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    Even the V10 motor with 435hp is rated @ 14 mpg in the city.

    Unless you're driving like a race car driver, there's no way you're going to get that poor of a mileage on the 350hp V8. I'm on my second V8 A6, and I'm over 17 mpg most of the time. The 07 models on up have the FSI injection, which helps fuel economy.

    I'm not sure what Audi is going to do with the 09 A6 and the V8 motor. I wouldn't be surprised if the new supercharged was the only motor available at launch.

    With 300 lb ft of torque on the new 3.0 super, I think it's going to be harder to sell the V8 motor down the road.

    The won't start building the new 09 A6's until the very late summer, so I think there's little hope of a getting a supercharged A6 before Thanksgiving
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    are you getting 17 mpg in the city. what about hyway.
    I have an A 8 so i really like the v8 engine but dont know if it will be around after the new A 6 comes out.
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    No problem getting 24/25 mpg on the hwy in my 08 4.2 A6 with steady driving.

  • rjlaerorjlaero Member Posts: 659
    Just confirmed the 3.0 supercharged is a done deal for 2009 models. It could be as late as Jan 2009 before you see the new 3.0 on dealers lots, though.
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    i was told by the dealer Nov Dec timeframe. I am going to wait for the 09 and order one. Should be able to to that by August after the new A4 comes out.
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    any word whether the 4.2 version will still be offered in '09?
  • gjsctcgjsctc Member Posts: 9
    no i iwll ask when i am back there again.
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    I was told 09 production would start week 40. With a normal 12 week turn-around time, that puts us right at the end of the year.

    Things could mover up sooner, but I wouldn't get your hopes up of having your A6 before the last few weeks of December.
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    I am going to the dealer later this week will see if they have anymore news.
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    Does anybody know if the 09 model of the A6 will have exterior changes? I noticed alot of the other 09 models (S5, A5, A4) are adding LED marker lights to the front. I'm thinking about buying 08 model and was hoping the exterior of 09s would stay similar.
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    Thanks-If you hear anything let me know.
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    09 models will have a much more agressive front end and the led lights. The Quattro sedans will get the 3.0 Supercharged. The CVT and Avants will soldier on with the 3.2. Too bad the Avant doesn't get the super....that would have been nice.

    In the next month or so, dealers will start ordering the 09 A6. Audi has already told dealers not to expect 09 A6's before late Dec / Early Jan.

    You can google for 09 A6 and get pics. A lot of the Audi fan forum sites have them
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    Audi's own website already has pictures of the 09. The lights have been changed but not a big difference.
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    Audi just released the order guides for the 09 A6.

    the 3.0 supercharged is listed @ 300hp. Audi is carrying on the premium, premium plus and prestige theme on the order guides as the other 09 models.

    Good news for wagon lovers, too, as the 3.0 Super will be available in the 09 A6 Avant.

    Only the CVT soldiers on with the 3.2
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