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Cargo Screen for Santa Fe

bannodbannod Posts: 24
edited August 2014 in Hyundai
Can anyone verify for me that the 2007 cargo screen will fit a 2008?

I'm headed south for about 3 weeks in June and I don't want my stuff visible to would-be thieves.


  • Yes, it will fit - as long as the side panels in the cargo area have two things: First, a pocket on each side (covered up with plastic covers) into which the support bar fits, and second the "loop" shaped depression on either side that the end of the screen fastens to when pulled out. I have an '08 and bought the screen online and it works. I think Hyundai has discontinued the screen because it was a rinky-dink kind of setup - especially between the support bar and the back of the second row - but I wanted one anyway, for the same reason you do. It's a bit odd compared to other screens I've seen, but it does work. I bought mine for $199 from a seller on ebay.
  • mobo1mobo1 Posts: 2

    Try this link. Cargo cover for 190.00. My local dealer in WA state matched this price and I had it installed last week.

    Enjoy your trip!!!

  • bannodbannod Posts: 24
    Thanks to both of you for your info. Mobo, my "local" dealer is two hours away, in Longview. Where's yours?

    Their order goes in on Thursday and it will take about 5 days to receive it. I'll get my first oil change when I pick up the screen.

    I used to live in Texas and miss it dreadfully. My best friend is in Corpus, so I'm driving down to pick her up. We're just gonna wander around the southern states for about 3 weeks. The only definite places we'll visit are Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. We'll be like Thelma and Louise, only with a better ending.

    With all that heat, I'll need that screen to help the 12v cooler work more efficiently. Thank goodness for all the 12v receptacles, 'cuz I'll have my cell phone, radar detector and GPS all plugged into the first and second rows.

    I'm a gadget girl. :blush:
  • mobo1mobo1 Posts: 2
    Burlinghton WA.

    You need a PPC which might cut down on your umber of Gadgets!!!

    Good Luck!!

  • Hi, does anyone know if the cargo screen would work with vehicles with 3rd row seats? Thanks.
  • The Hyundai cargo screen will not work in 3rd row vehicles. The screen is held up by a spring loaded support which pops into cargo area cutouts. The 3rd row Santa Fe does not have the cutouts, so the cargo screen will not work.
  • tdysontdyson Posts: 5
    :confuse: Just bought the 2010 SF and the cargo screen but can't figure out how to install it -- and there are no instructions that I could find. Can anyone give me step-by-step instructions? Thanks in advance!
  • There should be two recesses in the side panels behind the second row seats. If there are plugs in the recesses, pop them out with a screwdriver. The rollup mechanism just snaps into the recesses, big shade towards the back. The two smaller shades attach to the headrests with the small clips. Big shade pulls towards the back and slides into the catches at the back of the side panels. That's all there is to it!
  • tdysontdyson Posts: 5
    Thanks so much denvertrakker -- I plan to try installing it tonight
  • 2009 Santa Fe 3.3L, Transmission 5 speed w O/D.
    At what speed should trans. shift into O/D.
    Set Cruise Control @ 80kmh manual shift reads "5", shift into auto mode display reads "D", tach setting same in either mode.
    Dealer says O/D works @ 100kph +, tried setting Cruise Control @ 102kmh same results tach rpm stays same manual reading "5"
    Question is there a display reading "O/D" if the transmission in O/D.
    Dealer doesn't have answer.
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