2007 or 2008 Mitsubishi Outlander?

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I'm looking at something more...back-seatish to replace a fun, but aging Miata now that we have a two-year old (read: wife is tired of doing all the driving in her CR-V and of being stranded when I need the Honda to haul something for work). We've nearly settled on the Outlander, but I have some questions for the Assembled Masses.

First, is the build-quality improved any on the 2008s over the '07s? The main issue people seem to be having is bits rattling or falling off. Which, given that I like to keep my cars a long time (the Miata is over 10 years old) doesn't inspire long term confidence.

Second, the local dealership has one '07 LS model still on the lot. It's slathered up with the Entertainment (DVD) option and the Sun and Sound option and maybe one or two other things as well for an MSRP north of $26k which they have discounted to $20.5k or something like that. I don't care a great deal about the options, though the DVD system is likely to be useful in a few years, (It seems like you need headphones to listen to it, right? Or does it use the regular sound system?) and I don't much care for the bright red color, but the price isn't bad. Does that seem worthwhile or are the '08s bolted together well enough that they're noticeably preferable to the '07?


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    I have no rattles or any problems on my 07 XLS. It is quiet and solid as you would expect from a car made in Japan. I don’t see any advantage of 08 over 07 other that nicer door trim on the inside and new 4cyl trim- SE, which is a great package. If you are locking at V6, save money and get 07.
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    Hi. I have a black/silver/black 2007 Outlander XLS.
    They don't come with the cargo cover.
    I've done tons of internet searches and looked through a couple dozen parts sites, but I can't find any that sell this cover.
    My dealer said he would give me one once he gets a trade of one of the other models in that came with the cover.

    Why include it with the lesser models and not the XLS?

    Any help/direction would be appreciated!!

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    the us 07s never came with the cargo cover, afaik. so that's just probably dealer talk. and who would give it away for free? it's a $100+ accessory.unless that was part of the contract, then he might.
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    I've done tons of internet searches and looked through a couple dozen parts sites, but I can't find any that sell this cover.

    Are you talking about this?

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