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2009 Infiniti M35/M45



  • barryendbarryend Posts: 121
    Why not get an M45? Mileage my not be that bad if they offer the 7-speed. Take a 2-year lease and then go diesel. It may be the last big gas car you will ever have.

    After that hope for hydrogen.

    Gas prices may come down short term due to speculators getting squeezed out and Iran sitting on so much low grade crude. Long term price is up up and away.
  • walt18walt18 Posts: 54
    Ok here's the info, I called infiniti consumer affairs today and talked to someone about the 09 M35/M45 and I was told that they don't know what to expect for the 09 M he said they will know the same time we will which he said there maybe some news about it later in August because the car will be out around late Octomber or November. He said there are rumors about the new engine from the fx 50 being put in and the 7 speed transmission but they have not heard it from the top people at infiniti yet so they don't want to start a rumor and it not be true. He gave me this web site that will give you some useful info about the M and whatever else you need the web site is they have everything up there even the new nissan luxury car that is coming out this year called a teamna (I might have spelled it wrong) which I think is going to be the 2009 Q45 that they are suppose to bring back in 2009 from sources that posted it on the web. Basically if you want to see what car infiniti will be bring out all you have to do is look at the japeneese version nissan cars and you will surely find out. I think the new Q is not that attractive if they are going to use that car for it. Check it out for yourself and let us know your thoughts on the car.
  • mkaplan1mkaplan1 Posts: 2
    Just traded in 2006 M for a 2008M The older car allowed me to tune individual radio stations by voice command like 95.5FM, the new only tunes from AM to FM to Sat but not the station itself. Am I doing something wrong or has the new system lost functionality. Only had the car 2 days
  • bw45sportbw45sport Posts: 151
    Am I doing something wrong or has the new system lost functionality.

    You're not doing anything wrong. The system HAS lost functionality.

    If you'd like to understand why, simply read some of the posts from the very early release of the M. There are many who complained because the voice recognition wasn't perfect (e.g. - it doesn't understand me when I say home, it can't tell the difference between oh and zero, etc.).

    While I can appreciate that some may have been aggravated by the lack of perfection I also understood the difficulties of implementing voice recognition. In my opinion, the voice recognition system of the 06 M was remarkable. Was it perfect? No, but it was better than any consumer voice recognition system I'd seen. If you took the time to learn the commands you could do nearly everything you'd want to do without removing a hand from the steering wheel.

    Alas, lack of satisfaction from a few has led to loss of functionality for all. All, except for those in Canada who must have been more understanding. Canada, along with the newer markets Infiniti is entering, still receives a voice recognition system similar to the one 2006/7 M owners knew. I, for one, am very sad for the loss.
  • Sorry, the Teanna is the Maxima over there. They have the better Maxima.. :( . In Japan, they are still selling the Q45 called the Cima and upper class version called the President.
  • ltcadviserltcadviser Posts: 38
    seems to be a lot of criticism of the 14 speaker system. I have a 2006 M35 with the upgraded stereo. My lease is up. was going to release an M35, but am finding trouble finding advanced tech M's. Dealers just don't order them. If the 14 speaker system is disappointing, how bad is the 8 speaker system. If I understand everybody, It's not worth buying the Advanced Technology package for $2000++. Is this what people feel?

    Also, my lease is up in July, bbut I received an extension until october. Should I exercise the extension and lease an 09, or release an 08 in July?

    Lastly, the 08 M's hit the lot in late october, early november last year, so this year is no later than usual.
  • walt18walt18 Posts: 54
    Maybe waiting for the 09 is the best choice being that they may make some improvements over the 08 and I am sure they will.
  • walt18walt18 Posts: 54
    How bad is the 14 speaker system what is the problem with it. Is there to much bass or not enough?
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    My guess is that it probably doesn't sound better enough over the 8-speaker system to warrant the price. Most times these bajillion speaker systems are self defeating.

    Or it could just be that the 8-speaker system sounds "good enough." In all honesty, who's in their car long enough for the sound quality to really matter that much? Personally, I'd take the sound of a well tuned exhaust system over any stereo any day of the week. :blush:
  • barryendbarryend Posts: 121
    I have a 2006 M35X with 14 speakers. I did not order it but the dealer had a car with it and gave me it at the same price. I does lack base and the DVD never seems to work right. I bought one or two 5.1 DVD audios and it was very good sound. DVD audio is a dead format and has to be ordered on line. If you use an IPod you will be playing compressed audio anyway that is inferior to CDs. CDs are two channel with no surround sound encoding. I am now old and mostly listen to CNBC these days. I am even sick of Howard, Artie and Bababoi. Next Infiniti only comes with XM. Bye Bye to Howard unless the merger is approved and the same content is available on both XM & Sirius.

