Would you trade your Liberty for something with fewer problems?

emmabemmab Member Posts: 43
I have a red 2006. The window problems and seat staining are the only things I have had to deal with. Other than that, the thing runs pretty well and looks nice inside.
I'm trying to figure out if holding on to my Liberty, which still has warranty, is a wise move.
Been looking at Hyundai Santa Fe's, lost out on a really super deal on one the other day (leather and all). I like my Liberty for handling, color, gas consumption (which is low for me). I worry about the problems we all know about, and the poor looking seats.
Just curious.
I see another post on some comparison SUV's but it's over 4000 messages so.......


  • zoecozoeco Member Posts: 18
    I own a blue 03 liberty, and I have had the same issue with the seats staining (from water) and also a rear window wire slipped out and had to be reconnected. As far as the Hyundai Santa Fe by comparison, even with the leather, I would seriously consider how much you like the way your liberty looks and handles, especially if the gas mileage isn't that big an issue for you. I have been considering getting an 07 /08 Wrangler myself, but I have to admit I love the size of my liberty, storage capacity, turning radius, and overall styling of my liberty. Besides those things, "It's a Jeep!" and only Jeep owners know what that is! I would test drive the Santa Fe and then get back in your Liberty, and then decide. Good Luck.
  • emmabemmab Member Posts: 43
    Unfortunately, I cant afford the Hyundai right now, due to the fact that I still owe on the Jeep and the value of the jeep is pretty poor.
    I got darn close to buying the 2007 Santa Fe. Love the warranty, love the features in the 07, not 06 or before but cant do anything yet.
    I am used to driving Blazers and Jimmy, so the slight extra length doesnt bother me, and I am usually the one who hates to drive big cars.
    When my Jeep warranty is gone, I will bail it especially if it requires money invested.
    Just had all four windows redone, and one even a few weeks after they already did it needed it again........so.....
  • zoecozoeco Member Posts: 18
    Sorry to hear about your troubles. I have been lucky until yesterday. I had one regulator switch replaced, and a bad o2 sensor in the past, but yesterday she left me in front of the grocery store due to a linkage break inside the steering column. Metal shavings got stuck between the tumblers in the ignition. I heard nothing and the vehicle was performing as usual, so when I couldn't turn the key to turn it on, I was very surprised. I have 90,129 miles on it, and it was scheduled for the 90K checkup this morning anyway, so its just as well. I still have some warranty left, so the steering column fix is covered, but now I am considering getting another extended warranty if there are any available for high mileage vehicles. Any advice?
  • emmabemmab Member Posts: 43
    How much are warranties like that?
    We just traded a Yukon that hit 100, 000. All the lights were on anyway, and the repair guy said it was needing lots of work.
    It was a fully loaded one with leather too, very very nice.
    But, a gas hog.
  • zoecozoeco Member Posts: 18
    I am looking into it now. I was given an article today about how much of a waste extended warranties can be, but I have just about gotten the full amount out of mine, and since it looks like I am going to be keeping my liberty, it seems like its worth the risk. These newer cars, after say 1985, are not as reliable as the older cars, and all it will take is one repair to wipe you out. I don't trust any newer cars solely because of the fact that they use computer chips and so much plastic to operate. I'll be sure to let you know what I find out.
  • francesmfrancesm Member Posts: 3
    I have a jeep liberty 2004 with only 10,000 miles on it. It
    suddenly decided not to start without any warning of trouble and had to be towed to the dealer. They have
    replaced the fuel pump, fuel injector and computer without any success in finding the problem. Any one have this problem - any clue on solution.fm
  • zoecozoeco Member Posts: 18
    I have an 03 liberty, and it stopped on me one time where I couldn't turn it over or anything. My battery was dead, but once it was replaced, I didn't have the problem anymore. I am not sure what would cause yours to do that, but with the repairs you have already had done, it seems like it is a computer system issue. These new cars are controlled by computers, and if one little thing is not quite right, then the whole system shuts down. I am sure they have had it on a diagnostic machine, so I won't offer that as a possible solution. Try writing / calling Daimler Chrysler. You never know they might be forthcoming with some information. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
  • francesmfrancesm Member Posts: 3
    I have finally gotten my 2004 jeep liberty back from the
    dealer and it seems to be fine. They finally decided after
    replacing the fuel pump, computer, fuel injector that the
    first fuel pump was defective and the second on seems to have corrected the problem. I had an extended warranty so incurred only the $100 deductible for three weeks of repairs so I would advise anyone buying a car
    these days to purchase the extended warranty. Mine
    paid for five days rental and the dealer paid for another
    five days. I really do enjoy my Jeep Liberty and sure hope this is the end of trouble with it - it is the first problem I have had after purchasing it new in April of
  • 2002jeeplib2002jeeplib Member Posts: 2
    My daughter's 2002 Jeep Liberty is having transmission/transfer case issues :sick: . She was going down the road and the car locked up with no warning and did a 4 wheel skid into the ditch. Fortunately she wasn't killed or injured as no one was around when it happened and it was on a straight road.

