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Can someone tell me what i can do? I have had my Wrangler back to the dealer for the leak 4 times she swears its fixed this time.they have had it for 2 days and counting On this service appointment i asked about the rusty muffler plus the rust on my hinges her response to me and i quote was " if i change the muffler its just going to rust again in a few months" is this right? this is the same person that said when i brought it in the first time for the leak and she said well there is drainage holes in the bottom so the water will leak out!

What should i do should i call Jeep corporate or what?
Please if anyone could give me their opinion on this it would be greatly appreciated.Im so fustrated by all this! Thank you very much


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    ......she said well there is drainage holes in the bottom so the water will leak out!

    Correct. Well ok, change 'leak' to 'drain'. ;)

    " if i change the muffler its just going to rust again in a few months"

    Unfortunately, judging by recent reports, also correct. :(
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    so your point is?
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    so your point is?

    That both statements, about which you seemed to have doubts, are actually correct.

    Please if anyone could give me their opinion on this it would be greatly appreciated.

    You got my opinion, which is worth exactly what it cost!
    I'm not trying to be nasty, but just because you didn't like what the service writer told you doesn't make it untrue. I can certainly understand your frustration on the other issues.
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    I know the statements are correct but as a stated i was wondering what to do about it not if the were true/correct or not.Maybe i was misunderstood in my first post.
    Thanks anyway!
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    I think i was misunderstood b4.I bought a new 2008 Wrangler,after a few months the muffler has rusted, you can see it from the rear of the jeep,My question is should the dealer replace it? After all its less then a few months old..I hope this clears thinks up a bit.Thank you
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    A muffler shouldn't be rusty after a few months, and I think that if you make it clear that it's not acceptable they will change it for you.
    However, it's also likely that the replacement will rust too, unless they've already made improvements.

    Just my 2 cents, but it seems that major savings have been found, both in production costs and warranty work, since the change of ownership from Daimler Chrysler to Chrysler L.L.C.
    Whether those savings are being made intelligently remains to be seen.

    For what it's worth, the original muffler on my '99 (complete with drainage hole) is still unrusted after 80K+ miles.
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    My 97 has a bit of rust, but it is all on the dents, scrapes, and gauges it has gotten while offroad. :)

    If you really like the Wrangler, ask them about swapping in something like a Flowmaster aftermarket one (they pay what the OEM one would cost and you pay the difference).

    My Jeep is such that if I'm not happy with OEM parts, I go aftermarket and Wranglers have a HUGE aftermarket support structure.

    I agree that the answers are correct, even though what they say really bites. As for the door hinges, get em replaced. My guess is the paint isn't applied properly and moisture gets in there to get the rust going. My 97's bolts have rusted, but I don't put the nuts on either to cover it. They're off most of the spring/summer/early fall anyway.

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    With all the return visits for the leaks(4 to date) I'm just starting to get angry with all the dealers BS a new 2008 Jeep Wrangler or any New car/truck should not be rusted after a few months..Sorry not the correct forum to vent!
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    Order an aftermarket exhaust from JC Whitney or Quadretec, it's a jeep...anything can be replaced!!
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    I know about buying a new one. but its a new Jeep im thinking that they might stand behind what they make and they haven't...Poor customer service...And its new why should i pay to have it replaced out of my own pocket, is what i was getting at.Just doesn't seem at all right I so wish i came here before i bought cuz i would have never bought a jeep now im stuck with a rusted muffler and leaks.(still)
    Thank you tho!
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    I've also had my Jeep Wrangler Sahara back to the dealer four times; the first starting a week after I purchased it. Every invoice I have received shows that the leaks were sealed; in seven different locations! I have since contacted Chrysler Jeep and filed under the lemon law. I have been contacted by a Jeep customer relations manager. He wants me to take it to another dealership where "the problem will be corrected". I want him to take it back and return my money. We'll see what happens.
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    For those of you with the leaks, who is using the hard top? Is anybody using the soft top?

    I've seen similar things happen with the 2 piece hardtops that are available for the TJ as well. With the soft top, the leaks actually seem less likely as the primary seal point along the windshield is secure. To me, those multi-piece fiberglass tops would be subject to warp under heat/sun and pressure from driving. Yeah, I know they should be designed to handle that, but I just don't trust stuff like that too often.

    If you bought the dual top option, you may want to consider swapping on the soft top to see if the problem goes away. That would at least narrow the issue to the top itself.

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    I have a soft top, but that is not the problem. It is coming from the bottom up, not from the top down.
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    The leak is an issue that I have not had to deal with on my '08 Wrangler. I have not had ANY issues and I am thankful. But as far as the muffler, based on other jeep forums, I knew it was gonna show rust in a very short time and folks suggested simply spraying it with barbecue grill paint. It was the first modification I did. Its simple high-heat spray paint in the can. I got mine from one of the hardware stores (Lowes, Home Depot). It not only covers any rust, it looks a whole LOT better than the silver(?) muffler sticking out from under the Jeep. And the hinges should be replaced by the dealer. Its a paint issue and that would suck to look at everyday. Take the advice of the Chrysler rep and take it to a dealer that he says will repair it. But only if you still love the Jeep. If you don't love the Jeep by now, then every little thing that goes wrong is gonna p*&% you off more. Good Luck!
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    Last night I borrowed my friends Jeep Wrangler Sahara and took off all of the windows and the top. I didn't put anything back on when I got home and went to bed. I woke up to realize that it had been rainning all night into the jeep. I went out this morning to put the top on and start soaking up the water with some towels. Once I started to drive the car an hour later, the rpms would drop to almost 0 when I put it into neutral. Did I ruin the cars electral system, or will it all dry out and be ok?
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    The problem may well resolve itself but the very first thing to do would be to call your friend and let him/her know what happened. :)

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