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  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755
    I've had the X6 for nearly a year, and while I generally love it, I've been having a recurring problem that the dealer hasn't been able to figure out.

    I've read too many of bmw owners saying that bmw can't figure out whats wrong with their cars :confuse:

    When I first start the car in the morning (between 5 and 6 am -- this may be important), my navigation screen will be blank. Even if I turn the car off and on again, several times, the screen won't appear until after I've driven, parked for a while, then return to drive, again. However if I turn on the car at around 7 or later, the screen will start up normally, which is why I wonder if this might be temperature related. Now, it's not exactly cold here in San Diego, but early morning temps can be pretty low . BMW dealer hasn't been able to figure it out; it's with them for the second time for this problem right now, over one week each time.

    Navigation going blank in the morning :confuse: If you leave the car start for like 5 minutes will then the navigation open?

    I wonder if bmw has similar problems in the hot weather as well?
    I do not like the idea of bmw keeping cars at the dealer for a week.
    I'd prefer the problem to be solved right away, or within 24 hours.

    I'm searching here for a solution because we had a problem with a Prius that also only occurred first thing early in the morning. Toyota couldn't figure it out, either. I learned from a Forum that people on the east coast had had similar problems and the culprit was the water pump. I asked Toyota to check that, and they told me that both water pumps were on the verge of failing and that the car wasn't safe to drive until they were replaced.

    I've been searching and reading about x6 for over a year now, I really like the x6, but too many complications in this car, I've read more negative reviews than positive ones.

    The first thing to start with, I don't know if the inline6 is a better engine or the v8, I want the engine which can last be longer, I tend to keep my car for around 4 years, btw, not very keen to spend the extra for the v8

    I've been pushed by some friends to get the new lexus rx, but don't really know if I'll be happy with it.

    I am really attracted to this car since it came out, tried to look for an alternate car because of the issues, but keep coming back :blush:

    Sometimes things get so confusing, I think of just leave luxury cars and buy something thats cheaper and no reliability issues.
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755
    I'm a devoted BMW owner. People look at someone driving that vehicle, and say, how much money does he make, in a way they don't comment on the 5 series, or really any other BMW model. My two cents.

    You're right, no one1 even takes a look at the 5 series, thats the opposite for the x6, btw, what will you choose as your next bmw?
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
    Does your crossover have launch control? Does it, like the 2010 BMW X6 M, have 555 horsepower? Does it, during this "worldwide crisis," have the ability to "pick up your spirits," as one BMW official says?

    2010 BMW X6 M First Drive
  • I love my new Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8. 420HP. 0-60 in under 4.5 sec. Out the door at $40K. I'll buy one for my partner too, for the price of one ugly BMW X6.
  • car42car42 Posts: 2
    Yeah not worth 90'gs.
    Now that Jeep SRT8 is pretty cool, and Im not really a fan of Jeep unless they are the old school ones. I bet they are even cheaper that $40k for a used one.
  • I noted the date on your post is some time last year but what I don't know is if the problem has been fixed. If it hasn't, here are some ideas...

    Have the dealer measure the battery voltage at your first start-up during crank and see if the voltage can be measured at the time you see the problem. Have the dealer measure the same thing later (you mentioned 7) and see if it's higher when the system decides to work.

    There could be a problem with the voltage level required for the display unit to turn on and it's nearly impossible for a dealer to troubleshoot something like this. You may have to get someone with an oscilloscope to take these measurements since the dealer tools (using a tool that reads what another controller is sending out to a computer) isn't the same thing. Those parameters are captured after data is measured by another control unit which may also be susceptible to variation in battery voltage.

    What happens when the vehicle is cranked is that the battery voltage bounces up and down at the control unit. If it dips too low (which can happen during crank since there's a pretty heavy demand of the battery and its charging system), the dip can cause electronics to fail to operate properly.

    It's possible in the end you'd need either a new display unit which isn't as susceptible to the variation (tolerance stack-ups from unit to unit could make one unit work when another doesn't in the same vehicle) or a new battery if it isn't holding its energy level, or you could have an electrical drain somewhere which causes the battery not to sustain its energy, or... there could be other factors but these are a few that come to mind.

    Whatever the cause, keep track of mileage and incidents reported with good documentation in the event the problem isn't fixable and you can pursue the Lemon Law. That should be your last resort though - work with the dealer in a polite and professional manner until you and the dealer run out of ideas on what it could be.
  • xsnergxsnerg Posts: 4
    Thank you for the suggestion. This has been an intensely frustrating problem since no one has been able to diagnose it. And the car has already been in the shop with this problem for more than 30 days.

    I understand, on a non-technical level, the point you're making and will begin documenting the dates and conditions (ie temperature) under which the problem occurs. The only thing I thought I saw in terms of consistency was that it happens more often when the temperature is relatively low, but it has not been consistent even in that. Yours is the first thoughtful solution that's been offered.

    I will forward this information to my representative at the dealership and see if they can advise me how to test for this variation in battery voltage.

    Thank you!
  • Battery fluctuations could be the result of something else I forgot to mention - the number of accessories (heavy current draw items like headlamps) have an influence on the dip in battery voltage. It's not a lengthy dip so that's why a typical dealer tool is unlikely to show any noticeable measurement differences. An oscilloscope would be the best way to make this measurement but I realize this isn't always practical at a dealership.

    Let's say you have head lamps on, your foot on the brake, the blower motor on, etc. things like your Fuel Pump, Ignition System, etc. are active during crank so those are considered 'constants' - there at all times during crank. The other items which may vary from crank to crank are things like headlamps and other accessories.

    In any case - good luck to you! Please post something when you have any updates on the dealer side and you may also want to check Lemon Law facts in your state. These drastically vary state to state and you're on a timer - beyond a certain limit, you're out of luck! (But then there's a Magnusson Law made for consumer protection against product defects which may be something to look into as well.)
  • xsnergxsnerg Posts: 4
    Thank you for your suggestion about the battery. I printed out your email and brought it with me the FIFTH time I brought the car in for this particular service. BMW didn't (I don't think) actually test the battery, but replaced the whole nav.system/screen, and I've had no problems since then. NOTE: In the few days between the time I made the appointment and got the car in, the nav. screen was completely dark all the time, hence it had been dying for 2 years. But what really got me was when the service rep said: "This time we'll take it seriously." And what were they doing the first FOUR times other than wasting my time? But your tip allowed me to bring in some information that they hadn't had, and that helped them "take it seriously." Thank you!
  • puaropuaro Posts: 3
    Hi, who knows "Muchkus" from Moscow alias Kazan.Please tell me if somebody knows.Thank you
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
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