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2005 Honda Pilot Shudders

rusty4532rusty4532 Posts: 1
edited March 3 in Honda
My 2005 Pilot Shudders in the speed range of about 35-40 mph, with light pressure on the gas peddle. I seem to feel a Shiver at higher speeds but this may be from tire balance. The dealer said the Shudder was due to the EGR valve being carboned up. I replaced with a honda part however it's still happening. Anyone experienced this problem and what did you do to fix it?


  • nareknarek Posts: 37
    I had the same problem in my '04 Pilot after a crappy tire rotation and balance job at my Honda dealer. On the way home at 50-55mph it shuddered so hard the steering wheel literally shook my arms.

    I took it right back. They told me their tire balancer was not calibrated properly and they attempted to fix it. Once back on the highway it was improved, but not gone. I drove it that way until I replaced the tires. Shudder is gone completely now.

    Never did go back to that dealer again.
  • tobrentobren Posts: 6
    The exact same thing happens to us with out 2005 Honda Pilot, light pressure on the gas peddle and a noticeable shudder in the 35-45 mph range. Took the vehicle in for its regular maintenance this morning and got the same response from the tech, "clean the fuel injectors and may be the EGR valve." The problem is definitely not a tire, brake rotor, brake caliper, etc. issue, but is in the drive train in one fashion or another.

    Any luck since your post?
  • tobrentobren Posts: 6
    Got the word from the dealer this morning as to what was causing the shuddering in our vehicle. After ruling out the EGR valve (4 technicians swore that was the problem) the California tech center had them look at the transmission. Could have been either the tranny or a solenoid valve that works with an internal clutch unit. After checking the solenoid valve carefully they have determined it is the transmission. New unit is supposed to be installed most likely next week. Glad we have the extended warranty. The vehicle is only 3 years old with 76k miles. Funny thing it have been doing this since we bought the car new.

    The other funny thing is that we bought the car new from a fairly large dealer in our town, financed it through them and bought the extended warranty at the same time. Come to find out the warranty is maintained through a third party. Honda says the vehicle needs a new transmission, but the third party warranty group is sending out an inspector tomorrow to verify everything. I don't remember hearing about this when we bought the vehicle. Thought anyone reading this might like to know.
  • sounds like i am having the same symptoms.
    what was the final outcome of this situation? did you replace the transmission? did is solve the problem? how much did this cost you...the dealer?

    i have over 125k miles and not sure what options i have... any recommendations?

  • tobrentobren Posts: 6

    I my case it was the transmission. Fortunately we had an exteneded warranty and it was covered. Problem was completely corrected after the new tranny was put in. It seems I started hearing about other folks have transmission problems with their Pilots. I don't recall teh exact cost, but I believe it was in the $3K or $3.5K range from the dealer.