    Lease over January 2009. May consider 2009 FX 7 speed or move to a better gas mileage brand. If the 7-speed is available on the 2009 M or G highway mileage may be much better.
  • go_mdx1go_mdx1 Posts: 135

    Could use everyones advice....

    I'm debating between a M35 and M45. Dealer tells me the M35 actually gets 3 to 4 MPG better than the M45. EPA sticker says its closer to 1 to 2 MPG difference.

    Any thoughts on which is closer to reality??
  • tom17tom17 Posts: 134
    If you are really worried about the gas mileage you are looking at the wrong cars. I have 2 Infiniti's and considerred the G35/M35. Ended up getting a Lexus GS350. It is faster than the M35 and is rated 3 mpg city and 4 mpg highway better than the M35. The problem with the Infiniti's is they are geared to turn over 3000 RPM on the highway. My GS turns 2300 at 80 in sixth and still under 3000 in fifth. If Infiniti puts their new 7 speed in their sedans I will look again.
  • walt18walt18 Posts: 54
    I agree with you. That is a pretty nice size difference in the rpms 2300 to 3000 at 80mph. I was sold on getting a gs460 but then I turned away because of the looks of the inside and outside and lack of technology that the M has which is more for the buck. Gs460 is a nice car, I only see the Gs350 here and they seem to be really fast. I know someone who has a white one with the chrome lexus wheels and it is nice looking just a little to small for me. I have a brother that plays college basketball and so does his girlfriend and they are both tall she is about 5'10" and he is 6'3" and still growing and I am 5'10" and I like to have my seat slide back pretty far and in the lexus I would be cramp but the M has much more space in length and width. But like I said they are both great cars, I think the gs is more for folks that have smaller kids or short folks under 6'0 sitting in the back because if you are a tall driver maybe 6'0" or better and normally have your seat slide back putting a 6'0" or taller rider in the back seat behind you will surely make you uncomfortable being you would have to move your seat up closer.
  • walt18walt18 Posts: 54
    In all honesty, who's in their car long enough for the sound quality to really matter that much? Personally, I'd take the sound of a well tuned exhaust system over any stereo any day of the week.

    Lol!! I agree with you. :)
  • pat2717pat2717 Posts: 14
    I also have an '06 M45. The lease is up on July 1 and I haven't made a decision on what to get next. I called the lease company and they were happy to extend my lease up to three months at basically the same payment. I wanted to extend because I'm eager to check out the Hyundai Genesis and the 2009 Maxima. If those prove to be less than exceptional, I'll go back and get another M. I'll probably get the 35 this time to try for better mileage. My only gripes about the '06 M45 are: 1) the mileage sucks 2) the gas tank is either small or it signals empty with 4 gallons left. In combination with the poor mileage, I'm constantly filling the tank even though I have a short commute and I'm way under the lease mileage 3) No IPOD connectivity, impossible to even hook up a kit. I detest the FM transmitter that I've had to use instead. That's it. The handling is too soft, but that's not a big problem and it sounds like they've solved that now along with the IPOD issue. All in all, it's been a great car and I'll be happy to get another one unless someone else has something just as good for a lot less money. ;)
  • arnold14arnold14 Posts: 22
    What kind of gas mileage do you get in the city? I have a 2006 M35 and am averaging about 17 mpg, mostly driving in traffic.
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    I have an M35 coming off lease this week. I looked at and drove almost every alternative up including the new Jaguar XK, BMW3/5, Lexus ES/RX/GS, MB C/E, CTS as well as prius, avalon, murano and some others. I came away from the excercise deciding to lease another M35. The current lease with the 2000 back just can't be beat for 24 months...except if you get a G35/EX35...but I don't like the inside of the G and my wife doesn't like the EX. BMW's were rediculous on a lease. E class was high, but a deal..problem is that it has an antique navigation system...all manual. C was my second choice but the MF was just too high and residual too low to compete on a short lease. Murano could match the M35 lease (much cheaper on purchase)...that was a tough call...ultimately, I don't want to drive a front wheel drive car that everyone else has....and the lease was only the same with 9 security deposits. Cadillac...forget it..too expensive on lease and purchase for what it is. The prius was tempting...but that's a different car satisfying different needs. Volvo, Saab, Audi, Avalon were all eliminated due to either dullness of lack of excitement...I drove them all.

