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somw how , where the transmission cooling line connects to the radiator, the clip and assembly has come off. Can i get this part and reconnect the hose my self ? also while the engine was running I checked the transmission oil and it was dry on the stick. Does the trans oil run through the cooling lines ? or does antifreez run through the lines .



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    i just changed mine yesterday and had to disconnect the trans cooler lines at the radiator, so i know exactly what you need to know. open the hood, and on the far left side, the trans cooling lines connect to the radiator, one very high up near the hood, and one far below near the ground. the line itself is aluminum tube, and also has a retainer clip. if the line popped off, the retainer clip probably slid down the tube but is still on it. to put the line back in, you do not need the special 3/8" easy connect tool, thats only to remove it.... the line will pop back in, but its kinda tricky, it sometimes goes in really easily and snaps in past the plastic seat, but sometimes you need to play with the line to get it seated correctly. its gotta go way in and snap in, in order to put the retainer clip on. if the retainer cant go on, that means the line didn't seat itself in. i know, because i drained the torque converter yesterday and couldnt tell if the line was in all the way or not, and realized it wasn't when i couldnt get the retainer clip on. good luck.
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    thank you for your quick reply. To begin, finding anything related to the line or the connector was an ordeal. I went to 5 different auto stores and 2 FORD dealerships before finding out all I needed was the connector which has the plastic retaining clip installed already, which holds the cooling line. YOU MUST USE a socket wrench and socket in order to work around other molded pipes. Once I backed out the old connector I understood what I needed and went back to the second FORD dealership to get the right size connector. I reshaped the cooling line very carfully shaping it so it went straight into the already installed new connector . Then tugged a tad bit to make sure it wouldn't fall out from the pressure of the trans oil flowing into the radiator. Filled up the trans with oil about 6 quarts for this type of disaster, and the tranny didn't slip yet . Nothing leaked and the cooling line stayed in place. I of course will keep my eye on it during the week. I also noticed I don't get the knock I use to get when excellerating and letting off the gas quickly. I hope this info helps someone.
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    This info was very helpful to me, such that I felt the need to create an account just so I could thank you for posting it up....Thank you.
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