Lincolin Towncar +ethonal?

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Ok i have been told by several people not to put ethonal into a towncar, because it will mess up my injectors, the place where i get my gas is 10% eth so i was just wondering what should i do? Pay the regular 3.45 for regular gas or the 3.25 for eth. Will it kill my engine?


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    Here is what it says in the 2008 owners manual:

    If your vehicle is not a flexible fuel vehicle (FFV), then only use
    UNLEADED fuel or UNLEADED fuel blended with a maximum of 10%
    ethanol. Your vehicle was not designed to run on E85 fuels that are
    blended with a maximum of 85% ethanol. Do not use fuel containing
    methanol. It can damage critical fuel system components.

    I don't know what year your TC is but 10% ethanol has been around for years and I use it in all of my vehicles. I have never heard of a problem caused by using it.
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    "I don't know what year your TC is but 10% ethanol has been around for years and I use it in all of my vehicles. I have never heard of a problem caused by using it"

    how about higher food prices?
    how about lower gas milege?
    did you know the US governement is subsidizing Ethonal to the tune of .51 cents per gallon?

    just say no to Ethonal
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    My response to the person with the question was referring to problems with his car (messing up his injectors) by using ethanol. I am not on this board to discuss higher food prices, politics, or government subsidies. As an aside, there are parts of the country where non-oxygenated fuel is sold only for use in lawn mowers, snowmobiles, antique vehicles, etc. Refusing to use ethanol is fine if they prefer to ride a bicycle (or a riding mower).
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    It is assured, that with your car will be everything is all right. I the driver in Seattle town car service, and our service render excellent transfer services. We use ethanol and with our cars everything is all right.
    Safely do that have conceived. :)
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    Just for confirmation, will my '03 TC engine be harmed by use of these ethanol infused fuels? The 8th VIN number = "W". As noted on earlier posts, such fuels have been used for many years now.
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    The 03 should be fine with the 10% ethanol blend used in today's unleaded fuels. To see if your TC is flex fuel, check the VIN or the emissions label under the hood. The emissions label will also tell you the model year of the car, if there is a question.
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    Thanks for the response. The car is not a FFV, but I feel better knowing that the e10 isn't fact it appears that only fuel above e15 will require any modification.
    Best regards
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    Ethonal 10% additive is not harmful to the engine of most cars in the US. However for info Ethonal can be harmful to classic cars using the old rubber fuel flex lines. There is an approved fuel hose out that will work on these older cars and per spec 30R9. Asking for a fuel injection hose the size you want will usually get you the proper replacement line.
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