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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedans



  • microrepairmicrorepair Eastern MassachusettsPosts: 508
    Someone is taking you for a ride. The 96 E320 absolutely only has THREE ignition wires. Three spark plugs have coils mounted on them and the other three plugs need the wires. Trust me on this one. I have personally done this job myself.. If they are selling you six wires then they don't understand the setup and think you need TWO sets of wires of 3 wires per set. One set of three wires in that case would be about $70. That is the right ballpark..
  • The 96 E320 absolutely only has THREE ignition wires. Three spark plugs have coils mounted on them and the other three plugs need the wires. Trust me on this one. I have personally done this job myself

    microrepair: I believe that you are correct. No doubt. But the ignition wires are about $130-140 . I did check with
  • I received my 03- E-500 in July and it has been in the dealer in two occassions because of the same beeping noise comming out of the brakes, it is anoying and they seem not to be able to eliminate it or tell me what it is, it is certainly there and it bothers me a lot becasue now that yo know that it is there, you seem to concentrate on the noise as you brake. Does any have this problem?
    The MB drives excelllent and is a great choice ( I owned a 5 series before (fun to drive and manual option are plus for BMW) but Mercedes makes better quality vehicles period.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    microrepair posted:
      Wire sets


      This link is for IPA parts website. They show both the Bosch and MB wire sets for $90 each.
    Click here for the link microrepair wanted you to see.

    The link was so long that it skewed the page meaning everyone would have to scroll left to right to read every single line on the page, so I had to remove the post.
  • I purchased a used E320 98 wagon with 63,000 miles (not at a mercedes dealer) and have owned it for one and a half years. Prior to this I had an 84 diesel wagon which I loved but did not want rear wheel drive any more. On the 98 wagon, the window motor failed first month I had it, $300plus, then the window switch- front, $320 dollars, I have 75,000 miles on it now, local driving, and the transmission just failed, $5,100. for the mercedes part and labor so I could get a two year warranty for it, other transmission persons wanted 3800 and no warranty,the back window now stopped functioning and stuck on open, needs a rear window switch regulator $430.00. Many lights have failed,interior, exterior, repeatedly, the engine light goes on and off periodically. I dont think I can afford this car. Should I trade it in and try to salvage some value out of it and if I trade it in, for what? I wanted an all wheel drive wagon, not a subaru though. Should I trade it in for a new C class wagon with all wheel drive? The noise and vibration from the new transmission is now being worked on, in the past 8 wks I have driven it on six days. I am really ready to cry. Please help. Jill
  • carnaughtcarnaught 'zonaPosts: 2,404
    My brake pedal has a high pitched "squeak" when you depress the pedal. It's annoying but subtle and seems to be at the pedal itself rather than the brake itself and lasts a fraction of a second. Is this what you're talking about?
  • boo20boo20 Posts: 85
    Sounds like your car needs to be euthanized. Unfortunately you have to fix it before you can sell it.
  • footiefootie Posts: 636

    Maybe Jill can donate her car to Monster garage. When they discard all of the faulty parts made by the former UberCarCo there may be enough left for a still life honoring times gone by.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282

    Sorry to hear about your expensive problems with your 1998 Wagon. The good news is that, at least in my area, the E-class Wagons have decent resale values so if you do decide to trade it, hopefully you won't take too much of a beating. As for the C class wagon, it's considerably smaller and, according to my local dealer, the C class has had just as many bugs and problems as the E. The difference being that you would have a new car under warranty. The current crop of wagons all have their pros and cons. Volvo's are good for about 5 years, then they seem to become expensive to maintain. If you don't really need the size of the E class, I might suggest an Infiniti FX35/45 crossover vehicle as an alternative to a smaller wagon. Infiniti seems to have nearly as good of a reliability rating as Lexus and, according to one of my associates who purchased a FX35 after trading thier Volvo XC, it fits their needs.