    Her extended warranty ended three months ago (of course) and the Jeep dealer just told us it will cost $400 just to "look at the problem" which they think is in the transfer case.

    I'm not real impressed with the Raleigh jeep dealers ability to diagnose and fix problems on our Jeep (based on their past record with this vehicle).

    Should we junk the jeep and get a Toyota Prius? If the transfer case is the problem and it is fixed (the first time) will the transmission or rear end go next because of the strain of the hard lockup on the road?
  • redgirl1redgirl1 Member Posts: 1
    The same thing just happened to me! I was driving up a hill and my wheels locked causing me to swurve uncontrollably across 4 lanes of traffic and back, spinning around and finally landing on the curb facing the wrong direction of traffic. My accident is still being investigated but the mechanic said it was a faulty rear mount. I am still waiting to hear the final verdict from Chrysler....you are the third person that I have heard of to have this happen. Did they fix (or replace)the transfer case? How is it running? I love my jeep and hope to regain the same confidence and reliability that I always had. Good Luck
  • caribou1caribou1 Member Posts: 1,354
    Have a look here:

    In order to block both front and rear wheels due to a fault of the transmission, you would need some kind of debris to penetrate inside the transfer case differential. It is located underneath the chain and satellite gears you can see in picture "nv242_1.jpg".

    This seems quite frightening :(

    The gears located at the bottom of the picture provide the extra "LO" ratio.
  • wingman12wingman12 Member Posts: 1
    I own an 05 liberty and i love the size and ride quality for this type of vehicle.Less harsh of a ride than the Wrangler but still a great off roader!!
  • jayriderjayrider Member Posts: 3,602
    Put a set of bilstein shocks on your truck -- even better.
  • 1namilliongirl1namilliongirl Member Posts: 1
    My sister has been w/o her jeep for over a month now. The trusted mechanic just told her that she needs to rebuild or replace her transmission 1300 to 1400 dollars. What do you think, is she just gonna keep on having problems, is a rebuilt or used transmission gonna really do much? She can't throw their money in the pits, she needs to make a wise choice. Payment on a loan for say 1500 for about one year, or payment on a car, say three to four year loan. By the way its a standard and she has painful arthritis in her hips, etc. Thanks ahead for the sincere advice. God Bless.
  • sawdoggsawdogg Member Posts: 1
    i have a jeep liberty 2004with a 100,00miles on it suddenly decided not to start not to start without any warning or trouble what is the problem
  • winter2winter2 Member Posts: 1,801
    Considering the nonsense I have had to endure since the engine in my Jeep diesel blew up and also considering that whenever a dealer has one of the engines (diesel), they get many calls from other dealers looking to buy the engine from them. Now that says something about this particular engine that just might not be favorable.
  • hesselynhesselyn Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Jeep Liberty and the rear windows have gone out not just once but twice. Now they want $860.00 to fix it again. The paint is coming off the roof, and when I am going down hill and step on the brakes the car shakes like crazy along with the stearing wheel, I think the car is a piece of junk. The jeep dealership I took it to told me they have replaced the part it needs with a new one because they have had so much trouble with the windows, then why haven't they had a recall on them??
  • mrname1mrname1 Member Posts: 1
    I too own a Jeep liberty 2003, 130k miles. First of all, do not take it to the dealers. They are snakes and will charge you up for the oxygen they breath. Second, your car shaking when you are braking is a good sign of bad Rotors and Brake Pads. When one of the brake pads is touching the rotor it causes it to heat up the rotor and eventually begin to warp it. So when you step on the Brake the pads grip the rotor but because it is warped it will shake. The worse the shaking, the worse the rotors are. replacements for those are usually 300-400 with labor (about 120 for the rotors, 60 for brake pads...you will need them and should get them replaced at the same time, and the rest in labor). Lastly, Jeep is horrible about recalls. I have had a problem with my ignition switch and steering column, both of which my mechanic said that Jeep is back ordered on the part as it is a common failure. However, most car manufacturers will not do a recall simply because it is common, they will only do it if it poses a safety risk. To them, my not being able to start my car or you not being able to use your back windows is not a safety risk.
  • rhm937rhm937 Member Posts: 1
    104.000 Miles. Four tires, one battery, one belt, one brake job. A few wiper blades. That's it. What more can one ask for?
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