    Wish I had better news.
  • kpsmith999kpsmith999 Posts: 46
    Pilot and MDX are basically the same car. Apparently this problem occurs with both vehicles. Starting around 30,000 miles, I began to notice a vibration/grinding noise while accelerating through 35 to 40 mph. The noise would last for 10 to 15 seconds and then stop. I took my MDX into my Acura dealer at 35,000 miles while it was under warranty and they said they could not reproduce the problem. The problem continued to worsen however I was now out of warranty. I did some research on the internet and found 14 reports of the exact same problem on the NHTSA ( Out of 30 total complaints, 14 were this specific transmission problem. I also found a 2004 MDX service bulletin (#6003; NHTSA # 10022468) that states "Torque converter shudder or vibration between 35 and 40 mph". I presented this info to the Acura dealer and they acknowledged the problem and agreed to pay for 75% of the torque converter replacement (the care is 6 years old and has 45,000 miles). Why hasn't someone started a class action law suit regarding this problem given the significant amount of data pointing to a general problem?
  • hww007hww007 Posts: 1
    What is a 4th pressure switch on the outside of the trans.
  • kpsmith999kpsmith999 Posts: 46
    Just picked up my 2005 MDX (same transmission as Honda Pilot) from dealer after replacing the torque converter. It appears that the vibration/grinding between 35-40 mph has now been eliminated. For background, I reported this problem in March 2009, a couple of months prior to the expiration of my warranty. The service tech stated that he/she could not reproduce the noise I was hearing. Over a year later, the noise was now continuous. I took the vehicle in and this time the service tech could hear the noise. I was told that the vehicle was out of warranty (45,000 miles, but over 60 months) and that it would cost $2,000 to $3,000 to fix the problem. I opened up a case file with Honda America. After several calls, I was offered a repair for $500. I continued to complain and mentioned that I had uncovered over 100 complaints for the exact same issue. The Honda rep. still would not budge on the $500 cost to me. Finally, I mentioned that I might pursue a "class action suit". He said he would speak to the district supervisor. Miraculously, he came back and said that Honda America could cover 100% of the repair. I would suggest that anyone battling this issue out with Honda America mention "class action suit". There attitude seems to change quite significantly! Good luck!
  • jtrayjtray Posts: 1
    edited July 2010
    Thanks for sharing your experience! My 2003 Pilot has exhibited the same symptoms for months and finally I may be able to afford having the problem resolved.
  • kpsmith999kpsmith999 Posts: 46
    My dealership quoted me a price of $2,000. Since I complained to Honda America over a 4 week period and threatened a law suit, Honda finally agreed to replace the torque converter even though my vehicle was out of warranty.
  • kpsmith999kpsmith999 Posts: 46
    At last check, there were 15 complaints filed with the NHTSA (National Highway & Transportation Safety Administration) regarding the torque converter issue (vibration/shudder/grinding between 20-50 mph while accelerating). I would encourage everyone who is following this link to take a few minutes and file a complaint. The web site is as follows:

    Also, the NHTSA has issued a "service bulletin" for this exact same problem for all Acura's for model years 2003-2004. To view the service bulletin, go to the following web site:

    Enter NHTSA item# 10022468 in the "quick search" box. Once you get the record, click "get summary" and you will see the exact explanation as follows:

    "Torque converter shudder or vibration between 35-40 mph"

    This is exactly the same problem that is so prevalent with the 2005 and on Acura MDX and Honda Pilots. Do not understand why a service bulletin has not been issued for more recent model years???????
  • kpsmith999kpsmith999 Posts: 46
    edited July 2010
    For those who are interested, you can obtain the actual Acura/Honda Service Bulletin that addresses the Torque Convert issue and the repair instructions given to the Acura/Honda dealers if you Google:

    Acura Service Bulletin 06-003 pdf

    There is also a statement in the document that addresses "out of warranty vehicles" the the procedure for obtaining a "goodwill consideration" repair. It would appear that Honda/Acura was expecting a significant number of vehicles (both in warranty and out of warranty).

    I have a 2005 Acrua MDX that was one year "out of warranty" and through persistence and documentation from web sites such as this one and also the 15 complaints filed with the NHSTA, I was able to get Honda/Acura to move from not covering my $2,000 repair to covering 100% of my repair.
  • ok I just got my pilot in 2009 can i still use this in 2010?
  • My Honda shudders and vibrates when accelerating around 34-40. My mechanic which specializes in Honda/Acura says it is the torque converter. However, there is no service bulletin or recall for the 2005. I first mentioned it to him at 90,000. I now have 125,000. I see where some of you have gotten Honda to pay for this repair. Is it worth pursuing? This is my second Honda with transmission issues.
  • My 2005 Honda with 125,000 has been doing this since about 75,000. I'm just hearing what the issue is torque converter. Do you have information that can help me file complaint with Honda. You say they covered your expenses they are going to fight me on this. This is the 2nd Honda I've owned with transmission issues. The first got covered after warranty ran out but it was a hard fight.
  • I am rather shocked that I googled my problem and found that there is a sea of owners that are having the same problem. I am also shocked that this sea of owners are not included on the recall, but all of us are experiencing the same problem. I plan on contacting Honda the NHTSA this week to see if by some grace of God that I may get my Honda fixed at no monetary cost, just inconvenience, to me.

