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When I bought the Azera in early '06 people couldn't believe I would go from an upscale British marque and German made cars to a Hyundai. "Just wait a couple years and you'll see how quickly they fall apart" was the usual comment. Well......It's been over two years, and I've had a steering wheel (chipping laminate) and a back door lock "actuator" replaced. That's all. Never has an auto transmission had to be replaced. Never has it reverted to the "limp home mode" and never has the "check engine" light come on. Hyundai is, right now , playing with the Big Boys! Can't wait for the Genesis.


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    23,000 + miles on my 2006 Limited and no warranty work at all. Life (and this Azera) is good!... :shades:
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    My 06 Azzy Limited will turn 2 in August. Have 15,400 miles and the car is absolutely a pleasure to drive. I had the steering wheel replaced twice for chipping, chain belt tensioner replaced per TSB and the front shocks replaced. There is not a squeak, everything functions normally and I still get a thrill just looking at my Pearl White dream. Beats my Acura TL's hands down. :)
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    My 2007 Limited with Ultimate has 8,900 miles on it after 12 months and everything still works perfectly. Had the struts replaced per the TSB, but nothing else. Still like the car, but wish it did not wallow or roll on poor roads as much, but I am getting used to that.
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    I've had my 2006 Azera Limited with the Ultimate Package for 1 year and 10 months, having purchased it in July of 2006. It now has 17,500 miles on it. Most of my driving is around town to work and the store or visiting friends with some daily interstate driving for about 8 miles. A couple of months ago I drove it from Richmond, VA to Key West, FL and back. Other than that long trip, my other trips have been up to Baltimore (yes, to see the Red Sox) or down to the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

    I'VE NEVER HAD A MINUTES TROUBLE WITH THIS CAR. It did (and still does) have the dreaded clunk (driving over a bumpy road at a slow speed) in the front suspension even though I had the struts replaced per the TSB. My dealer replaced them and never batted an eye, didn't test drive the car to see if they were needed, never question why they should be replaced. But, I've long gotten over the clunk issue because the car is such a joy to drive and look at. I've found that if I play a Jimmy Buffett CD with the volumn level at about #10, I don't hear the clunk anymore. So by having that volumn control right there on the steering wheel, they've thought of everything.
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    Finally, at about 29,000 mi. I had my first problem with my 07 Azera Ltd. The front end of the splash guard came loose while driving and was rubbing against the pavement. It is a non essential plastic piece about three feet long and about sixteen inches wide under the center potion of the car. I assume it is held by screws somehow under the car and is placed covering the driveshaft.

    I stopped the car, when we heard the strange noise, and I saw the front part hanging loose. We then drove to a fairly close service station and I bought a bungee cord and stretched it across the front part of the splash guard to hold it up off the ground. We continued our drive without any further problems and the next day about 11AM, I took it into the dealer. It was replaced under warranty at no charge. It took about an hour total and the dealer washed the car.

    No problems with the dealer at all and very quick service (this was a Monday). Other than a headlight going out on my previous XG350L under warranty, this was only the second warranty issue I have every had with Hyundai, for a total of well over 120,000 miles combined on both vehicles.

    So, for me, Hyundai reliability and my Hyundai dealer continue to be exceptional.
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    Recently completed my first LONG drive (SW Florida to Tennessee to New Jersey to Florida) and the car behaved flawlessly, even got 30.4 mpg for the portion of the drive through VA where I didn't use my radar detector (illegal in that state) and kept to the legal 65 mph limit on that state's interstate system.

    Returning a week & 1/2 ago, thought that the outdoor temp. sensor might have gone bad when, driving through North Carolina and South Carolina, it registered 95° while I was quite comfortable with the cabin at 76°. But then, when I stopped and opened the door, I knew that the sensor was just fine! :shades: 29,000 miles plus and still no warranty work needed... :D
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    Welcome to my world. Not sure, but the temp gauge may factor in humidity and it is H around here.
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    Jaymagic, my wife had the same experience as you. Managed to tie the loose part up off the road and get into town.

    My Hyundai dealer said this is a known problem, and that the replacement parts have been re-done to eliminate the breakage that the guard was having. I guess time will tell.

    Overall, we are still very pleased with the Azera after two years of trouble free driving
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    Not quite a year and nearly 15,000 miles and all is well. Drove from VA to Minnesota and back, lots of medium trips to NC and no problems. On long trips can get up to 30 mpg and low 20's around town. I'm pretty happy with that. Wish car absorbed road bumps like my old Avalon but am convinced no car (that I'll be able to afford) will ever be that comfortable. Love the sunshade--who knew I needed one? Am a bit concerned that seat heater is coming on but will have to investigate further.
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    I noticed in cdmuile's message above that his steering wheel was rteplaced due to the chipping of the glossy laminate on the wood portions of the wheel. Has anyone else had this problem. We have several small chips, no larger than a pecnil point on my wife's Azera. Is there any time limit on warranty replacement? I've pointed this out to my dealer, but didn't get any answer on what they can do about the wheel.
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    I have an '06 Azera Limited and the steering wheel is also chipping. Little specs of the wheel are delaminating, along with one long strip (my wife thinks it was caused by my wedding ring). Have not yet contacted the dealer to see if this is an ongoing and prevelant problem. If others are experiencing it, I will bring that up to the dealer when I take it in. Other than that, I LOVE my Azera.
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    "I've pointed this out to my dealer, but didn't get any answer on what they can do about the wheel."

