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So, I'm trading my 05 OB XTL in for an SUV this fall, and seriously considering the Tribeca, Highlander, Veracruz.

Sent a comment to Subaru Canada regarding the Tribeca as follows:

Hi. I plan on replacing my 2005 Subaru Outback XT later this fall. I am looking for an SUV and currently considering the Tribeca, the Toyota Highlander and the Veracruz. Some drawbacks of the Tribeca: 1. New front grill looks much too much like a Chrysler...a real shame for Subaru to lose its uniqueness. 2. Tilt telescoping steering is an absolute must. 3. Back up camera, a safety item, should be offered separately from NAV as it is in the Highlander. Because this improves safety, many people would be willing to pay for this option if it was available on its own, without the full NAV package. I certainly hope that these are incorporated into the 2009 Tribeca.

Response back:

Thank you for contacting Subaru Canada, Inc. We truly regret the delay in our reply.

Your email was forwarded to our Product Planning Department. We are very proud of the enhancements made to this model based on the feedback we have received from customers such as you. Most of the comments received about the 2009 Subaru Tribeca, especially from auto journalists, have been very positive. We are confident that the styling of the 2009 Subaru Tribeca will appeal to a great number of shoppers looking at a new car purchase.

Regrettably, telescopic steering was not developed for the 2009 Subaru Tribeca.

With regards to the back up camera, this feature is available on the 2009 Subaru Tribeca Ltd. without Navigation.

We always appreciate feedback, both positive and negative. Your comments will be forwarded to our related departments. Once again, thank your for taking the time to advise us of your viewpoint on this matter.


So, not sure what this means, but I am absolutely amazed that the 09 Tribeca has no telescoping steering column!!!

Hello? Why is it Subaru is always years behind other manufacturers in incorporating such basic elements in their vehicles, especially when it is avail on the Outback?

At 6'4", this is an issue with my Outback, and may be the deciding factor when I choose an SUV. So it may be bye-bye Subaru. Sucks, because I do like their vehicles.

Anyone see any pictures or info on the 2009 model?



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    A few minutes after I posted, I found this from Subaru Canada on the 09 Tribeca:

    2009 Subaru Tribeca: Exceptional features, competitive pricing

    TORONTO, May 7 /CNW/ - Just one year after the totally redesigned Subaru
    Tribeca was introduced to critical and consumer praise, Subaru is pleased to
    announce that the 2009 Tribeca will go on sale on May 7th. The new Tribeca
    features the outstanding new design and larger engine that have had the 2008
    model flying out of showrooms, plus a range of thoughtful new equipment and
    aggressive new pricing.
    The 2009 Tribeca is offered in three versions: the 5-passenger Tribeca,
    the 7-passenger Tribeca Limited Package with leather interior, and the
    7-passenger Tribeca Premier Package with leather, third-row seating,
    navigation system and rear-seat DVD entertainment. The base Tribeca remains an
    extremely well-equipped luxury SUV, and the only major change is the price: at
    $39,995, the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) is a full $2,000
    less than the 2008 model. The Tribeca Limited Package, which now offers an
    enhanced range of standard equipment such as third row seating, DVD
    entertainment system, and a new monitor system with a backup camera, will sell
    for the same price as the 2008 model - $45,195. The 2009 Premier Package, with
    the same outstanding standard amenities as its predecessor, will decrease a
    significant $4,300 in price, to $48,195.
    "The new-generation Tribeca has set new sales records almost every month
    since its introduction, thanks to the enhanced features and striking new
    design," said Katsuhiro Yokoyama, president, chairman and CEO of Subaru
    Canada, Inc. "The 2009 version builds on that momentum by retaining all the
    qualities consumers appreciate, and adding an extra level of the luxurious
    appointments that are the hallmark of SUVs in this segment - all at very
    aggressive prices."

