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SF Bay area Highlander dealers. Good, Bad or Indifferent?

rav5rav5 Posts: 4
edited October 2014 in Toyota
I am looking to buy a 08 HL AWD. I have a working budget of 37k out the door. It will be a cash sale so no financing. I want to know if anyone has had good results or bad results with any particular dealer.

I have had less than pleasant experiences with dealers in the past and do not want to repeat the experience. If anyone has any experiences in the SF Bay area that you would like to share I would appreciate it.


  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    You may want to have a look at Dealer Ratings and Reviews

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  • rav5rav5 Posts: 4
    I already did. I was hoping for a more comprehensive sampling. Thank you
  • edcincaedcinca Posts: 2
    we bought our 2005 Highlander (2WD V6 w/3rd row) in August 2005 from City Toyota in Daly City and were satisfied with the experience. Got an internet quote, price was good, they actually had two of the type of vehicle we wanted in the lot when we got there (no bait/switch), test drove one, and bought it (paid by check, no financing). Salesperson was the internet/fleet sales mgr at the time and he was helpful but not pushy, didn't try to sell us extra stuff that we didn't want or need. All in all about as good an experience as one could expect from a dealership.
  • Try Putnam Toyota in Burlingame. I've purchased both a 2004 Highlander and a 2008 Camry from them. After checking both SF Toyota, City Toyota, and Melody Toyota, Putnam always came up the cheapest. Contact Mark Putnam in internet sales for the best price
  • rav5rav5 Posts: 4
    I initially tried Putnam thru the Internet for a Sport AWD and almost used COSTCO. What a mistake. I did not want the towing package. I was told via e-mail "here is what we have take it or leave it you won't get what you want short of a factory order . You will have to purchase the TO option because all HL have them". BS. I had rented a Limited for testing purchases from another dealership and it did not have the TO option. I also had the rental manager take me thru their HL inventory and I saw several WITHOUT the TO option. In my way of thinking I was being lied to and getting ramrodded to purchase what ever they had laying around. This is typical dealership arrogance specifically Toyota arrogance. I either will have to try to do it he old fashioned way and slug it out face to face with each dealer or just go back to Ford and settle on replacing my transmission every 5-6 years. What is it with Toyota dealers? Do they go to a special school to be arrogant?
  • ricky40ricky40 Posts: 2
    edited July 2011
    The Owners Manual states "Do not exceed 100lb. cargo weight...". (pg. 229). But states ..."They (cross bars) can support a maximum of 132 lbs. (60 kg) when evenly distributed across both bars and meet Toyota’s high standards for performance and strength." [Ref:]

    Anyone know which is correct? As luck would have it, I have a 117lb load to carry (two touring kayaks). Thanks!
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