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  • tjx02tjx02 Posts: 13
    Allright tsjay, here you go.
    2002 X, Silverstone, black soft top.
    Wheel plus group (Ecco wheels, full size spare, 7 speaker/subwoofer/soundbar package) & Light group.
    That's it. Cost $19980 + tax/fees.
    Future mods: sliding window door uppers, light bar & lights (windsheild mount), tubular or racing bumpers with lights, light guards all around, winch, hitch, safari doors, bikini top, neoprene seat covers or heated seats, cargo baskets. And of course skid plates.
  • My name is Nancy. I was on to check out some info on 2002 Wranglers and found this group. You sound like a fun group of people. I owned a little red Wrangler for about 3 years and loved it. In short, I traded it for a minivan. Well, the prospect for trading back to a Wrangler is getting closer. Even if I love my new Jeep, nothing can ever take the place of that little red Wrangler in my heart. It was a treasure. So, now I'm looking, and not being a super-technical gal, would love any insights on the difference between the X and the Sahara. I'll get back when I've got more to tell.

  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Welcome! This section is for introductions, which you did very nicely, by the way. You also asked a question, but you'll get more responses if you go to the main discussion, "Wrangler IV." Please post your question there, and I know people will respond.

    Once again, welcome!


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    To include all Jeep enthusiasts, this is now the Jeep Owners Club.

    Owner's Clubs

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  • Now that the Club has opened up for all jeeps I thought I'd introduce myself.

    I live in Winnipeg, MB, Canada and I drive a 2001 Cherokee Sport. It's pretty much loaded for a Sport and I've been slowly armoring it up with skids and hooks. I have a 2" lift coming soon and can't wait to replace the stock tires with something larger. Most the 4x4s around here are all fullsize Fords and Chevys with a handfull of lifted TJs and YJs.

    I've never had more fun in a vehicle before and can't wait to get back out onto the trails once the temperature rises a little.
  • sandyboysandyboy Posts: 114
    Hello everyone.
    I live in New Jersey (USA) and this is my first Jeep. I have come over from a fairly long line of Cadillac Fleetwoods & Lincoln Marks. Reason for the Jeep was I was tired of getting stuck in snow and slipping on ice in my rear drivers with too much torque for RWD. My Jeep will never see "off road" duty. If it does go off road, it will be a mall parking lot where it will be pressed into action climbing Speed Bumps! The only "trail" it will be on is my residential street, named Cleveland Trail, a paved 2-lane! I don't pull a trailer, a boat or a camper.
    The purpose of it is to be able to get out when necessary in snowstorms and blizzards to get to work, shopping, Dr appointment and the usual stuff we all have to do.
    So that I'd not notice I was in a JEEP (wife said "heavens") I ordered it from the factory with everything they could throw onto it. My dealer (who is just great) was petrified over the $30,215.00 window sticker for a XJ Cherokee!! He had Grand Cherokee Laredos in stock for cheaper! So among much more, it's a LIMITED with dual power, heated, leather seating, Cassette & CD & Graphic Eq. & Infinity Premium Audio & 16" wheel & tire Pkg & and sunscreen glass and cruise & tilt & a 25-piece black~burlwood interior trim kit & a tranny fluid oil cooler (dealer installed) and everything else that could be added except the Up Country & Heavy Duty packages.
    It's Silver with dark grey interior. I like it very, very much. I realize that I am not using it to it's fullest potential, but it's delivering what I bought it for! Nice compliment to the Sixty-Special & the Mark VIII. It was built on April 26th, just 55 days prior to the final unit. 1984-2001 = 17 continuous years.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    March 17 Pine Barrens Monthly Trail Ride

    Info on a gently off-road experience in the Pine Barrens of Central/Southern NJ. Come on out for a day of adventure, fun, and comradre with fellow SUV/Off-road/Rally/Car Nuts! Info at


  • jsstoverjsstover Posts: 40
    I was getting a little nervous when there were no mentions of XJ's.

    My name is Jason
    I am happily married to my wife, Michelle
    We have two dogs, Gretchen and Katie
    We live in Columbus, Ohio

    2001 XJ Cherokee 60th Anniversary
    K&N Airfilter
  • dwyer2dwyer2 Posts: 1
    My name is Michelle, married to Joe, with a 13 year old daughter, Sacha. We live in Anchorage, Alaska but North Pole, AK is home. We have two dogs, a rottweiler and a husky mix, and a bird.

    We are a two jeep family, starting with a gunmetal blue Wrangler Sport in 1999. We get a fair amount of snow and ice in the winter and I have never had a problem in the Wrangler. We don't even use studded tires because they just are not necessary!
    Our Wrangler came with the dual tops, full carpet, a/c, cruise, 5 speed manual. We added a cd/cassette player and a speaker bar, passenger assist straps and running board/tubes.

