Mazda CX-9 Resonant Vibration

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My new CX-9 GT AWD has a mild engine resonance vibration that starts around 2000 RPM and goes away at around 2600 RPM. I can feel in in the steering wheel and the pedal. It sounds like fairly normal engine sounds during accelaration and if it were there throughout the entire RPM range, I might think it is normal, but it comes in and them goes away in the above range and is the same no matter what gear the car is in or speed it is travelling.

Does anyone else notice this?

I haven't brought the car in for its first service, but I'm expecting the dealer to say that it is normal since it is probably difficult or impossible to fix/change.


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    yup- and I've read a few other posts just like this so I'm expecting it's "normal". Watching each one to see if anyone gets any dealer response. None as of yet.
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    I have a '08 GT AWD.
    I don't feel any such problem on mine.
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    Same here. Minor vibration at around 2000rpm. Will go to service tomorrow.
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    Just went back from dealership. Technician told me that is an open bulletin in Mazda. Some one reported already. They ask dealer do not do any fix until further investigation.

    I start to wondering if this happen to most of 08 GT AWD?
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    Just got a call from local delaership in San Jose. They said Mazda corporate told them that they have found a way to fix it. They asked me send my CX-9 in tomorrow. And their technician will use hot-line to get instructions from Mazda corp directly to fix the problem. Will see how it turns out.
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    Picked up my car hour ago. They fixed the problem apparently. No more vibration at 2000rpm. The engine now is silky smooth any time. :)
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    Hi, spi5:
    Is the dealer OakTree Mazda?
    There is a slight vibration around 2000rpm, but not enough for me to call it an issue.
    If they can make it smooth, why not?

    I hope Mazda send a TSB to all Mazda dealers so that all customers can benefit from your experience. Thanks.
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    I went to Capitol Mazda. You may call Jared in service department.

    The vibration actually did not bother me a lot except my wife complain about it. I sent in my car without any expectation since it is just a not big problem and thought it might be difficult to fix it. However, they fixed it! Nice work from both dealership and Mazda. I will keep being a loyal Mazda customer (Tribute -> RX-8 -> CX-7 -> CX-9).

    Feel great on ultra-smooth Zoom-Zoom now. :)
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    Our new 08 Touring FWD has the same vibration between 1,700 and 2,000 rpm. I feel it in the pedals both accellerating and braking. Do you have any specific technical reference on your paperwork that I can tell my dealer about? Any other info on HOW they fixed it? Thanks.
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    I picked up my '08 CX-9 about a month ago and noticed a slight vibration, just thought it was something with the low profile tires picking up on rough pavement. Now I will have to pay more attention to it.
    Are there any service bulletins on-line about it?
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    Can anyone who has had this fixed please give some details. I would really hate to have my dealer blindly work on the car if I can point them in the right direction.

    Much appreciated.
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    spi5 in indicated that Mazda has a bulletin on the problem so your dealer should be able to find out how to make the repair.

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    I started this thread but by the time I brought my CX-9 in for its first service at around 5300 mile, the vibration was mostly gone. The service rep said he had a tech bulletin on the issue BUT it didn't apply to my serial number. I'll just keep monitoring it.
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    When I first got mine, I had a slight tire balance issue on the front left. It only showed up after 60mph. After balancing on a road force balancing machine, all was well.
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    Bought an 08 AWD GT on Saturday. Noticed this during the test drive; both cars I tested did this at 60-70 mph. Iotpld them to fix it before I pick it up Thursday.

    What should I tell them as far as guidance on this mystery TSB? I signed the paperwork, but haven't given them a dime yet andI don't want to ake it if they can't fix the problem as most of my driving is at those speeds.

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    I have had a similar problem, and am happy to report that my dealer just fixed it.

    On my 2008 AWD Touring CX-9, I experienced a vibration or low rumble between 25-30 mph under light acceleration. It was very annoying.Right around shifting 3rd to 4th gear. Rumble/vibration was occuring in 4th gear, and stopped right at 30 mph. It seemed to me that the transmission had shifted into 4th too early, and the engine was laboring. I was mistaken...

    My dealer diagnosed the problem as the Drive shaft being out of round. This is a 3 piece drive shaft, that connects the front PTO to the rear gear box. They had the part overnighted, and problem solved... My CX-9 is now silky smooth... It behaved like this from new, and I had 2000 miles on it when repaired. I suspect they had a bad batch of drive shafts... I hope my experience helps those of you experiencing the same...

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    Can you tell me your VIN? I'd like to see if mine is in the same range.

  • paulmacnhpaulmacnh Member Posts: 2

    My VIN is JM3TB38V180146xxx
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    Here's the definitive answer. I just bought a brand new 2008 CX 9 (March of 2009) that had the same vibration issues. I brought it to The Mazda Gallery in Norwood, MA and they hadn't heard of the problem but would investigate. 5 minutes later they came up with TSB 01-0039/08. On vehicles built after Feb 21, 2008, "The no 2 dynamic chamber stay bracket was deleted....The absence of the No 2 stay can cause pedal vibration."

    The bracket was ordered overnight and it took one hour to install. Vibration is gone! Car drives great.
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    Thank you very much for posting this. I have been wanting to get this looked at but figured it would be a wasted effort without a TSB to point to. I definitly have this problem and my car was built in April of 2008. What the heck is a dynamic chamber stay bracket though?
  • cericceric Member Posts: 1,092
    Please list the TSB in the CX-9 TSB thread so that everyone can find it there easily. Thanks.
  • woodredwoodwoodredwood Member Posts: 4
    It's a bracket that somehow dampens the vibration but even with the TSB in my hand, I can't figure out what it attaches to! If you'd like a copy, send me your fax number. It was a 100% fix for the problem. Good luck.
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    I'm new to the forum and don't know how to list the TSB in the CX-9 thread other than in this reply. If there is another place to list it, please do so. The TSB is #01-039/08 2008, " CX-9 Accelerator Pedal Vibration".
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    I copied the info you posted over that thread.
    As long as people who look for CX9 TSB can find it over there, that thread serves its purpose. :)
  • not_2_shabbynot_2_shabby Member Posts: 29
    I just got this bracket thing installed that was mentioned in the TSB. Difference is night and day. Thanks again for posting the TSB. That was the info I needed to get the issue addressed
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    My 2008 GT was doing the same thing. Vibrations at low speeds and just wasn't responsive on the ice/snow with AWD. No dealer here so made an appt about 100 miles from here, upon arrival, they kept it and said I couldn't drive it anymore. Drive shaft needed replaced. Folks-don't ignore the vibrations, CX owners fell in love with the "fun" of the car and if its gone-there is something wrong. Mine will be in the shop for a couple days until they fed ex the part. Only 13,000 miles on it.
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    Those are the extra problem one could get with AWD. You got more components to fail. Drive shaft, rear coupling unit, differential, etc. Your drive shaft was probably bent from factory and it got worse as time goes by. Often than not, the brackets cracked, etc. I hope they got you a loaner for the effort.
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    They put us in a Ford Focus which is better than nothing-I guess :( Extremely excited to get my car back today and hoping that I have no more failures. I've never loved a vehicle so much but need reliability and AWD living in North Dakota.
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    If you really need AWD so much, I would highly recommend you to ditch the OE tires as early as possible. Yokohama Parada Spec-X is a very good choice as replacement. :D
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    Thanks. I noticed these tires don't have bite on the ice/snow.
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