    A couple of weeks ago, I realized that almost all the cars get just about as poor mileage as the M. I'm getting 18.1 with my mix of mostly city and some highway. Maybe these cars could get 20 MPG...that's a 10% saving in gas gallons, but most require premium fuel, so there goes the 10%. My M35 runs great on regular gas.

    The best part is that with a new M, I get a comfortable, fully adjustable passenger seat.....I like the white dials instead of the orange. Not exactly show stopping changes...the 09 will probably have bigger engine & 7 speed, but if I wait, I may lose the $2000 that makes a 24 mo lease so attractive.
  • barryendbarryend Posts: 121
    I agree. The 2-year hedge is a good business decision. Demand they give you Michelins not the Goodyear skidamatics. They will do it. I also love the technology and looks of the M35X if not the ride and noise.

    My 2006 lease ends 1/2009. Time will tell.

    Today on the radio "Lease an Escalade loaded 699.00 a month no money down" Next month 650.00 a month down down down.
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    Why will they agree to change the tires?? I would much prefer the michelins, but the cars all have goodyears? How do I do this? I'm picking the car up on Sat.
  • barryendbarryend Posts: 121
    Search these boards and about the inferior GTA Goodyears and also see complaints on My dealer said he would change them if I leased another M. Other postings on line confirm it has been done for others. The postings complain about premature wear, poor wet and snow traction and steering trammeling. I had the same GTA experiences plus the common 2006 defective steering rack replacement.

    Do not accept them.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    The prius was tempting... Volvo, Saab, Audi, Avalon were all eliminated due to either dullness of lack of excitement...

    Wow! A Prius was more exciting than those others???
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    At least a prius is a statement....and 40 miles per gallon is tempting these days in a pretty spacious car.
  • barryendbarryend Posts: 121
    Isn't it more of a city or suburban car? I met some business contacts who drove a Prius 100 miles to a meeting. They were 20 something engineers. They were very unhappy with it's highway ride and handling. Caveat emptor.

    If mileage is an issue checkout some turbo diesels. I rented a Passat for a week in Europe about 7 years ago. Fuel was $4.50 a gallon then. I loved it. Superb ride & handling. I did not measure the mileage but I am sure it exceeds a similar size hybrid on the highway. You could lead foot it and still get great mileage. Hybrids get great mileage downhill or in congestion and when ideling (they turn off). Once the gas engine kicks in you are a loser. What happens when the batteries die? Who pays?
  • pat2717pat2717 Posts: 14
    I do 80% of my driving on the highway and I've probably averaged 16-19. One very important caveat, however, is that I recently discovered that my air filter had never been changed. I suppose it was an oversight by the dealer, but I was preparing for a 700 mile road trip last week and I got my oil changed. They pulled the air filter out and it was so caked with grime that I'm a little surprised the thing would run. They didn't have the right filter at the oil change place so I scrambled and got one on the morning of my trip. I averaged 23mpg on the trip, driving on winding mountain highways in New Mexico and Colorado. I was very pleased and I guess that a lot of my mileage issues were related to poor air flow. Maybe I'll stick with the 45 after all:)
  • pat2717pat2717 Posts: 14
    That's good to know about the tires. I was pretty surprised to be replacing my tires at about 15k. They were the Goodyears.
  • james27james27 Posts: 433
    I've been through some pretty nasty dust storms in NM and west might need a new air filter in a few thousand miles rather than the 30K in a 'normal' place. Change the pollen filter, too so you get the proper air flow into the cabin as well.
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    I would have taken the filter back the dealer that serviced the car and had a few words....which included "I'll be posting my experience servicing my car with your dealership on the internet". Clearly your dealer was focused on getting just as many cars thru on an oil change as they could without doing the checks that you are paying for if you go to the dealer.

    Of course, this is really weird because most dealers will take any air filter that has even the slightest amount of dirt on it and show you that you "must replace the air filter" because it's a high profit item. Something isn't ringing true here....

    I guess I would ask the servicing dealer to explain how this could happen.....
  • 150mphclub150mphclub Posts: 316
    Consumer Reports just did a study on clean vs dirty air filters. They found that dirty filters had a negligible affect on gas mileage.
  • james27james27 Posts: 433
    If the air intake is restricted enough, the computer just keeps adjusting the mixture and the power drops, but you shouldn't hurt the car much...when it does that, you often don't get the performance you should, though.
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