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Saab 9-5 Sedan



  • ffb13ffb13 Posts: 181
    i think that no one is more surprise with my tire wear than i am.
    i even had the odometer checked.
    i thought ,when i bought the car, that i would be lucky to get 18,000 miles out of the michelins based on my other cars.
    i do understand that the rotation is based on mileage.i just took the easy way out.
  • kenboykenboy Posts: 3
    hello to all. my question is whether or not the 2002 9-5 has side-impact airbags that protect the head as well as the torso. thanks in advance for any info.
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    Yes, the 9-5 has Side Air Bags. However, they are the Seat Mounted Air bags that are designed to protect neck/ thorax areas of the body.

    They are NOT Side Curtain Air bags. There is debate about which design is better. The bottom line however is that the 9-5 does provide side impact protection that is effective. Is there a better way? Perhapse.

    Good Luck
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 12,036
    just checked the tires on our '01 SE w/29k miles.
    there is plenty of tread left. rotate every 10k, but check pressure often, usually set to 32-33 lbs. look like they would be good at least to 50k.
    mostly local trips.
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  • I am posted to Germany working overseas as a civilian and was shopping for cars through military sales and priced a 2003 Aero. They could get me a LOADED Aero with all the bells and whistles for about $36,000. Is this a good deal compared to what people are getting back in the states after negotiating? I saw in a recent post that people were getting $6 -$7 off of MSRP is this true?

    Also is the 9-5 Aero a good car to own? It seems like going with the Saab you can get a lot more car for the money that a BMW 330 or 530. Also how is the resale for the cars back in the states/how do they hold their value?
  • I just rechecked the papers and the $36,000 would be a 2004 build. Does anyone have any information on if the 2004 is better than the 2003? Also, I was having a hard time finding more information about the 2003 9-5 Aero, how it fares against competitors, and the 9-5 aero's reliability. Any information any one has would be great!
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 12,036
    live in the northeast. local saab dealer is advertising a 9-5 linear wagon, new car inventory # matches one listed in ad, for almost 9400 off list.
    2017 Ford Fusion SE 2014 Ford F-150 FX4
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 12,036
    just noticed the fine print has '* 2003 Loaner'
    2017 Ford Fusion SE 2014 Ford F-150 FX4
  • Aero 2004 is the same as 2003. I bought my 2003 2 months ago and got $6000 off. Could have been more, but the dealer had to find the right car for me. I'm very happy with my choice over anything else out there i.e. Audi, BMW or Infiniti. I am planning on getting an extended warranty just in case. Saab Aero is a great value, but it will depreciate.
  • ffb13ffb13 Posts: 181
    just blew another mxm michelin tire.

    i did get 60,000 miles on the first set.
    only 1 blow out.

    on this second set i have had 2 blow outs with less than 300 miles the first and 2000 miles the last one.

    at $ 220.00 a pop i am thinking of getting rid of these 17 inchers and use my snow tire wheel (snowflake design ) to go into 205-55-16 tires which cost half of the 17 .

    any thoughts out there ?

    it is an aero 9.5 and i know the handling will suffer ,but i am not driving this car in europe ,but in the 80 mph max. usa. so,the effect will be minimal.
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    Blow outs!? You actually are having tires "blow out" while your driving.. and more than once?

    That doesn't sound good. I've never had that misfortune and certainly hope I never do. In most cases, you will have plenty of notice or indication that a tire is damaged before it actually Blows Out. A slipping of the Belts is one common factor and the situation will cause an extremely poor ride before it fails.

    I'm guessing yours are due to being Low Profiles that get damaged and blow very fast afterwords. Performance tires are great but I don't think I'd be happy with them for everyday driving. I'd be worried about every pot hole or bad road surface.

  • rob999rob999 Posts: 233
    Do you already have a set of the Saab Snows (incl. 16" wheels)? Maybe just get some good all-season 16" tires for these, especially if you're regularly driving on potholed roads.
  • r34r34 Posts: 178
    I just found out from Edmunds there will be no more 9-5 Linear. It seems that Saab thew away the GM V6 again (They did it once for the 9-3). That's the thing I liked.

    I think previous 9-3 owners are more likely to move up to a 9-5 now. I have a 9-3 and I won't move up to a linear (185hp only ? Why should I switch to a 9-5 ?) and I don't like the GM V6.
    The 220hp ARC would be enough for me.
  • gbriankgbriank Posts: 220
    I am a 9-3 owner (2001 MY) and am not even considering the new 9-3. I am not impressed with how the model has performed (reliability and performance). 9-3 Vector with 5 speed auto accelerates 0-60 in 8.1 sec. 9-5 Aero with 5 speed auto 0-60 around 7 seconds. Not to mention, the current 9-5 is a proven design and doesn't suffer electrical gremlins, brake drone, odd squeaks in the doors, etc... If a 9-5 deal doesn't come about, I have also looked at a used 530i and a CTS.
  • r34r34 Posts: 178
    I am driving a 2001 9-3 too. I think 2003 9-5 Aero is around $34-35K now because of the incentive. It's probably a better deal than the 2004 9-5 Arc now.

