Chime rings, no warning light

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For the past year and 1/2 our 2003 Rendezvous has had an annoying problem. The warning chime rings once (a few times twice), but no message light comes on. I have checked fluids and tire pressure with no problems evident. Once after it happend twice in a short stretch of RTe 95, I stopped a a Ford garage (only one in the area) and asked them if it was a tire pressure problem. They said it might be a defective sensor somewhere and would be hard to find. Another mechanic I asked had the same opinion. Anyone have a solution to this?


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    Started getting the chimes after having electrical work done,,,,(fuse block, ignition switch, battery,) has done it on an average of 1X month since Febm 2008,,,,dealer not sure what the cause (of course)
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    I think (?) our chiming started after the original battery experienced an internal short and had to be replaced. Seems there is a common link here.
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    I put my right turn signal on about two hundred yards before I have to get over two lanes and then get onto an exit ramp. The chiming sound comes on if you have your turn signal on for more than either 20 or 25 seconds. That might be the cause of the chiming and obviously is harmless. Just remember to turn off your turn signal!
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    I have a 2001 Ford Explorer Sport. 30 secs after I start the truck, a set of warning chimes comes on. It chimes 5 times in each set with a 5sec pause in between each set and there are 5 sets. Then it stops.
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