    Tribeca is Stylish and Convenient

    An exceptional level of standard equipment on every Tribeca includes a
    power tilt-and-slide glass moonroof, automatic dual-zone climate control with
    air filtration, AM/FM/CD/MP3 6-speaker audio system with auxiliary audio input
    and pre-wiring for XM and Sirius satellite radio, a leather-wrapped steering
    wheel with integrated audio controls, power-adjustable heated front seats with
    lumbar support, roof rails, driver and front passenger front and side-impact
    airbags, side curtain airbags with rollover sensor (first and second row),
    power-adjustable heated body-colour door mirrors with integrated LED turn
    signals, Xenon high intensity discharge (HID) headlights with manual
    levelizer, multi-reflector halogen fog lights, splash guards, and more.

    Controlled Performance

    Tribeca's 3.6-litre 24-valve DOHC Subaru Boxer engine produces 247
    lb.-ft. of torque at 4,400 rpm, and 256 horsepower at 6,000 rpm. The engine
    delivers excellent emission levels, good fuel efficiency in real world driving
    situations, and outstanding torque in low- to mid-range engine speeds. At a
    time when gas prices are rising dramatically, owners will be pleased to know
    that, unlike many competitors, Tribeca requires only regular-grade fuel.
    The 3.6-litre engine features Active Valve Control System (AVCS) variable
    valve timing on both the intake and exhaust valves and is connected to a
    5-speed automatic transmission with SPORTSHIFT. The result is quick gearshifts
    with minimal lag time and smooth, linear acceleration.
    The shift control system uses the car speed and accelerator opening to
    determine available driving power while simultaneously calculating the optimum
    gear position for the road gradient. To further enhance smooth performance,
    Subaru's 'blipping control' matches the transmission to engine speed while
    downshifting. The total effect is fewer unnecessary gear shifts when climbing
    or descending grades and improved fuel economy.
    The transmission drives through the Subaru Variable Torque Distribution
    (VTD) Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system. Enhancing the AWD system are
    standard Vehicle Dynamics Control electronic stability control and four-wheel
    traction control system (TCS).

    Occupant Safety a Top Priority

    The new 2009 Tribeca was designed to achieve the highest ratings in the
    auto industry. The 2008 Tribeca, with which the 2009 model shares its
    structure, achieved top honours in the U.S. Department of Transportation's
    National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) New Car Assessment
    Program (NCAP) crash tests with 5 stars in both the frontal and side-impact
    crash tests for both the driver and passenger seating positions. These results
    are in addition to the 4 star rating in the NHTSA tests for rollover
    resistance. (No SUV to date has earned 5-stars in the rollover test.) The
    Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) named the 2008 Tribeca a Top
    Safety Pick for achieving its highest rating (Good) in front offset, side
    impact, and rear crash protection tests.
    The Subaru Tribeca features a Ring-Shaped Reinforcement Frame Structure,
    occupant-sensing, dual-stage driver and passenger airbags, seat-mounted side
    impact air bags, and standard curtain side air bags (front and second rows). A
    Roll Sensor system that detects a potential vehicle rollover and deploys the
    standard side curtain airbags is also standard. In addition, the Tribeca
    features Brake Assist on its standard ABS brake system, Vehicle Dynamics
    Control and four-wheel traction control. Brake Assist analyzes the force and
    stroke on the brake pedal and increases hydraulic boost to provide enhanced
    emergency braking, also activating the ABS system early if needed.

    Subaru Canada, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fuji Heavy Industries
    Ltd. of Japan. Headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, the company markets and
    distributes Subaru vehicles, parts and accessories through a network of 95
    authorized dealers across Canada.
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    Haven't seen one yet, but you really have to sit inside anyway, even if it had changed.
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    Supposedly the '09s are arriving at my dealer next week. Strange that there isn't more press / pictures on the web.
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    Wow! This is very exciting to me. I assume you are in Canada whereas I'm in the United States. I have spoken with Subaru twice and they have said that they have no information on the 09 Tribecas. The last person said she would contact me as soon as they know anything and that was only a week ago. How can they be releasing them in Canada and we can't get any information? She did say it would probably have Bluetooth but I don't think I want the NAV system because of the poor ratings and I'm not sure if I have to have it to have Bluetooth. Would it be possible to take a picture and let us know if they have any new color options for 09? Apparently Subaru is not going to release the 09 Tribeca until "later in the Summer--maybe late June, early July--or even August." I'm on my second Subaru and love the cars. When you take the competitors that start at a lower MSRP, and add all the options that are already on the upgraded Tribeca, the Tribeca is a deal.
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    Well, I haven't seen them yet, but my dealer has 5 2009s. Supposedly the 08s are sold out across Canada. Lots in the US though, which probably explains why they are not releasing 2009s anytime soon.

