86 TII gas to diesel?

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I have an 86 Trooper II. Recently my oldest son and I removed the motor (287K+ 2.3L SOHC) for a rebuild.
Before I put it back in, I wanted to know if there was a diesel motor I could swap into it (thinking about biodiesel) easily?
Any help would be appreciated.


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    You may want to take a look at Engine Swaps.

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    there where diesel models made in 1986 and 1987. from the factory. i know this because i have one. the 87s are very rare mine is a 86. the engines are the same. the only difference is in the drive trine. 86 has liter axils with 4.55 gears, 87 has 4.11 gears i have not seen one yet on e-bay. gas troopers have 4.55 or 4.77 with a V6 and factory over sized tires. there are some people selling imported isuzu engines on e-bay for 3,000, 6,000 there much more power full than the USA diesel its a 2.2L. the pup truck has the same 2.2L engine though its a N/A engine tell 1986 i think. 86 and 87 had a opshon for a turbo from the factory. i think all troopers are turboed. the fuel pump is a VE distributor type I.E. no computer at all. if you want to run bio fuel it will be hard on the rubber seals and O rings in the fuel sestom. there not made from modern rubber. I.E. have it rebilte with new O rings or have a spear on hand if you plan on B100 fuel. you will need a diesel tranny as well. bell housing is different, the case is bilte tuffer than the gass. the gears in side are the same, except low range gear i think its 1.7 or so. a non running engine core can go for up to $1,000 lastly a running trooper with a factory C223-T diesel in the US will sell for 2,500 to up to 8,500
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