    I have seen several posts about this here, and other Azera forums. The "answer" is replacement under the bumper-bumper warranty.
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    Some '06s definitely had a steering wheel delaminating problem. My dealer replaced it under warrantee. Hyundai knows about this problem. Don't let them jerk you around.
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    I too experienced that and have had the heater dissconnected for the summer. They replaced the switch once but the problem resurfaced again. hard to proove. Seat is not ventilated and does get warm even with the heater dissconnected.I used to have top direct ac vents at the seat and lift my back so the seat would cool, or open the window. I feel there is a definite problem with the seat heater

    Also the Tire Pressure Monitoring system does not work and I am thinking about having this dissconnected. I continue to get messages at the same stretch of hiway everyday indicating a TPMS failure. Smooth road. Noe reason this should happen. Had it reset once. Did no good. But these are really minor points. 07 with 13,000 miles
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    Talked to Hyundai today and they refused to cover the chipping under warranty. Said the dealer noted he though it was from a ring I was wearing. This problem surfaced one month after I took delivery of the car. So I guess I will call the Alternative Dispute resolution line tomorrow. Since this has never happened with any other car I have owned, it seems silly to blame a ring.Will be interesting to see what happens. You'd think they would at least offer to repair the nick if they won't replace the whole wheel

    Oh, by the way the disclaim any knowledge of a laminating problem on their steering wheels. Told me, "We appreciate you bringing this to our attention"Here is one case where Audi would not have hassled me about this on a one month old car.
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    Now oskidunker1 had the same problem (steering wheel chipping within one month of purchase, see posting #16) and the dealer refused to have it replaced under warranty. Pl advise specifically how to not let the dealers jerk us around.
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    Incredible that your dealer is not aware of the problem. Check out earlier postings on this forum and other forums, print them out and take the documentation to your dealer. Insist that they replace the steering wheel at no cost under warantee! This dealer situation is becoming a major factor in my purchasing another Hyundai.
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    need link to posts. Search does not find them. Thanks
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    Called the dispute number in the front of the manual today. A nice lady in Virginia took all the info and said I would be receiving a packet. Two hours later Hyundai called and changed their minds and agreed to replace the steering wheel as a one time getsture of good faith even though"it is not covered" They then incredibly asked me to pay the dealer the $1500.00 and sent them the receipt for reimbursement. When I refused theys said."ok , then we will just take care of it with the dealer" Very nice Lady at Hyundai but a strange way of going about this, don't you think?
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    Does it mean the cost of replacing the chipping steering wheel is $1500 and ultimately you don't have to pay a dime? Wow! Good for you and that certainly makes me feel much better because I am considering buying the LTD with nav and the wood steering wheel/door pulls. Please keep us posted.
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    Yes very strange, indeed. My Azera is such a great car.....but... my previous Jaguar dealer and my previous Outback dealer and previous,previous Mercedes dealer would not have blinked an eye. They would have just addressed the problem, fixed it and sent me on my way........No charge.
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    About the seat heater coming on "by itself."
    That's happened a couple of times to me, but I finally realized that, with my Whistler radar detector and its "smart cord" which has a mute button built into the power connector, I'd occasionally brush a little too low over the seat-heat rotary switch as I was feeling for that mute button. I imagine the same would happen with plugging-in-or-out other accessories or the ciggie lighter...
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    Now what would a fellow need with a "Whistler radar detector?" :surprise:

    Nice to have one for sure simply to know that the 'man' is indeed around, but for me,
    my days of going much faster than the posted speed limits are over, what with
    the higher prices of fuel and those terribly expense speeding tickets.

    I stopped using them when my rather expensive Valentine failed when only thirteen
    months old and they refused to fix it because it was one month out-of-warrantee!
    Wasn't so much the fact that they wouldn't stand behind their product,
    but the attitude of his wife. :sick:

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    No, no, you misunderstand! That radar detector is there to help ensure that I don't go over the speed limit, by reminding me to check my speed from time to time, such as when a signal is picked up.

    Yeahhhh, that's th' ticket. Or rather, that's not the ticket... :shades:
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    I have an 06 Azera Limited and have had 2 steering wheel replacements under warranty. There is a TSB that was issued for this problem. Tell the service manager that there is a TSB and don't wear any rings when you go in.
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    don't wear any rings when you go in.
    How many people don't wear rings? There should be a TSB for this problem, and they shouldn't even mention that it's the customer's fault because we wear rings. We had a Jag with wood wheel and never had a problem - the Azera wheel looks pretty, but is ultra cheap plastic.
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    "This dealer situation is becoming a major factor in my purchasing another Hyundai."