    "The MB drives excelllent and is a great choice ( I owned a 5 series before (fun to drive and manual option are plus for BMW) but Mercedes makes better quality vehicles period".

    There is an abundance of evidence here at Edmunds, JD Powers, Consumer Reports and your local Mercedes and BMW dealerhips that the current 5 series is a far more dependable car than the current and immediately previous E-class. As far as fit and finish, both are excellent, but I would still give the 5 series the nod over the E-class. The interior of my neighbor's 2000 E55 was more spacious than my M5, but from the headliner to the seats, everything in the BMW was a comparable or better quality of materials and workmanship.

    I think you need to replace your "period" with "in my opinion" and then do a little more research. There are a lot more "Jill's" on the E class board than on the 5-series board.

    I remain a fan of Mercedes, still believing my old 300 SEL 6.3 to have been one of the most advanced vehicles for its day ever produced, "period". But the statement that the current E class is a better quality vehicle than the current 5 series is simply not true. In my opinion.
  • microrepairmicrorepair Eastern MassachusettsPosts: 508
    Thanks for the recreated link..

    polo and others:
    Also look at this Edmunds discussion group for a very sobering discussion of the W211 chassis and the numerous problems.

    Mercedes-Benz E Class Owners: Problems & Solutions
  • If you can believe this, I picked up the 98 MB wagon tonite after the left rear window motor and regulator was replaced. $420.00. I drove one quarter of a mile, pushed the switch in the front for the rear window which was one fixed and it was broken. One has to push over and over and it rises by one quarter of an inch for each push of the button...the window motor was was a mercedes dealer part. Now the car has to go back, a new window motor has to be put in and there goes another several days without a car. Is this a deja vu nightmare or what??? The transmission was "reworked" and the engine is now quieter. In my area, the Mercedes and Volvo dealers are horrid to car owners. the only dealer that has a good reputation in dealing with car owners is the BMW dealer..Does BMW make an all wheel drive wagon!!!!! I am more than crying tonite. Polo, thank you for writing a real answer to my message..I will look into the Infiniti you recommend...does Starmark cover transmissions, window motors etc.??? do other extended warranties get honored at MB dealers???? most sincerely, Jill
  • aggie76aggie76 Posts: 266
    Check out the BMW 325xi Sport Wagon its one option for you. Not sure if the new 5 series touring wagon will have AWD.
  • pathdocpathdoc Posts: 126
    I also have a 98 MB wagon which my wife uses primarily for transporting kids around town. She has another vehicle for other uses. At about 4 years with approx. 25000 miles the transmission failed but fortunately it was covered by warranty. Otherwise it has been fairly reliable and we still have it without warranty. I wonder if there was some design/manufacturing defect or if it was just random failure? Have others had this problem? How is the overall reliability?
  • Anybody has any info on extended warranty for '96 E320. How much does it cost and what does it cover? I did not think that it's needed but after all horrible stories about reliability of MB, maybe I should look into this. I have a '87 Camry with 170,000 miles without ANY problems (only scheduled maintenance). Sure I would buy a Lexus next time given reliability of MB. Your thoughts on this?
  • you wouldn't happen to be having your car "serviced" by Holloway Motorcars in Manchester NH would you? They have a habit of returning cars to you un-fixed (is that a word?).

    Cars are mechanical beasts. The fact of the matter is problems will happen. My experience with my E has been that it has more things happen to it than it should, however, the service departments ability to CORRECTLY identify the problem and CORRECTLY fix it are paramount. Here in NH, there are few options. My visits for service would be cut by 75% if they'd fix the car right the first time.

    I am very very sorry to hear about your experience. The fact that you even considered buying another MB after your experience is pretty shocking though. If you need a reliable AWD vehicle, you should buy a Subaru (we've owned 2 and NH they're the only way to drive in the winter). If it's about being seen, then the other vehicles that have been mentioned are good options.