    Has anyone had any luck with getting the repair done even if your car was not part of the original recall?
  • need some help/answer. I have a 05 pilot and the check engine light and the vtm light comes on. the dealer wanted to charge me $500 to look for the problem and they told me its a hit or miss. I told them to kiss my [non-permissible content removed]. I took it to a honder mechanic and he told me that its not the transmission I had codes reset several times and now they told me that honda requires a valve adjustment and a gasket need to be change. This is my third honda and beleave me my next car or truck is not going to be a honda product it I have to put the bills. is this problem wide spread and what should I do?
  • I had my 05 pilot valve adjusted thus weekend and all code erase and resett so I will let you all know what happens. so many have tried this already I decided to try anyway. we will see.dont go back to the dealer they will charge you a lot of money and still they wont have an answer for you.
  • I purchased my 04'Honda Pilot in 04'. 1st time something happened was in 06' had to get a new battery, was ok with that, it happens. In 08' my Pilot started to "lull" as I call it. Felt like it wasnt getting gas or shifting into gear, then it died. It would start back up to do the same thing. Took it to the dealer, they replaced a part ( I think a fuel line) - got it back and a couple days later did the same thing. They had to call into American Honda as couldnt figure it out. Ended up being a sensor of some sort that I got covered under warranty. Now in November 10' it started doing the same thing but the VTM and engine light came on. Took to dealer, another sensor & had some motor mounts replaced. Vehicle ready on a Tuesday I picked up, stopped at gas station on way home and guess what, lights on again. Dealer has now had vehicle 4 days again. I am FRUSTRATED! I have always had Hondas - 3 accords ( all with over 130,000 when sold) and this is the 1st time had any major issues with about 79,000 miles.
  • sfergson727sfergson727 Posts: 5
    edited January 2011
    I have a 2003 Honda Pilot that I bought from a dealer in December, 2010. After two weeks of ownership, it was apparent that I had a problem. As described by others, the car would shudder and vibrate between 35 - 40 mph, for a duration of 5 to 10 seconds. The events are intermittant, but present none the less. I took the car to the back to the dealer, and after explaining the issue, they stared at me like I was from Mars. According to them, they have never heard of the issue, which is something that I find hard to believe.

    I had the transmission fluid changed, and it came out black as coffee with friction materials present. Since the change, the frequency of the shudder has decreased, however it did not disappear completely. I don't know what to expect, if the transmission is going to fail soon, or if I can get some use out of it before it dies. The car has 127K on it, which in the past meant that it was just getting broken-in. I am begining to wonder if that's a true statement anymore.

    I've filed a complaint with NHTSA and printed the Accura SB to take to my dealer. Other than what I have done, does anyone have any advice on further preventive maintenance or steps I could take?

  • I have the same problem with my 05 pilot. Were did you go for assistance? Did you receive any satisfaction?
  • While my issue is not completely resolved, it's been reduced by at least 90%. The dealer where I purchased the car was not much help in diagnosing the issue, and just wanted me to throw money at it.

    I took it to another dealer, one that I usually work with, and they suggested drain and fill service on the transmission. We discovered the fluid was black as coffee (Apparently the previous owner didn't have the fluid changed in about 100K) and there was some particular material on the drain plug magnet. At the time, they did not recommend a full flush, as that could cause more issues.

    Since the drain and fill, my issues have pretty much gone away, with only an occasional burp. Since the noise stops when I place the transmission in D3, I am pretty confident that it is the torque converter that is responsible. Being that the frequency between events has dropped dramatically, I am hopeful that I can get a few more years out of it before needing a new tranny. The pilot has 128K on it right now. I'll probably drain and fill the transmission this summer myself, just to make sure that any particulate matter that is still in there can hopefully be removed.

