08 Impreza Interior Quality?

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Hi All

I am thinking about bying a 08 Impreza hatchback (WRX base trim).
I am very sevsitive to interiour assembly quality, i.e. rattles, pops, squeaks and such.
How are those cars in that respect? I have driven one and it seemed ok, but I've been there before with my gen 7 accord, it seemed fine at first but then I put it to daily use a large number of imperfections came out. I want to avoid this kind of disapointment.

Any input is appreciated.


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    I'd suggest building your own car, because almost all cars these days *could* have issues down the line. Even the best MB and BMWs sometimes exhibit issues down the road.

    In all seriousness though, the build quality is far superior to the pre-08s but I'm not sure it's up to your stds.

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    Of course, there's no ideally built car, but nonetheless some are worse some are better.

    Perhaps there should be a point of reference. I owned a 05 Vibe that was good, a 03 Ranger pickup, also very good. 07 Accord is a disappoitment (their owners might understand me :)). A rental 08 Sebring, while not a very good car overall, did not rattle of squeak once during our 2 week long vacation in San Fran area end of march this year.

    Thanks :)
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    It's luck of the draw.

    My 98 Forester was quiet. My dad's Outback had squeeky brakes until I helped him replace the pads.
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    Just bought an '08 Impreza 10 days ago. I am also sensitive to squeaks and rattles, but I'm happy to report there haven't been any, so far!

    I bought a VW Jetta, 8 years ago, and I had it back in the shop twice, in the first month, to fix dashboard rattles. Drive me nuts! The Jetta was in the shop about every 3 months for every part breaking, but that's another story for another time.
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    Good to hear, thanks!
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