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Quality Problems with Mercury Mariner

vanz73vanz73 Posts: 3
I have a 2006 Mariner that is good but I have had a number of basic build quality issues.

1) I had to replace the 2 front brake rotors after only 19,000 miles. I asked the mechanic if they were under warranty and he said no, they just wore out from use. WHAT? I have not changed my driving style and this is my seven new vehicle (generally I drive SUVs). I have never had to replace a brake rotor before some 45 to 70 K miles.

2) I had a problem filling the gas tank, the gas noozle kept shutting off. The dealership took three days to replace a significant portion of my gas tank to fix the problem. Now my mechanic says that this is a very common problem with the 2006 Mariners.

3) The sunroof relay only intermitently works. The dealership replace the switch and a relay and the problem still persists. I have had rain come into the vehicle thanks to the fact I could not quickly close the sunroof. Now I just don't use it in fear this will happen again.

4) I parked the vehicle at an airport garage when I went on vacation with the family. When we returned the battery was dead. The lights were off and there was nothing in the accesory sockets. I took it to the dealer and they said there is a low current draw but they could not say where it is from. Now I won't take take the chance of leaving this vehicle for a week anywhere but in my garage.

Anyone else having these or similar issues with their Mariner?


  • ziggy20ziggy20 Posts: 1
    i have a 2005 mercury mariner,1 of my front corner parking light went out on the passenger side,i went to change the light,but i cant see or where can i get to the bulb,can somebody tell me how or where do i change the bulb,please dont tell me that i have to take the bumper or fender of to change a $3.00 light bulb,need help :confuse:
  • rgwrgw Posts: 6
    Go to: http://www.motorcraftservice.com/vdirs/retail/default.asp?pageid=&gutsid=
    On the left side click on “Owner guides”.
    Pick the year and vehicle
    And then Owner Guide 2nd printing.
    Good luck.
  • yolandadyolandad Posts: 1
    Four years ago I bought a 2006 Mercury Mariner. I love the interior and external design of it however it came with a few problems. The first problem was that it started leaking. I don't remember the specific leak but the dealer said it controlled how fast the car was able to warm up. The second problem was the ABS and 4WD driver light came on. I am not sure if this was caused by me dropping into a few pot holes. But I feel that I have to baby it on the road so that it does not have this problem. The third issue was that the transmission fluid started leaking. The dealer said that this was their fault by not doing something right after they fixed the ABS/4WD problem. Now 6 months after that problem my ABS/4WD light is on again and will have to take it to get fix. It seems as though this vehicle is not made for the pothole infested, uneven roads of Connecticut. On top of that it is a really loud vehicle. It makes this loud wheel noise that gets annoying unless you have the music way up. Also when I make sudden hard stops ( having to brake suddenly at a high speed) I have to make sure I hold onto the steering wheel with both hands because the steering seems to go all over the place.
  • ckasperckasper Posts: 1
    I have a 2008 Mercury Mariner. I have now had to replace 2 windows that just shatter. The first one was a the passenger side rear window. I went to get something out of the car and shut the door and it just shattered and fell out. Now I was driving down the highway at 70 mph and the sunroof just busted. Just wondering if anyone else is having problems with the windows breaking.
  • Mine was so noisey I couldnt stand it..Your tires are all cupped..I put new firestones on and it was solved..
  • I have a 2008 mariner and one month shy of the 5 year warranty I began to notice bubbles and possible rusting above the drivers side rear wheel. The dealership said that I would need to go to a body shop for repair because the warranty only covers rust issues if there is a physical hole. It is now about 8 months later and after a recent car wash, some of the paint is gone and the rust is officially shown through. It appears that the wheel well is bending in the opposite direction and is covered in rust. I found this post (related to an Escape) while researching and it sounds exactly like what I am experiencing:

    @ http://www.escape-city.com/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=11136&start=110#p253240
    "People there is a widespread problem with all the 08-12 Escapes, with only 58 000km's, Ford replaced the rear quarter lip and the workmanship is questionable. At first I thought there was only light surface rust on the outside, turns out, the whole inside lip was rusted and had to be cut out. Apparently water comes from the gas cap area and gets trapped in the wheel well."

    Another recurring cosmetic issue I have has is the Mercury trim between the windows is peeling away (black but now left with the silver underneath) . One side was replaced under warranty. Yet it happened again, no longer covered and is $80/side. One side is half way off and the other is just starting to peel away.

    I saw alot of other posts on the loud driving sound/tires. I too dealt with this for quite some time. I had it looked at out of concern and was basically told they come with crap tires and that's where the noise is coming from. I did replace the tires and it sounds like a new car ... just an ugly, rusty, trimless one. First and only time I will own a Ford / Mercury.
  • gleforgegleforge Posts: 1
    edited April 2013
    Looking for some advice...not sure what to do. We have a 2010 Mariner Premier with 68,000 miles on it. For the first 40,000 or so everything was fine. However, from that point to now, it's been a nightmare. They replaced 2 coils, the throttle body, some transmission adjustments, a new timing chain....and now the timing chain broke again causing some engine damage. For the throttle body repair, the dealership had it for over 4 weeks...because they could not diagnose. For everything but the transmission adjustment (computer update?), the car would just die. One time it was when my daughter was pulling out in traffic. The dealership has been nice...and I recently called Ford customer service...and waiting on their response. I just don't know where to turn. It's the only new car we've bought in 26 years of marriage and it is by far the most unreliable. It's been in the shop 10 times for repairs. And my cost so far is around $2000.00 (warranty picked up part of it) Anyone have any ideas? Thank you
  • Does anyone else have this problem.
    2006 Mercury Mariner 4 Cylinder.
    The car radio stays on after the key is removed.
    I just bough the car less then a month ago. Havent drove much do to neck surgery.
    When this happened it drove me and my girlfriend crazy. Thought something was very wrong.
    I opened the drivers side door and the radio went off.
    Now it does this every time.
    Is this normal for this car? I have never seen this before in any car ever.
  • Yes...it freaked me out the first time i drove it. I thought I broke my husbands car. So I tried to fiddle with everything to turn it off and when I finally decided to tell him, I opened to door to get out and it turned off. Its supposed to do this. I like it. My problem is the ABS/4WD light always turning on. Then the breaks act funny and I feel like I'm destroying good brakes with this stupid issue. It started like 4 months after I bought the car.
  • I think you might have a problem if the ABS/4WD light is staying on. It shouldnt be staying on. You should go get that checked out asap. Good Luck and thanks for letting me know about the radio. I did check the manual and it is supposed to do this. I like it too its a nice feature because you can roll up the windows also if need be.
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