Infiniti M35/M45 Extended Warranty Questions

billgould1billgould1 Member Posts: 6
I recently purchased a 2004 Infiniti M45 with only 11,500 miles on the odometer. The 4 year/48,000 mile warranty is expired and I'm soliciting opinions about buying an extended warranty as well as any recommendations as to who to purchase from.


  • drjrbdrjrb Member Posts: 1
    I recently purchased a pre-owned 2006 M35.It has 28,000 miles. I have the factory warranty for up to 50,000. My husband says I need to call the dealership to purchase an extended warranty before it hits 30,000 miles because the price goes up dramatically and they will only do an additional 60,000 miles of coverage at that time.... The dealer quoted me $1,519 for the supreme coverage adding 80,000 mile coverage. Is this good????
  • ghstudioghstudio Member Posts: 972
    I think you have to ask your dealer what "maintenance" you have to do to your car to maintain that "extended warranty" that he's offering. If the dealer insists that you do all of the packages that they've helpfully :) defined for you, you will be spending so much that the warranty cost almost doesn't matter. Those service packages are so packed with profit items it's almost a joke.

    Read the service book that came with the car. You really don't have to do all those fluid changes/inspection things that are rolled into the $900 services offered by your dealer. In order to maintain the Nissan warranty, all you have to do is the most simple service option. In fact, I recommend that you ignore the dealer "packages" and just follow that simple maintenance schedule. Doing the premium maintenance recommended by the dealer and suggested by Nissan only puts money in their pockets.
  • billgould1billgould1 Member Posts: 6
    I ended up getting a much better deal from my credit union - like $1100 with no deductible for 60,000 miles of coverage
  • wm1wm1 Member Posts: 1
    Get whatever additional coverage that you can. These engines burn more oil than they should. I have a 2004 m45 with 61,000. I should mention that I'm the original owner and bought the car with 11 miles on it. I have regularly changed my oil at 3,000-3,500 miles with a synthetic blend and am getting a new engine put in as I type. Most recently, it burned (not leaked) 3 qts in 2,700 miles. I first noticed the buring at 30,000 miles and brought it to the dealer. They ran tests and found no problems, but there is obviously an issue. I have seen a few other people complaining about similar problems. Just be sure to check your oil regularly.
  • valentin650valentin650 Member Posts: 19
    Does anyone know if there is any difference in coverage/deductible between the Certified Preowned Warranty and the Infiniti Extended Elite Warranty? I am shopping for a used M35 now, and I could either get a CPO car from a dealer or buy a non-certified car (that is still under factory warranty) and purchase an additional Infitini extended warranty. Any significant difference between those two options?
  • billgould1billgould1 Member Posts: 6
    I purchased an 2004 M45 used 18 months ago just after the original warranty ran out and purchased an extended warranty through my credit union. The price was much less than I expected and sure enough a couple of months later the air bag light went off and I paid $0.00 for a $400 repair.
  • dan41dan41 Member Posts: 182
    I am taking delivery of my 2010 M35X on Monday and I'm interested in purchasing an extended warranty, but the quote I received for a 7 year/100K/0 deductible plan was over $2k. This seems very high. I've purchased an extended warranty on my Lexus GS for $1200 and $1100 for my Avalon, so, again, $2K seems very high.

    I would appreciate any suggestions on where I can purchase a warranty at a more reasonable price. Thanks...dan
  • ghstudioghstudio Member Posts: 972
    Have you ever saved money on your extended warranties? Most haven't and the M is a pretty reliable car with the same solid engine that they've been using for years in the maxima, altima, 350 etc.

    Of course once you get the extended warranty, you also believe that you have to follow the dealer's recommended service or it will void the warranty...which is wrong. You have to follow the maintenance in the book for normal use which, of course, the dealer does not tell you.

    My recent 15000 mile service on my 08 M35 (I don't drive the M all that much) was $100 (oil/filter/air filter/rotate tires) vs the $399 service they recommended :) I still overpaid, but I like the dealer so I paid.

    Consider if the extended warranty is worth the cost...and if you do go that route, make sure you get a contract that covers the electronics (navigation/computers) or it's worthless on the M.
  • dan41dan41 Member Posts: 182
    Your points are very valid. The primary driver for me to get the extended warranty is indeed the electronics and, of course, the nav system. The AWD is also a factor in my decision. I purchased an extended warranty on my wife's accord and just this past summer the blower went and then the navigation system. If I had not had the extended warranty, repairs would have been well over $2K. I just retired and for peace of mind, I'll purchase an extended warranty on the M35.
  • billgould1billgould1 Member Posts: 6
    I purchased my extended warranty for a used M45 - low mileage car coming out of factory warranty and found that my credit union charged about 60% of what others wanted. A couple of months later the car had a small electronics problem which was fixed for free instead of the $600 it would have cost.
  • ghstudioghstudio Member Posts: 972
    Another thought.....depending on your driving needs, consider leasing your car for no longer than the warranty. Not only do you get to change cars every couple of years, the lease rates are often less than the financing rates. I no longer worry about warranties...the car is always under warranty.