    Hope this helps.

  • Dear kpsmith999, Thank you so much for the time you have dedicated to helping Honda Pilot owners with the shuddering between 35-50 mph. I'm not looking forward to the battle with Honda to get the new torque converter cost covered, but I will certainly follow all of your directions. Thanks Again!!!
  • Here is an update on my wife's 2005 Honda Pilot from posts back in '08. Same problem as everyone else, shuddering when light pressure is put on the accelerator between 35-45 mph. Earlier posts are on page #1.

    We had the transmission changed, rebuilt unit, by the dealership with all work covered under the extended warranty. From memory the new tranny came with something like a 90 day warranty, with rebuilt being the only option. I was told a new transmission just wasn't available. Fortunatley, because we were having the work done under the extended warranty we got a three year warranty on the new (rebuilt) tranny.

    So fast forward to 2011 and the problem is creeping back. Everything is out of warranty, so we are SOL. We have 145,000 miles on the vehicle and planned on keeping for at least 250,000 (My 4Runner has 320,000). That's just how we are as a family and why we came back to Honda after runnig away from our 2000 Volvo wagon. So it looks like we are going to wind up spending $2500 - $3000 for a new (rebuilt) trans as everything else about the vehicle is pretty good. Funny thing, my 4Runner is a 1994 model and back just a few years ago I got a safety recall notice in the mail. Imagine that, on a 14 or 15 year old vehicle they were willing to accept responsibilty and fix a potential problem free of charge to me.