    What I have been told: Exterior is essentially the same. Now come with privacy glass in the rear (I thought the 08s had this as well), and the Limited versions come with Harmon Kardon stereo. Nothing to suggest that telescoping steering has been incorporated. :mad:

    Hope to take my OB in for an oil change in the next few weeks. Will hopefully have some time to check out an 09 Tribeca and report back.
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    Tell us how you like the sound.
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    Dropped by the dealer this morning. I have a PDF of the 09 Tribeca brochure in B&W only. Looks essentially the same from what I can tell. Only saw one that had not been PDI'd yet, so did not get to test drive. The others had been sold and the one available was being driven by the manager who had not yet arrived.

    Alicia, as the host, is there anyway for you to attach the PDF doc so others can access it if I send it to you via e-mail?

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    Never mind.....I just noticed that they have updated the Subaru Canada website. Brochure is available there in full colour.

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    Thanks for the information and the brochure. I still didn't see anything about bluetooth. I gave up and bought American. If they lost me, they probably lost other buyers. Maybe in a few years Subaru will add the amenities that a lot of people want and I'll trade back up into a Tribeca, but for now I went with great financing and rebates and a highly rated car.
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    ok- what did you get? Enclave/Acacia/Outlook?
    or the Ford Edge?
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    Ford Edge, black, 20" wheels, loaded. Never something I thought I'd do but was driving by the Ford dealer and saw it. Went home, checked it out on-line to see how it was rated, which is excellent. It's not a Subaru but I like it and it has all those bells and whistles that Subaru won't give us a clue about, plus zero/60 months, and $2,000 cash back plus a buying plan through my husband's former employer so I just couldn't turn it down. I liked the Outlook but GM is just not helping out their Saturn dealers right now. Now I have my beloved Baja for sale.
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    Did you get S-plan pricing? That makes 'em pretty cheap.
  • horseyladyhorseylady Member Posts: 6
    X-Plan but it's pretty good and I still got all the rebates and financing and all. Sold my Baja today for a good price -- $4500 more than the dealer offered. I will miss having a Subaru but Subaru was just being too secretive and I wanted Bluetooth and some of the other options. Maybe a Tribeca in a few years but I'm very happy with the Edge for now--can't believe it's a Ford!
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    Congrats. I didn't have too much luck with my last Ford but they seem to have improved a lot.
  • horseyladyhorseylady Member Posts: 6
    I've had two Ford diesel trucks and they were good but I'm now driving a Dodge dually. I checked out the Edge pretty good and it was highly rated by both professional reviewers and consumers so I decided to give it a try. I know it won't come close to holding it's value like my Subarus but I'll deal with that later. I'm still anxious to see what Subaru does with the Tribeca but for now I have what I have. I sure like the Microsoft Sync. I can't believe that the Tribeca won't have Bluetooth but they won't tell.
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    Nothing new except new colors. Notable miss is telescoping steering wheel. Legacy and Outback have it on 2008 model. Isn't Tribeca supposed to be top-of-line model from Subaru?

    Or... they give up on improvements given poor sales and now are just waiting to kill it? Especially with Exiga coming with seating for 7 too.
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    What a disappointment. They don't say anything about Bluetooth or an improved Nav system or much of anything. I'm glad I didn't wait. I love Subaru but...
    What is Exiga? As far as I'm concerned, the third seat is pretty much of a joke anyway. I might have used it for the grandkids car seats on occasion but that's about all it's good for. Thanks for the update. I'm glad I bought American this time and hope I'm not sorry.
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    Except the Exiga is not coming to the USA....
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    Noticed something interesting when comparing the '09 Tribeca brochure with the '08 Tribeca brochure. No longer does Subaru make any reference to towing in the '09 brochure. It's not mentioned in the spec pages, or anywhere. There's not even a picture of the optional tow bar. In fact the only indication that the Tribeca tows, is in the picture that is featuring the optional rear bumper pad, in which it shows the hitch receiver but almost by accident. Last year's brochure featured an optional towing hitch photo, but not this year.