  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    For the last couple of years, I have been contemplating a E320 Wagon as a replacement for our gas hog top-heavy, but reasonably reliable Isuzu Trooper. Stories like yours have partially kept me from taking the plunge. I think the E--class wagon has the best combination of size, ride, performance, resale and other attributes going for it; except they appear to have a high incidence of premature transmission failures and other expensive repairs.

    As far as other wagons go, there isn't anything out there that provides the utility or size of the E-class. I've looked at the 5-series wagon, but question why anyone would buy it. Doesn't have the extra third row kid seats, and only carries marginally more than the sedan's trunk. The Mecedes C class isn't any better and the 3-series wagon is really small.

    I haven't looked at the "crossover" vehicles like the Infiniti FX, Audi All-Road, Volvo XC90 or others. But based upon my instincts and what I've read, I'd have to bleieve the Infiniti would provide the best reliability and customer service.

    Why are you set on getting another wagon if you don't need the space of the E-class? Wouldn't a sedan be sufficient? Or, if you need the space and want AWD, wouldn't a SUV like the Acura MDX work as well for the same money?
  • px260px260 Posts: 42
    Does anyone know any on-line source to purchase the Mobil 1 or Valvoline synthetic oil recommended by MB? Also, there are several brake pad manufacturers listed on places like, does anyone know which one represents the OEM parts? Thank you for all your inputs.
  • It's more likely cost efficient to buy the oil from a WalMart or similar store.

    OEM brakes are ATE or Pagid from what I can determine. From my research either are just fine as replacements.

    Also, to get filters there are few sites out there like the and that sell MB filters. They also sell the brakes.

    Good Luck with your shopping.
  • Gee, I don't know what else to say, today the engine light came on...maybe the sensor problem that others talked about??? In answer to some of the questions when people responded to me,,why a wagon??? I have always loved station wagons..had a wonderful peugeot wagon, far more comfortable than the MB E320 and the steering was to die for and I kept that wagon for ten years, then the 84 MB diesel that I never should have let go of was terrific..just front heavy and not four wheel drive so it would skid out even going slow in the rain...I thought of trading this wagon in to mercedes because I thought I would get my best trade in value and whatever I got would have a warranty,,,now big question,,what doesn't the Starmark warranty cover????? Jill
  • mbnut1mbnut1 Posts: 403
    The Starmark warranty is a bumper to bumper warranty that doesn't cover consumable maintainance items like tires, brakes, wiper blades etc.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    My last attempt at persuasion, but I think you should give the FX35 a try. A neighbor brought one home for an overnight test drive and I took it for a spin. It does NOT fit our space needs, if we attempted to replace our boxy Isuzu Trooper. The only wagon that would work for us is probably the E-class. But if you think a C class wagon is big enough for your needs, the FX35 would be more than adequate, space wise. And the FX35 handles and drives like a sports sedan, even better than the E-class Wagon, in my opinion.

    With all the frustrations and bad luck you have had with Mercedes, I think an Infiniti would be a wise move. The FX35 uses the same 3.5 liter V6 engine that is used in about 10 Infiniti/Nissan models and is the big brother of the 3.0 liter engine in my 9 year old 143k mile Maxima. This is about as reliable a V6 you can possible get.

    Of course, with your bad luck, Infiniti may pay you not to buy their vehicle! They wouldn't want "Jill stories" over on the FX board.
  • It's a littler early but I am starting to shop around for snow tires for my 2002 E320. Can someone make a recommendation? I looked at TireRack and they list Dunlop Winter sport M3 as the highest rating. If you are using this brand, can you share the expereince? Thanks.
  • The E320 M112 V-6 engine is proving to be a solid tranny, and so the 4-matic system. Perform a tranny service every 50K and do not listen to the "maintenance free" speech from the dealer.

    These cars do have some electrical issues, ie. window regulators, sensors, lamps etc. but all in all I would rather drive a MB than a Honda or Toyota anyday.

    Being of good quality these cars will take a lot abuse and come back for more.