    I just got my Grand Cherokee two weeks ago, trading in my husband's 1997 GMC Sierra truck. I love it. It has every option available except the moveable pedals. My favorite is the heated power seats. It rides very smoothly, even over some of Anchorage's roughest roads! It is graphite metallic with a dark gray interior.

    I could not pick a favorite between the two, it depends on my mood. I am very thankful to have one of each. Now when my daughter turns 16, maybe we should get her a Liberty... to complete the family! :-)
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,650
    Hi Michelle, nice to meet a fellow Alaskan in here. My name is Jolie and I live south of Fairbanks, near Healy and have 2 children. My husband and I are a one Jeep family. We own a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee that we purchased from Anchorage Chrysler in November. Its been a wonderful Jeep, doesn't give us any trouble. Its a Laredo SE in Light Driftwood Satin Glow. My Jeep currently has 64K on it and is happiest when going offroad. I am so glad to have a Jeep again, I really missed owning a Jeep after I sold my 94 Grand Cherokee in 1997. In addition to the Jeep we have a 2002 Dodge Ram V-10 that we bought in April. We also have 3 cats and 3 horses. I hope the weather is better in Anchorage today than it was yesterday when I was there.
  • gilbusgilbus Posts: 13
    Hello. My name is Gil. I live in Rockville, Maryland. Being an urban/suburban area, there aren't a lot of trails to go off-road. I was hoping that someone reading this posting would know of a friendly club...or even a small group of Jeep owners that do some casual off-roading (no major rock climbing or mud bathing since my Jeep isn't appropriately equipped). I went to Assateague Beach on the eastern shore and took my Jeep off road for the first time onto the beach. It was great driving in the sand and at the water line.

    Anyone know of decent trails in the Rockville, MD area?
  • hansm14hansm14 Posts: 16
    My name is Hans and I own a Grand Cherokee Laredo.I'm happy with the Jeep except I did not expect the transmission to go out withh only 62000 miles.I hope someday to attend camp Jeep.I live in Colorado.I like to travel the backcountry in the fall when it is nice and cool and the colors are beautiful.I sometimes go bow hunting.I like the secure feeling of a four wheel drive in the winter.I'd like to find a couple who we can go fourwheelin with.My wife and I love the mountains.
  • I'm about to by this car. It's red w/black molding, just like the one in the movie w/Kirt Russell. It's loaded w/leather and power everything including a Premium Sound stereo system w/CD. The owner was very honest and showed me all the maintenance/service records including the recalls for the 97 models, it was all taken care of. However, it looks like this high-maintenance car needs to be on a tight service schedule to keep it reliable. Is this normal for Jeeps? The car looks very clean and the report from came out clean. I've always been a Jeep fun although I've never owned one before. I love this particular model and I actually already put down an offer and we'll be closing the deal soon. However, after all the problems I'm reading about, especially on the 99s and 01s models I'm getting scared. Can anyone with experience with the 97 models give me some advice before making a $10K mistake... Thank you!
  • We're Don and Jo An from the San Diego area and we're a three Jeep family. Hers is a 99 Grand Limited (red), mine is a 97 Grand Limited(white) and for off-roading, we have a 90 Cherokee Limited(blue and highly modified). We've had a lot of experiences with our Jeeps over the years (fun and not-so-fun) and have seen most of the problems that can occur with our particular models. The 90 Cherokee is so heavily modified for off-road use, I shouldn't list the mods here in order to save space. We can be contacted at:
  • Hi all, I just purchased my 2003 Jeep Wrangler X. Its my first Wrangler and I am so exited. I don't pick it up until Tuesday. I can hardly wait.

    My name is Rob and I live about 5 minutes outside New York City. I make often trips to upstate New York where I go hunting and camping in the catskill mountains. My last car was a chevy blazer which was fun on some of the trails but was limited as to which trails I could take. So I decided a Wrangler was for me.

    Let me tell you about my Wrangler. Its a 2003 Inca Gold Wrangler X. Equipped with 5 speed Manual transmission, Steering group, convenience group, smokers group, wheel plus group, Full doors, air conditioning, Fog lights, Side Steps, and tow hooks.

    I plan on putting up some pictures on my website once I pick her up. In the mean time if there are any motorcycle riders out there I have pictures of my Yamaha V-star on my website. The address is

    Right now the entire site is dedicated to my bike but I plan on building a personal site that will eventually link to a site about my Wrangler and one about my V-star.

  • Proud owner of a '99 Grand Cherokee Limited - my first truck! Wonderful vehicle, no complaints or worries in the first 1,500 miles of ownership, only wish I had bought one sooner.

    Over the holidays, my family & I (3 adults, 1 child, 1 teenager) drove from our home in Maryland to upstate NY (Poughkeepsie area) - marvelous ride, everyone was comfortable.