    Also there is no mention this year of the ground clearance on the spec pages. Both towing and ground clearance have been mentioned in past Tribeca brochures.

    It should also be noted that Subaru makes no reference of towing; or ground clearance; on current Impreza, WRX, STI and Legacy brochures as well. Now these items are only noted in the Forester and Outback brochures.

    So do these very subtle omissions signal an equally subtle shift in marketing of this vehicle—away from being a CUV, to perhaps more towards the minivan area? Might the next generation Tribeca be even more minivan-ish than the current model?

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    Not so subtle.
    I'd say the shift from attracting the SUV set towards attracting the minivan set happened with the design softening going from the radical '06/'07 design, to the '08.
  • rshollandrsholland Member Posts: 19,788
    This is just more movement in that direction. Baby steps...

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    I think that it's a good thing for them to move that way since these vehicles except the Forester and OB are really not meant for offroading activities imo.

    I guess they are just honing the marketing a bit.

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    Agreed, except for the engine. The 3.6l is actually better suited for towing.
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    SoA responded that the '09s are arriving in dealer lots now.

    Anyone have a link to a US brochure? I'm interested in the model line up (and pricing), more specifically, if a 5-passenger Ltd is still available this year.

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    I have the '09 US-spec Tribeca brochure and 5-passenger is still available.

  • luck11luck11 Member Posts: 425
    Thx Bob. Just a point of clarification, do you mean the 5 pass LTD or base is still avail?

  • rshollandrsholland Member Posts: 19,788

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    Anyone know of the 2nd row leg room in the 5 passenger Ltd is greater than the 7 pass ltd?

    I ask, because in Cda, we can only get limiteds in 7 pass, and today I stopped by a local dealership with my son to look at an '09 Beca.

    Disappointment. When I had the seat to a comfortable driving position, similar to my current O5 OB XTL, my son had LESS leg room than our OB....yes LESS. He told me the Beca is on the same platform as Outback.

    Terrible, if the 5 passenger is the same, I'm sorry to say that the Tribeca will be officially scratched from my short list when I trade in my OB this Fall, and will shift focus to the Veracruz, Highlander and CX-7 or CX-9.

    We also stopped by to see the 08 VC and the space difference is unbelievable, even in the 3rd row.

    Funny thing is, even as useless as I know the 3rd row in the Beca is, the salesman said on his own accord, that my 9 yr old has outgrown 3rd row of the Beca. Nice.

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    We've been through this many times before.
    1. the rear leg room is the same between the 5 and 7 pass, however
    2. you didn't push the rear seat all the way back.
    3. there's a safety catch that prevents it from going all the way back at once to protect the legs of the 3rd row passengers.

    The 2nd row seat is movable. It slides fore and aft. Plus, to get it to go all the way back, you need to grab a second little orange handle to release the lock. As the average car salesman seems to have a shelf life of about 3 weeks, most don't ever learn about how to move the seat on a tribeca, and how to release it so it goes all the way back.

    Oh- once all the way back- there is a tremendous amount of leg room. It's rather huge. But, then no room for the 3rd row. The 7 passenger is really a 5+2, but for me, that's perfect. On the rare occasion that use the 3rd row, even my 5'2" wife has no problem fitting. Guess it all depends on how big your family is, but yes, it's a kids and small person 3rd row.