    If you have never leased, this sounds like a terribly expensive way to have a car. I think you should get the numbers before you jump to that conclusion....I think, in many cases, you'll be surprised. And when you're comparing, consider that you don't need to buy that extended warranty at all.
  • dan41dan41 Member Posts: 182
    I purchased an Infiniti Elite extended Warranty for $2148. Terms: 7 years - 100K miles - zero deductible. It was the best price I could find.
  • mltsurgermltsurger Member Posts: 102
    I bought a M45X with 12,000 miles and CPO.I added an elite wrap 7 years and 100,000 for 799.00.It did take a bit of discussion. The Infiniti does have a great reliability history.My only concern was all of the electronics.
  • dan41dan41 Member Posts: 182
    Congrats on your purchase! The extended warranty is a great idea, especially given the electronics of the M series. Best of luck!
  • slyfox16slyfox16 Member Posts: 37
    We are picking up a new M35 next week and wanted to know if anyone had suggestions for where to get an extended warranty. I figure with the tech and nav packages it would pay in the long run.
  • dan41dan41 Member Posts: 182
    I purchased an Infiniti Elite extended Warranty for $2148. Terms: 7 years - 100K miles - zero deductible. It was the best price I could find.

    I realize that this is nothing but an insurance policy and one that may or may not payoff. However, it gives me peace of mind for the next 7 years. I'm retired and I did not want any unexpected and costly out of pocket expenses.

    I purchased an extended warranty for wife's 2004 Accord ($875 I think ) and last summer I had a defective fan motor break and a few weeks later, her navigation system stopped working. Both were replaced at no cost to me. If I had not purchased the warranty, these cost would have been over $2500. In this case, purchasing the warranty paid off and I still have another 15 months to go on the Accord warranty.

    Contact Info: Daniella @ [email protected]

    Two weeks after I purchased from Daniella, my contract arrived from Infiniti.

    Should you buy an extended warranty, buy one from the manufacturer. I would never purchase an extended warranty from anyone other than the manufacturer.

    Best of luck....dan
  • slyfox16slyfox16 Member Posts: 37
    We have Geico insurance. Am I missing something because the below is what would come with our car insurance, which would be about $ $200 more a year than we are paying for an eleven year old BMW.

    Is MBI Coverage Similar to a Dealer's Extended Warranty?

    Typically, GEICO MBI provides much broader coverage than a dealer's extended warranty because all mechanical parts of the vehicle are covered*. By adding MBI to your policy, you only pay a small premium each policy period rather than hundreds of additional dollars at the time you purchase your vehicle.
  • slyfox16slyfox16 Member Posts: 37
    Can I asked where you got your extended warranty. I'm getting $1680 with $100 deductible and $2150 with $0 deductible.
  • billgould1billgould1 Member Posts: 6
    I purchased from my local credit union. Membership is required to be in a credit union but typicall that s a formality. Since members "own" the credit union they use much lower markups on things like Extended Warranties.
  • slyfox16slyfox16 Member Posts: 37
    The extended warranty that some people have bought form Daniella and Courtney, are they actual Infiniti warranties? In the Infiniti warranty book, they say that certain parts of the nav and stereo system are not covered. Does anyone know exactly what they are, as the dealer couldn't tell me.
  • dan41dan41 Member Posts: 182
    You have a legitimate concern about who is backing your warranty. I would only purchase an extended warranty from the manufacturer. I purchased my 7 year/ 100K/ zero deductible warranty from Daniella of Circle Infiniti. The deal was done via email and fax and it saved me several hundred dollars.

    Yes, it's legit!. I received my Nissan/Infiniti warranty a few weeks after I paid Daniella and it was exactly as we discussed.
  • art1111art1111 Member Posts: 5
    Hi: I have a 2006 QX56 that is about to expire on warranty. I have contacted various Infiniti Dealerships throught the country trying to find the best deal on the 3yr./ 36K extended warranty with $100.00 deductible. The best price that is verifiable is $1680.00. Does anyone recommend a dealership that has a better price? I also know regardless where you are located, you can buy it from any Infiniti Dealership throughout the country. I am not interested in any 3rd party Warranty Contracts, I only want it through Infiniti. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  • paul17paul17 Member Posts: 1
    I also recommend the extended warranty. After 40,000 my 04 M45 started burning two quarts in 5,000 miles. At 59,000 Ifinity just told me that 3 rod connectors are bad, causing a clicking noise. They recommended a new engine. I don't drive hard. How can not one, not two, but three connectors go bad? That means the rest will like go. No more Nissan products for me.
  • southbay3southbay3 Member Posts: 2
  • southbay3southbay3 Member Posts: 2
    I am looking at a 2006 M35 with ~70k miles. The Infiniti warranty offered is 2 yrs/2600. Is this worth the cost? It seems like a lot for just two years of coverage and wasn't sure if most issues could be fixed outside the dealership at much more reasonable rates.
  • 4scab4scab Member Posts: 1
    Bought two of these wrap warranties for a qx56 and an m45. Were sold as "bumper to bumper" and "everything is covered." Finally needed to use one and found out "they can change the coverage whenever they want" and my defective front bumper was no longer covered. Not Elite, not much of a Wrap, not much of a Warranty. Not a luxury car....
  • dhellerdheller Member Posts: 28
    I would be wary of such a warranty. Look at the fine print of what is covered and compare that to your sense of the condition of the vehicle. Granted, it does have low mileage which would indicate non-abusive care. If it is full coverage, be careful of the fine print and exclusions.

    Remember these warranties are based on actuaries that know how to make money off of the product sold. You are on the losing side of this actuarial data. And, warranty sales are the most lucrative for a dealer.
  • mltsurgermltsurger Member Posts: 102
    Perfect car M45 X , 2008, 45,000 miles, puff of smoke, clicking sound ,front of car. The dealership called, I need a new engine. Fortunately covered under powertrain warranty . I had 7 days left before it expired. ~ $ 16,000.00
  • ricklawricklaw Member Posts: 1

    Go for the manufacturer Infiniti Elite Warranty. It's worth it. Mine paid for itself in the first 2 years. Beware of the dealerships though. It's marked up pretty high. Look around the internet get a couple of quotes. I found to be helpful in quotes. Get a baseline before you negotiate with the dealers.

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