    Good luck to everyone, doesn't look like there have been enough complaints to warrant Honda coming forward and fixing the problem.
  • g_rog_ro Posts: 1
    Yes, I too own a 2005 Pilot, which I bought Brand Spanking New with 7 miles on it. Come to find out, I'm having the same problem that everyone else is having. The worst part, is that Honda is well aware of this, but is not helping out Dedicated Honda owners like myself. 3 different Mechanics told me that Honda cut costs by not putting in a large enough transmission to accommodate the weight and size of the vehicle, therefore resulting in a bad torque convertor (the shuttering sound- I saw it with my own eyes when it was on the lift & put into gear). To top it all off, I complained about this shuttering between 30 - 40mph for months prior to the extended warranty expiring. Every place I went thought I was crazy& hearing things (including my family). So I left it alone but it got worse &the dealer told me they couldn't help me fix it, in other words I was SOL & had to come up with $5 G's for them to fix the transmission because the extended warranty expired 3wks. prior. So 6yrs, a Tsunami & an earthquake later, Japan double the parts price since they are in dire straits & they are hard to come by, not to mention the backlog in shipping. Don't get me wrong I love my Pilot, but seriously disappointed in Honda. So for all of you out there who experienced this issue, keeping posting, complaining, GOOGLE it, and telling all who own Honda Pilots and Maybe, if there are enough dissatisfied Customers, Honda will help all of us that either have the problem or had to foot the expense to fix it.
    There is a temporary band aide, Don't laugh it sounds silly, "Mr. Shutter Fix", is an additive to the transmission fluid. Its a small plastic red tube about 4in long and 2in. around, but you have to have the fluid changed b4 adding it and make sure the place you take it to, has only Honda Made oil. Apparently, Honda makes their parts to run only on THEIR oil. It has additives in it that only Honda makes, w/o this you may get worse problems later. This is coming from 3 different Mechanics and a Junk yard owner. It seems that Honda has created a Monopoly - which I though was illegal. It did work by reducing the noise and frequency, but not completely. Like I said, its a band aide to buy time to get money together to fix it permanently.
    I have only bought Honda's and this is the first time I ever had a serious problem so early on (just under 100k). I opted to fix it because everything else is fine and I don't feel like having a car payment. So pass this along to anyone you meet or know with this issue & maybe Honda will consider helping all of us. After all they do want to keep their customers happy and coming back, especially since they had suffered such tragic natural disasters. They don't want to start developing a bad reputation after having such a good track record for so long. After all, everyone knows that bad news travels faster than good new.
    I still haven't decided if my next car is going to be a Honda. It seems like they are slipping on their reputation. Look around the internet you'll see that this is happening more often than not. :confuse: :mad:
  • I have a 2005 Honda Pilot with the shudder problem at 30-40 mph. Called Honda America and they acted like nobody has ever called about this problem. I have done a little trial and error myself. When I start out in D3 there is no shudder at all everything is very smooth then when I am going down the road and get past 40 I shift up to regular D. I know this want fix the problem but it seems like its probably the torque converter for sure. Any feedback on how long this will give me before I have to break down and take it to get the torque converter repaired?
  • Our first transmission starting acting up in the 90K range. It wasn't dead at this point, just noticably shuddering at an annoying point. We had a rebuilt unit installed (all that was available so the dealership said) and now at 150K the shuddering is just starting to return. No idea how much it will cost in today dollars. Back in '08 the dealership said $3K or $3.5K. I have heard rumors that the price is higher now due to shortage of trannsmissions. Not sure though.
  • Add me too! :( I've spent $900 on "fixes" for this problem. they claimed they've never heard of this, and never could duplicate it on their own. I finally drove it with a Tech and he could hear the "grinding" at 35-40 mph, and the shuddering. What do we do? I think I will file a complain with the BBB.
  • I bought my 2005 honda with 35,000 miles on it, back in 2007. From the time I purchased it , I have had this "shuttering " also....I am now at 105,000K and it's MUCH question to you would be..How did Honda fix the problem? From what I've read, most owners are replacing the the transmission while many others say its the torque converter...some have even said that they replaced the transmission at 100,000 miles only to have the problem return at 150,000..I have enjoyed my Honda, but I'm now wondering if it's time to trade for a Toyota before the problem gets worse? thanks!
  • I purchased my 04 Pilot three years ago with 75k miles, now it has 110k. My shuddering is infrequent put definitely present. I change the ATF myself and it seems to make the shuddering go away for a year. Changing the ATF is almost as easy as changing the oil. I use only the Honda ATF fluid. Note that you only get 3.2 quarts out of the total 8 quarts. So you need to change it more than once if you want to get "mostly" new fluid in. There are plenty of youtube videos to show you how. My pilot has the tranny oil "fix", so I don't even have to take the tranny filler bolt off. You just need a socket wrench with about two feet of extenders on it to remove the bolt holding the feeder tube in the cap screw, and a very long funnel.

    I was hoping to keep my Pilot over 250k miles, but now I worry about the coming $4000 expense. Even so, you lose that much driving a new one off the lot I guess.
  • tobrentobren Posts: 6
    We are on tranny #2 (2005 model) and the shuddering was starting up again. I asked my local mechanic to price a Jasper rebuilt for me and he suggested trying some Instant Shudder Fixx By Dr. Tranny

    Now bear in mind I'm licensed mechanical engineer and not one for amazing fix pookie mix fromulas, but I figured I didn't have anything to lose. So far so good. For the current term the shuddering has subsided. I'll try to remember to check in at this forum and give upadates.
  • Thanks for the recommendation. I just ordered 4 tubes. You are the second or third person I've seen that recommended it. My 2005 Odyssey has the same shudder symptom. I just changed the ATF in both vehicles over the holidays (3/8 quarts). I will add a tube of Shudder Fix for good measure. I will also update this post periodically.