    Your other choices are good vehicles as well, but each has its pros and cons. I got the Beca for its better AWD system (much better). All AWD is not created equal.
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    Thanks for sharing...wasn't aware and you're right...salesman was a bit a bonehead. Anyway, I will have to have another look, perhaps when i'm in Maine in a couple of weeks. Still, the 2nd row will have to go back quite a bit to make the back anywhere near spacious. As it was, with the front seat all the way back, the rear of the front seat was touching my 9 yr old's knees! So in essence, use the 3rd row and the 2nd row becomes practically useless for any average size or larger adult. Also, compared to the VC and Highlander, the space just seemed small. Anyway....I will withhold further comment on this issue until I see it again.

    As much as AWD is important and as much I have enjoyed 8 yrs of Subie ownership, I'm looking to upgrade in interior space. Subaru may have a superior AWD in some cases, but as long as I have AWD of some sort, Subies AWD superiority will not make up for lack of space given this is a priority for me.
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    So the headphones are for two in the back.. if you don;t want to use them is there a way audio from the DVD can be heard through the cars speakers. I've looked at my owners manual but have not found an answer? The kids leave the headphones on, the batteries die and now one set is broken, the plastic support.. not to sure I'll have luck getting a repelacement any time soon. If the kids could hear the audio from the dvd's the I could care less about the head phones... any ideas folks? :confuse:
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    This is not Tribeca-specific, but is their a wired headphone plug on the DVD player?

    My aftermarket Jenson DVD player has one, meant for wired headphones, like you'd have on a walkman.

    Well, I used a computer speaker wire and connected that output so my car audio's aux input, and it worked like a charm. Put the car radio on Aux and listen to the movie over the car speakers.
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    just press the AUX on your radio and listen the movie from the car speakers..very simple
  • skiguy2skiguy2 Member Posts: 8
    i get it back from service on saturday in a tropical storm..i'll hit that AUX with great expectations! thanks ..... my cd player jammed one of the first few times i used it..anyone have that happen..they say they have to replace the whole thing... now they want the loaner back bwecause it will be a few days till the piece comes in... always something...still love the vehicle after giving up my 97 OB with 172500+ on it... needed more speed and airbags.. and comfort
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    Actually you need to press the RSE on your radio
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    Hello ,
    Looking at the 2009 Tribeca --any words of advice ? We have been Honda dedicated and were not making it anywhere with the pricing --and opted to try
    Subaru --the Forester / OB --while nice and better gas mileage ~~certainly didn't
    match the Tribeca for ride ...
    Any personal ownership stories would be great ~! ?

    :blush: Ddarttr :confuse:
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    The Tribeca has a superior AWD as compared to those used on Hondas, as it's full-time AWD, not on-demand AWD which is what Honda uses. It will likely handle better than the Pilot because the boxer engine allows for a low center of gravity.

    The only real negative of the Tribeca is the small 3rd-row seat area. Also, Bluetooth will be available on some 2010 Tribecas. It's not available on 2009 and earlier models.

  • ddarttrddarttr Member Posts: 2
    Hi Bob ~!
    Thanks for your input ~~! We have only on occasion used the 3rd row of the Pilot, and were primarily looking for the 5 seat. We were amazed at the test drive --after taking the Forrester and the Out Back --we were "wowed". I started the test drive and
    found myself going -ut-oh" and chuckling within the first mile or two. Funny how some cars choose you ~lol. We really wanted the Odyssey - but the Tribeca seems to out shine it ~! It sounds like the new 2010's come out in October- November. Our dealer said they can get us whatever we want of the 2009's --easily ordered ...interesting to see that dealers generally only have 1-3 on their lots. Seems odd~~not big sellers ?
    Thanks again ~!!
    ddarttr :)
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    No, the Tribeca has never been a big seller. For most, the issue is the 3rd-row seat space. It's really a very good car, a real sleeper in the marketplace if you will. :)

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    Just bought the Tribeca after lots of research and road tests. Had the Highlander, HiHy and CX-9 in my top picks. It is true that the Tribeca's third row is tighter than CX9 but it is usable. I carried 4 adults + my two kids (6 and 8) during the weekend and had no problems. I wanted the flexibility of a seven seater while avoiding to buy a fatter SUV.