    Find a good independent MB mechanic in your area for some TLC.
  • microrepairmicrorepair Eastern MassachusettsPosts: 508
    I've had Nokian snows for the last 4 years on my E320 and they have been very good for both stop and go traction and traction in corners. They also are wearing very well. I should get well over 20K miles out of them, maybe close to 30K.
    Unfortunately, last January, I blew out two of them on a sharp curbstone. Try finding a choice of snow tires in January in the northeast!! I ended up with Michelin Alpins on the rear axle for the balance of the winter. They also have very good traction and are a little quieter than the Nokians. I don't have enough miles on them to make a judgement on wear.
  • Well like I say, if you ever owned a BMW you know the car is a great vehicle and a better performance car perhaps! but for you to say that a BMW is a better finished product, you really have to be blind not to see the cheap plastic material used by BMW in cup holders, or plastic clusters etc. and if you still have a BMW I would like to see how it holds after 10 years, you will probably be dishing out another 50K for a new Mercedes
  • I just read in the new "Star" magazine the the new E 55 would not get the new 7 speed auto transmission. AMG says the performance of the E 55 is better with the 5 speed than with the 7 speed auto. Very interesting!!! Especially since the E 500 will come with the 7 speed. Will the current E 500 with the 5 speed have greater performance than the new E 500 with the 7 speed? Could be! If so, those with a 5 speed E 500 may have a reason to keep and not trade. What do you current E 500 owners think?
  • In this months What Car? magazine, Mercedes rated 6th, below Honda (4th) and Toyota (3rd). Audi was 19th and BMW was 17th. The cars from each company averaged around 4 years and 50K miles. The overall winner for Mercedes and the survey itself was the SLK and the E class (96-01) was 5th overall. The article went on to say that Benz owners overall had the best reliability of the luxury makes.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I got hammered in this forum a couple of months ago by suggesting that the 7-speed auto might be more marketing hype than engineering prowess.

    Someone posted a link to the complete description of the 7-speed auto and, frankly, I retracted my original comments. The 7-speed does appear to have some impressive engineering technology behind it. I have since run the question by a friend who happens to hold a masters degree in mechanical engineering and materials science and, conincidentally, is looking to upgrade his E430 to either an E55 or M5.

    His opinion is that the 7-speed auto in the standard E-class will indeed be a better transmission for 99% of drivers who want good acceleration, smooth shifts and good gas mileage. If, on the other hand, absolute maximum acceleration is your sole quest, a 5-speed requiring fewer gear shifts from 0-60 or 0-100 would theoretically work better.

    HOWEVER: The AMG 5-speed is NOT the same transmission in the current or former standard E-class. It is designed to shift considerably faster and can handle much more torque. So any comparisons of the current 5-speed auto in the E500 with the 5-speed in the E55 is apples and oranges. I found this out first hand with my test drives of the C32 vs. C320. They were like night and day in the way the two transmissions shifted.

    I suspect the E500 7-speed will be a significant improvement over the E500 5-speed in every performance measure, since it employs quicker shifting (albeit not AMG quick) than the older transmission. The E55 is a different car/transmission altogether.
  • The post by linard about "What Car?" magazine's reliability report might be misleading. If I read it correctly, the cars rated were 4 years old with 50k miles. Mercedes rated 6th -- with the SLK the overall winner and the E-class 5th (96-01).

    From posts on this board, I'm under the impression that reliability problems for MB have cropped up with more recent models, particularly the M-class and new C-class. My own 2000 E320 has been back for reliability problems at least five times in just over three years, and maybe that's better than average.

    But I would be hesitant to compare current Mercedes models with those of just a few years ago. I question whether Mercedes will rate similarly in four years hence.

    Just my 2 cents worth.
  • Not complaining but my car just had the rear window collapse into the door.

    A new regulator was installed and switch. Dealer was very accomodating. They seen this many times before.

    What is the chance the other rear window goes?
    Seems like a known design issue.

    Why not a recall to fix the issue?
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