Lexus RX 300, 330, 350 Bluetooth

clynn31clynn31 Member Posts: 1
When I'm on a call using the integrated bluetooth feature and another call comes in, both calls get disconnected. Is this a design flaw? Is there a fix?


  • bfeldsteinbfeldstein Member Posts: 12
    Just picked up my RX today! When I pair my AT&T Tilt phone with the car's bluetooth system, it will pair up for a few minutes and then "disconnect" from the car's bluetooth system. According to, this is a "compatible" phone, so it should work. Has anyone encountered a similar problem and have some sort of workaround?
  • jlm8828jlm8828 Member Posts: 1
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    Just got my 2011 RX350 and cannot get to contacts when Blackberry has email
  • maximafanmaximafan Member Posts: 592
    I bought my 2010 RX in July of this year, and my sales lady paired up my phone with the bluetooth and it was working fine. A week later I purchased a new phone at RadioShack and one of the sales associates there was able to pair the new phone with my bluetooth in the car. A little over a month ago, I started having an issue where the bluetooth signal (which you can see when the radio is on) would all of a sudden disappear, and thus, no more talking through the speakers of the car. I went straight to my Lexus dealership and my sales lady was there and she and the General Manager had to work through trying to pair up my phone again.

    They got it going and I was good for about two weeks. Then it happened again. I called my sales lady and went right back to my dealership. She had to fiddle around with it again. At first, it seemed like it couldn't find my phone. Somehow she got it going again.

    Well, fast forward another two weeks later and I'm driving up to North Georgia from Florida for a fall foliage vacation, and not even halfway up, I lose the signal again.
    I tried going to a RadioShack in the town that I'm staying at to see if they could help me get it going again. I had tried myself after pulling off the road once it had happened,but I kept getting the failed attempt where it couldn't seem to find my phone. They were of no help at that Radioshack. So I'm a little frustrated right now, because when the darned thing works, it's great. I just don't know if the problem is with the Bluetooth mechanism in the car or my phone. I was wondering if any fellow 2010 RX owners have had a similar issue with their Bluetooth connectivity and their cell phones.
  • rparisrparis Member Posts: 368
    Is your new phone listed by Lexus as an approved phone? Although I have an other issue with my phone and blue tooth, it does not disconnect ever.
  • maximafanmaximafan Member Posts: 592
    The phone does connect and pairs up eventually, but two weeks later the signal is lost. :confuse:
  • jimseejimsee Member Posts: 1
    I am having a problem with connecting my mobile with the bluetooth option.

    When I first got the RX350, I had my iPhone sycn with the Lexus problems.

    Then I had my wife's HTC phone problems.

    I am now having problems re-connecting my iPhone with the bluetooth and after several failed attempts I tried to re-connect my wife's HTC and now having a problem too.

    Anyone having similar probs?
  • bjadexbjadex Member Posts: 1
    can somebody help me on how to connect my phone with my Rx300 1999 model Lexus or it does not have the facility?
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