    I've been to three different dealers in my area including the hack store where I bought (they had the best price) and they all SUCK!!! . One service writer at one of these illustrious dealers didn't even know what an Azera was. These dealer's service depts are aloof and insincere. They are in need of some serious customer service training. Part of the problem, IMO, is that they sell multiple brands and give more respect to the other brands and treat Hyundai like the unwanted step child of the bunch.

    By contrast, the Mitsubishi dealer (I also have 2 mitsubishie's) just down the road that I use is absolutely fabulous and will go out of their way to make sure you are satisfied. The owner is always "on the floor" and greeting customers. They even bought one of my new cars back and replaced it with a new one because of a paint issue (car had a scratch in the hood and manager promised to replace it if we bought. Turned out that replacement wasn't an option and body shop painted anyway. Oops!)
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    33,000 mi on an '06 Limited and the passenger seat-back recliner switch needs to be replaced. It won't function to bring the seat-back up from any recline position. Dealer has to order part but will install under warranty. Dealer is replacing the passenger seat-bottom frame as well. Apparently the air-bag weight sensor is sending intermittent fault code signals to the computer.
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    Both my wife and I have experienced the driver's seat suddenly falling back. It makes driving scary. Has anyone else found such a problem? Thanks for all the great information on this site.
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    WOW, Its been 8 days and no complaining, whining or compliments, things must be looking up for our Azeras. I have to go to Hyundai-Forums to get the latest info on our Azeras.
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    I'd complain about my slight hang-nail, but I'm well out of warranty... ;)
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    Passed 71K on my 07 Azera. Only issues were the splash shield (replaced under warranty) and my dislike of the original Michelin tires. I have never replaced the the original shocks and my avg mpg over all this time is pretty steady at 24.4 mpg. I did have a dead battery the other day and may need to check on that, but otherwise everything has been working without a problem.
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    What was your complaints with the Michelin tires?

    I too hate them and can't wait to get rid of them. What have you found to be a good replacement for them?


    [email protected]
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    Hope you don't mind my opinion on the Michelins. Having talked at length with a regional Hyundai Rep, we both came to the conculsion that the OEM Michelins were not a good choice of tire for the Azera. They are a hard heavy tire which provide long term mileage but get very noisey after the 20K mileage mark.

    I bought my 08 Limited w/5K on the speedo and make the mistake of not getting a full alignment before making a 7K trip which ended up with badly feathered tires that are driving me crazy with all the noise. Alignment showed to much toe in front and rear.

    Trying to put up with the noise and get mileage from the tires till I replace then with the General Altimax HP's that Wal-Mart will special order, install with life time rotate and balance for out the door $594. Having a hard time to find another place to beat the price and I know all about Tire Rack and Tire Discount, its the installers that can up the overall price.
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    I just ordered Some Falken Ziex ZE329's...235/55-17's for $69 a tire plus $60 shipping from an online tire place....$336 for four sweet tires to my door. Install locally will be $100.

  • jaymagicjaymagic Member Posts: 309
    I thought they wore out too quickly and did not offer much in the way of better handling. While many have gone to the Altimax, I went the route of the Goodyear Eagle GT. (W speed rated).

    I did not want just an H rated tire. Right or wrong, my Azera has been in triple digits on a few occasions and I want all the safety margin I can. I have been VERY happy with the Eagle GT's. I have about 20K on for now and just switched to my winter studded tires. The GT's were not terrible on snow and ice, but naturally the studs are better.

    The handling, wet and dry, on the Eagles is far better than the OE Michelin's. AND virtually any tire you pick will be WAY lower in price than the Michelins.
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    We bought a new SE when they first came out in 2006. Had a little fear buying a Hyundai but the car compared to an Avalon and cost way less. After driving it almost 4 years, here's what we have learned. (1) the gas mileage went way up right after it hit 50k on the odometer. It jumped slowly almost 2 miles per gallon. (2) the front suspension is a weak point and has been from the beginning but it hasn't gotten any worse. (3) the car still has a lot of power and it's easy to be running 85mph and not realize it. (4) we learned a lot about tires for the car. at about 27k, had to put new tires on due to horrible front end alignment. i believe the car was out of alignment when we bought it. Like an idiot, I had the dealer put on some new Hankook tires, the same ones it came with. At about 55K, the car started making a lot of noise, very noticeable, going down the freeway. Almost got to the point where my wife (it's her car" wanted to get rid of it. Finally bit the bullet and went to dealer and got tech to ride with me to listen to the noise. Right away, he said "it's your tires. These Hankooks get worn down a little and do this."

    I searched the internet for the quietest tires out there. Several sites said that the Goodyear Comfortred tire was the most quiet. I bought a set from Discount Tire (they have a 30 day moneyback guarantee) and told the salesman the reason I was buying them and if the noise didn't go away or lessen signfificantly he was going to get the tires back. What a difference these tires made! The thing runs like a new car. Feels tighter and very quiet. Point of this is that if you get unexplained noise, look to the tires. At least that's what it was in this case.

    Have not had any real trouble with the car. Have been very pleased with it. Might consider Genesis except for the price. However, may get overruled on that issue by spouse.
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    Hi, I have 2008 Azera and same problem, let me know Goodyear Comfortred tire model # and spec?
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