    The below speak to a couple of the competitors vs the Tribeca. Road tests for the Tribeca put it first or second on almost all comparison. The author mentions the roominess as the only down side.


    If your are looking for an occasional use of the third row like me, Tribeca is a sure pick.
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    Would like to know if anybody experienced the following. I had a demo/brand new Tribeca for the weekend and wanted to showcase the DVD to the kids while in the city (read multiple stops). Kids wanted to watch the entire movie and not start it all over again each time we stopped. However I was doing it each time I had to start the engine from scratch or from accessories- meaning the DVD was still running - the DVD stopped and the only thing that was coming back was the sound - no image. Then had to eject the DVD and start it from the beginning... Anybody can advise?
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    Hello ! Bob~,

    How is the Tribeca serving you? Is there any option you wish you would have included ??
    We are in the midst of finalizing pricing and woola a third dealer ---pops up with yet another deal ~~LoL. It is the end of the month and the C4C is over --so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised....
    I do understand that Subaru is very protective of their car line and guarentees ----related to customers adding equipment ---any added equipment -IS NOT covered by the Subaru warrenty.
    Any surprises on your end ---?? :confuse:

    ddarttr :)
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    There is an alternative to going to the dealer for a replacement rear blade on the new generation tribecas. It may first appear that the blade and arm are one piece but if you take a look, you'll see the wiper blade can be replaced and its actually quite simple. There may be other alternatives, but the Trico Exact Fit Rear Integral Blade at wipers123 online snaps right onto the special rear arm and looks like the factory original. Much cheaper than the dealer alternative. Comes with removal and replacement instructions too. Hope this helps.
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    I am thinking of purchasing an 2010 Trebeca. How well do you like it. What are it's pitfalls. What kind of mileage are you getting? I currently own an 07 AWD GMC Acadia. This is a great driving car with lot's of room, but is in the shop weekly with unresolved issues from poor quality. I will not consider a GM product again, ever!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    Sorry to hear that.

    I just went to the DC Auto Show and saw a loaded up Traverse that stickered for $48 grand. :surprise:

    That's insane.

    Tribeca is a bit smaller, but we're on our 3rd Subaru and I don't even have a favorite mechanic because they're never in the shop and I change my own oil. :shades:
  • bigbearcraigbigbearcraig Member Posts: 2
  • nickelnickel Member Posts: 147
    edited February 2010
    I had to change the blades, but couldn't find the right ones neither at Walmart or Pep Boys, when it occurred to me: Well, it's 29,000 miles, let me call the dealer. They change them (the fronts and back) as part of warranty. Another point for Subaru, and my dealer, Walser.

    My wife will change the Sienna, wants something fancier. I have not even mention Subaru, so when she picks a CX-9 or XC60 I could easily choose a sports car (STi?) when the lease is over in november.

    Btw, Tribeca is 18 mpg, consistently.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    I like Mazda, don't get me wrong, I own a Miata, but there is no way, no how the CX9 is fancier than the Tribeca. If anything it's half a step down.

    We just went to the auto show and looked at all of these back-to-back, and the Mazdas left me a little disappointed. I don't know if it's that the 2010 models went through a bout of cost-cutting, or what. But look closely - none of the plastics are padded, the materials are cost conscious, and it didn't really stand out in any way vs. competitors.

    They are value-priced, and the CX9 is large-ish and among the sportier models of the class, but it's a step down from my 2007 Sienna, which at least has a padded dash.
  • nickelnickel Member Posts: 147
    Don't get meeee wrong! Today we did Round #1, the preselection. No way I would change my Tribeca for anything else.
    She decided (for good) that she needed the once a year used 3rd row seat, so our options were easy: The ones she didn't like (Highlander, Flex and GMs); the very expensive (Volvo, Audi), an the remainders: Pilot, Veracruz and CX-9.
    Curiously, she didn't like the MDX (2 years ago she liked), and hated the new Sienna.

    When she saw the Pilot, hated it (the exterior). Then she liked the Veracruz (because of the content) but disliked price. So at the end the CX-9 looks will be the option
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