Anyone buy a spare Honda CR-V Key?

gogetemgogetem Member Posts: 10
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I just rec'd my new 2008 CrV w/ remote start and want to get a spare key. Anyone buy an aftermarket replacement? If so, did you have to go to Honda dealer to have it cut and programmed? What was the cost?


  • nortsr1nortsr1 Member Posts: 1,060
    You can try EBay...I know i have seen spare keys listed (but I do not know for sure about "remote start' keys)????
  • phisherphisher Member Posts: 175
    The dealership needs all of your keys and the car to program the new key. They will charge 1 hour of service. It runs about $150 to program the key and at least my dealership said they can do up to 4 for the one hour of service. The blanks are like $25 each. I'm not sure that aftermarket ones will work and besides the key blanks are the least expensive part of the whole operation. :)
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