    Look forward to being in this forum.
  • My name is Dan and I live in Peoria Illinois. I am 36. I have a '97 Wrangler, soft top, with a custom made rear bumper, soft top, automatic, 30 inch tires and custom wheels.

    It is an auto, inline 6, olive green and has 36K miles on it. I want to post a picture of it on the photo gallery but don't know how. If anyone can tell me how to post an image I will.

    Planning on a 2 inch suspension lift soon. :)
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    I replied to your question in the photo gallery. Check out my reply over there.

    Also, please come to the Wrangler Message Board here in the Jeep Owners Club and take part in the discussions.


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • I'm back! I wrote a year ago in December asking about Wranglers, but have ended up with a 2002 Grand Cherokee, Limited. It is a beautiful vehicle and it feels really good to be driving a Jeep again. I have a slight problem, so I logged onto Edmunds to see if anyone else has the same problem. I found someone in the category of Jeep Grand Cherokee Problems. Hopefully there will be some answers. It is the cold air that blows on the passenger side when the defrost is on. Not a tiny bit--a blast of it. Last ski trip we took, the outside temp was 18*F, making for a less than Comfort Climate! Other than that little problem, I love my Jeep!
  • jeepiejeepie Posts: 1
    I own a '90 Jeep Cherokee Limited in original condition. I bought her from a school teacher on Vancouver Island, BC and I call her "Jeepie". She's in mint condition (the Jeep) and I love everything about her but I wish she was a standard.
    I'm experiencing a strange random starting phenomenon which I've described in a note posted in the repair section. If anyone has experienced the same symptoms, I'd like to hear from you.
  • I have owned my 94'Jeep Grand Cherokee since I bought it new. This truck has been good to me over the years and although it has relitively low miles(61K) she's starting to show her age. Im looking forward to taking to other jeep owners and swapping info in the future.

    See ya

  • greenjeepgreenjeep Posts: 15
    Hello everyone. I notice there's been no postings since Dec. 03 but I thought I'd introduce myself anyway.

    Lisa - Madison, WI
    2004 Electric Lime Green Rubicon 5 speed manual(loaded with all options possible) 31" tires with Rubi-wheels
    nickname: The Frog
    Took possession Easter weekend 2004 (a present from the Easter Bunny).
  • kfleckkfleck Posts: 1


    I just puchased a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee TSI with 70832 miles on it. It is black with black or VERY dark gray leathers seats. The front drivers side seat cushion is showing wear and I would like to replace just that bottom seat cushion. Does anyone know how to find this item? Where? Does any one know how difficult it is to physically replace it. How do I do it? I'm not very mechanical. Also the right front Infinity Gold speaker makes a vibration when the bass is turned up. Can I purchase a replacement for this? Where? Is it difficult to physically replace? How do I do it?

    Thank you in advance for your kind consideration.

  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095

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  • Hello,


    I have recently subscribed to this list. It is nice to know that there are many Jeep fans. I live in Mozambique-- Africa. I own a 98 Jeep Cherokee Country. I rolled over with the car recently and the sides and front end are badly damaged. I am looking for a website that could help me on parts and stuff. I also tried to remove the radiator, got the water pipes loose, but could remove the oil pipes that lead to the gearbox. Does any one have any ideas? I really miss this baby and would like to have it run.


    All the best.
  • lynseylynsey Posts: 3
    Hi Everyone,
    My name is Lynsey. I am a first time Jeep owner and loving it. A month ago today I bought my 00 Jeep. I live in the state of Maine and we get our fair share of snow, the Jeep has been great! :)
  • carlescarles Posts: 1
    Hey there Iam an avid jeep lover and have had a few in the past but i recently upgraded to a 98 jgc ltd. The problem I have is the stock transmission is on its last legs and with the engine mods I know that a new one won't hold up so my question is dose anyone know of any aftermarket tranys for the 318 or any other solutions for my problem. Thanks
  • nmertznmertz Posts: 27
    Not currently a Jeep owner (pre-Chrysler years). Used to drive a J-10 truck, Comanche truck, a Grand Wagoneer, and a small (XJ?) Wagoneer. Haven't owned a Jeep since (1) they quit making pickups, and (2) Chrysler took over and started building "yuppie" toys. If and when they start production of the Gladiator concept truck I will be back in a Jeep as soon as I can order one.
  • joejeep1joejeep1 Posts: 1
    hi i have an 1987 jeep wrangler with a 6cyl. 4.2 wanted to know if any one could tell me how hard it would to put in an v8.
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Peeps, this discussion is seldom used, as you can tell. If you have questions related to Jeep Wranglers, come to the discussion "Jeep Wrangler." There's lots of activity in there, and there are some pretty knowledgeable people there.

    Will see ya there.

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