    I hope Saab will use the concept AWD Sport wagon as the new 9-3SS Viggen and put at least 300hp to the 9-5 Aero.
  • I was given to understand by a Saab dealer that the current incentive does not apply to the 2003 Aero and Arc and can only be used for the Linear. applies the incentive to Aero/Arc. With the incentive, the Aero becomes very attractive. Thanks for any information.
  • I am not sure if they will do it for 2004, but I think the HP on the 9-5 will be 280HP (Trionic Tunning, New Exhaust), I don't think they can get 300hp without more costs (Bigger Turbo, Trionic Tunning, New Exhaust). The 9-3 HP could easily be raised to 250HP. Also extra Turbo HP should also mean bigger brakes.

    I like the brakes on our 2003 9-5 Aero but I a am little more concerned with level of floatiness over bumps in the road. The car tracks great but it gets more unsettled than it should over rough patches. The bump stops come in to play more than they should on rough curvy roads. It needs stiffer progressive springs and stouter dampers.
  • Has anyone had trouble with Wheel Bearings going out. My 2000 9-5 Aero has 65K miles. I hear what sounds like a loud road noise from the tires, but I haven't rotated the tires lately. It is getting increasingly louder. A Saab Mechanic said it "may" be the wheel bearings or something in the transmission.
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    Sounds more like the Bearings to me. Not rotating the tires shouldn't result in a Noise issue.

    Good Luck
  • ncvolncvol Posts: 196
    A few hundred posts back, someone was saying that they were glad the 9-5 didn't have side curtain airbags because they were dangerous for kids in car seats in the second row. I know that the 9-5 has very good head/torso protection for the driver, but nothing in the back. Is there any data to back up the assertion that side curtain airbags are dangerous for kids riding in back? I thought they were only about 2 inches thick, which doesn't sound like you'd have the same problems from a full size airbag popping out, and I'd be surprised if Volvo, Audi, Mercedes and Volkswagen were using them if there was a lot of data saying they were a danger. Saab is even using them on the 9-3 aren't they? Isn't there a new study from IIHS indicating that they greatly reduce the incidence of death or serious injury?

    Thanks for any thoughts
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    I did make mention of a potential danger of side air bags for kids riding in back.

    But... Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying they are dangerous in general. They are ONLY a potential hazard if they were to go off when a child was resting/ sleeping with their head resting against the side door panel. I don't know how much the side curtain type changes the potential hazard.

    There have been some aritcles pointing out the potential hazard but I have NEVER read about any actual injuries from the side bags.

  • ncvolncvol Posts: 196
    So how is the safety record for backseat passengers in the 9-5? I know that in general the car is very safe.
  • tuftstufts Posts: 8
    I have a new 03 9-5 Aero (150 miles), and it is a great car except for one problem. It seems to make a very annoying low grade whirling noise, esp when the steering nwheel is turned. Does anybody know what the problem is?
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 12,036
    based on the time of your post, i'd go back to the dealer monday morning, and drive another one.
    have an '01 se, but don't hear any noises steering related.
    2017 Ford Fusion SE 2014 Ford F-150 FX4
  • jgraveljgravel Posts: 54
    Morning everyone, can anyone advise how to re program a lock remote that had every dead battery for a 99 Saab 9/5. It's my daughters car and she neglected to tell me the remote didn't work for a few months. I just changed the battery per the owners manual ( replace battery and press unlock 4-5 times ) and nothing happens. I assume it needs to be re programed from the beginning.

    The second remote that my wife keeps works fine.

    Thanks in advance for the help.

  • ncvolncvol Posts: 196
    Before this year, I thought that the V6 engine in the Arc seemed like the right engine for me in the 9-5 line (enough hp, smoother, quieter). Now they've ditched it for another I4 on the 2004 Arcs. Is this indicative of a problem with the V6? Should I be worried about trying to find a 2003 or before with the V6 in it?
  • gbriankgbriank Posts: 220
    No, this is not indicative of a problem. I believe the reason is that GM is discontiuing production of this 3.0l engine in favor of the new GM Global Engines. Remember, SAAB spent quite some time with the current/old Six reinforcing and smoothing it out to accept a turbocharger. Don't know if they have had enough time with the new engines yet (2.8l V6).
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 12,036
    the v6 is definitely smoother than the 4's in the linears, i've driven. gets pretty good mileage too; usually 22+-24+ mpg with no long trips.
    the 4's seem fine other than idle.
    don't know about the 4 in the '04 arc model.
    2017 Ford Fusion SE 2014 Ford F-150 FX4
  • jaydolljaydoll Posts: 120
    Just bought a 9-3 vector earlier this week. What a piece of @!#$%&^. What was I thinking? Test drove a 9-5 aero tonight. What a world of difference. Where do I start, much better ride, better performance cabin is really nice looking. My 9-3 cabin looks like it came from the Starship Enterprise. 2003 Program aeros are selling for $29900 with 5K miles. Does this sound like a good deal?

    Thanks for any advise
  • gbriankgbriank Posts: 220
    Sounds like a good price you could get a few more dollars... The 9-5 is running on older technology, BUT there are virtually NO GREMLINS. All the bugs have been worked out.
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