    Electrical Engineer from Va Tech, Go Hokies!
  • hapeacreshapeacres Posts: 4
    edited January 2012
    Another Victim. I bought a 2004 Pilot with 100K from a used car lot because of past positive experiences with ATV's and an 08 CRV which I bought for my wife. I did not notice any "rumble strip" noise on the test drive but noticed it on the way home after paying 9,000 for the car! I drove it two more times over the weekend and heard the noise at about 40 to 45 mph every time. Needless to say I was pissed. I brought the car back to the used car lot and they would not give me my money back. They said their mechanic needs to look at it before anything happens to determine what the cause is. I already know that it is the torque converter from the Honda Pilot forum and politely explained it and gave them a file full of information. I have not heard back from them but they did say they would try to fix it. I already know that I need to somehow trade it in for another car but I feel bad for the next person who receives it. I am sure there are hundreds of people just like me who are getting ripped off on this torque converter problem that Honda knows about but is sticking it to them anyways even though Acura had a recall on MDX and replaced torque converter. Shame on Honda. I am a loyal Honda customer who has spent a ton of money to Honda and has a daughter in college with one on the way. No family should have to get ripped like this.
  • I bought my pilot used with 35,000 miles on it. I noticed the shuttering right away...but it was very faint. Over the years it had gotten worse . Now with 110,000 miles it's very noticeable, but still infrequent . I changed the trans. fluid at 90,000. miles and it helped the shuddering tremendously! I have written in every forum, every website that I can find complaining of this issue. My question to everyone else with this problem is.....Has anyone actually had to have their pilot towed or has this torque or trans. problem (if left going on too long) lead to more damage to the engine ? Thanks
  • so where did you go to get your fluid change? and know I havn't had to have it towed.
  • so far every one on here has the same problem so what is that tellin you? obviously there's a manufature defect and they know that its going to cost them cause all pilots have them so again what are we going to do?????????????????
  • Good question, what are we going to do? I traded in my shuddering pilot for a new CRV for my wife, but I still have my 2008 Pilot. It doesn't shudder, having only 70K on the odometer, and I've been religeous about changing the trans fluid...but I am still uneasy about the possibility of it going bad. I love the vehicle, and it's perfect right now, but can I count on it? That's the big, heart breaking question in my mind at the moment. Obviously Honda Corp. is no help.
  • My 05 Pilot with 135,000 miles has had this same condition since about 100k and the dealer I bought from was unable to offer any assistance even though this was my third new car purchase from them. Changing the trans fluid helps so I am gonna run it till it blows up and NOT by another Honda. Thats the best way to show Honda how you feel is tell everyone you know about your experience and never buy one of their products again. This really is bad because I WAS a very loyal Honda customer.
  • My 2005 Pilot has always had this "shuttering" problem. My husband was told by a friend not long ago that his friend (whom is a mechanic at Trickett Honda) said there's definately a problem and Honda knows it. Because it's not a "safety" issue Honda's not going to touch it. My question you keep the Pilot and replace the transmission when time comes, or do I trade it in now with 100K while I can get something out of it.....Toyotas looking pretty good!! At least they have needed recalls and stand behind their product!! :confuse:
  • I have a 2004 Pilot that is just outside the recalled VIN numbers. My transmission is producing the same problems as the other posters - rumble strip vibration at 30 mph. I have read 100s of posts and I think like you - we need to get organized and hold Honda accountable. The Acura owners made a Facebook page and that in turn got Honda to generate a Service Bulletin that fixed the problem - inside and outside of warranty. Honda does not seem to care how many phone calls or posts there are but might listen if we try the Facebook route.
  • I have a 2004 Pilot outside of the recall (2003 - 2004 Pilots) which replaced the transmissions. I see that 2005 Pilots are still experiencing the same problem. Acura owners put together a Facebook page and Honda issued a Service Bulletin so the cars could get fixed. It included in warranty and also OUT OF WARRANTY repairs. I think Facebook seems like it would produce a good result. Honda needs to fix these transmissions, torque converters and whatever else they installed that causes this dangerous and expensive problem! The recall that repaired over 1 millions Pilots was not large enough.
  • I have a 2004 Honda Pilot that is outside of the recall. I see that the problems are still occuring beyond the 2003 and 2004 Honda Pilots that have been recalled as many 2005 Pilot owner's are writing in about the same shudder. The Acura had the same problem and they started a facebook page. Acura issued a Service Bulletin to fix the transmissions and the torque converters in and out of warranty. I think we should try Facebook. I don't want to call the Honda office for weeks on end only to get no results.
  • Did you see that the Acura MDX group got their cars repaired after they set up a Facebook page? I think we should try that. I am a 2004 Pilot owner. My VIN is just outside the recalled vehicles. Clearly, the problem exists passed 2004 as many 2005 owners have posted.
  • kawi9893kawi9893 Posts: 5
    ok lets do it set it up & lets go!!!
  • kawi9893kawi9893 Posts: 5
    lets do it everyone lets pull together to have this done!
  • I contacted the Acura Facebook page to find out if we should join their group or start our own. I also asked specifics about what they did to get the service bulletin issued and whether that bulletin truly helped everyone - inside and outside of warranty. Acura posted 83 complaints on NHTSA for the years 2003 and 2004. The Pilot has 104 for the year 2003, 43 for the year 2004 and 37 for the year 2005. So, our numbers are just as good as theirs. I asked if they also sent other letters, made phone calls, etc. Hopefully, they will answer real quick and we can get the ball rolling!!
  • Sounds like Facebook would be a great idea if Honda want do anything about it maybe we can bring awareness and make sure other people dont get burned. I will NEVER purchase another Honda!
  • My husband and I bought our '05 pilot new, it had 399 miles on it when purchased now 107,000 miles later it has an obvious shudder when it reaches 35-40 mph :( . We just started noticing the shudder so I decided to go online to see what could possibly cause this before I shell out tons of cash on a bunch of "well this should fix it" and it doesn't.

    I found this site and others that contained complaints about the shaking issue I was concerned about, now i'm terrified :sick: because some individuals have had complete transmission failure and I now know that the little shudder that I feel could be the only warning and I still don't know how long I have until it fails and I can get a rebuilt transmission but that is doomed to fail also.

    I am also reading that Honda is in denial about the situation :mad: , I don't understand how they can ignore it because to them it's a "COST" issue, when people are PLACED IN DANGER because of the failure, that's a "Safety" issue as well. I am afraid to let my newly licensed 16 and 17 yr old drive the car because drivers education didn't teach them how to handle transmission failure and I don't want them hurting themselves or anyone else.

    This is a safety issue that requires a new transmission replacement, not a patch or code or a rebuild that's going to breakdown after a few ten thousand miles. Clearly this is a problem and some investigating on behalf of the consumer needs to be done to keep us safe.

    In the meantime I am going to go to my local dealership and see what they know about the situation and possibly call USA Honda just to get my voice on their logs then I am going to take my pilot to our local transmission specialist and have them inspect my tranny and do the ATF drain and fill (no flush) and see if that helps, I will also see if they've heard of the pilot/mdx problem.

    will keep you posted.
  • So, how do I check to see if my car is in any recalls? I tweeted to honda customer service a few months ago about other issues with my car (PW motors/regulators failing, rear seat latches and headliner coming loose, as well as the rotors) and I got an instant reply and was escalated very quickly - for nothing!! The man I spoke to insisted that all the issues were due to the age and normal wear on the car. It is a 2005, however, I bought it in April of 2006 with 68 miles on it and within the first year had to get the passenger side window fixed. So far, three of the four windows have been repaired and the fourth desperately needs to be. Rotors need to be replaced and other issues that are NOT normal need to be addressed. So, is there a FB page, can I write someone and lodge a complaint? :mad:
  • I am the one who suggested we start a FB page because I saw the Acura owner's were fairly successful with theirs. I wrote the person who created the Acura page to see if they wanted us to join theirs and to ask general questions about their process. He/she never wrote back and it has been a week. So, I think I will just make a page up and give it a try.
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