Changing Headlamp Bulbs in a Ford Ranger???

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I believe I'm competent enough to change a headlamp bulb. However, the owner's manual for my '98 Ranger is somewhat vague in its instructions for carrying out this project. Can anyone give me detailed instructions on how to do this? Thanks.

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    It should be fairly easy, get a replacement bulb and follow the instrutions included with it.

    Do not touch the glass of the replacement bulb, you will damage it, believe it or not.

    Follow these steps and it should be a simple matter, remove the old bulb and wiring from the back of the headlight, it should be in tight and will be somewhat difficult to remove. Once you have it out put the new bulb in and replace it in the headlight housing.
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    Thanks Jim...

    My problem is more about how to get the old lamp out and the new lamp in. It appears to me that I can't move (or remove) some of the battery-related items, air-cleaner housing, and that I can't get my hands around the radiator mounting bar in order to pull the old light out of the fixture. Sorry if my question was too vague. The instructions in the owner's manual and on the replacement bulb don't give enough detail on the procedure for getting to the back of the headlight fixture.

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    OK I was trying to help, I don't have a Ranger so I cant help you with the obstacles in your way but I have heard of a site I think its called maybe you can try there or maybe someone else can help you here.
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    but it should be similair to the 93's. Basically there is a wire harness that leads up to the headlight that should be easy enough to spot. You shouldn't have to remove the battery or air box, unless you have big hands. All you gotta reach for is the back of the socket that sticks out of the back center of the headlight reflector. Twist it about 60 degrees or so, and it should be loose. You'll know it's loose. Now pull on the wire harness and replace the bulb with a new one. Like Jim said above, halogen bulbs don't like the oil of our skin, so don't touch it. The hardest part was trying to snake the wire harness back in to the headlight reflector. A good pair of very long needlenose pliers might help, but it will definately take time and patience.

    It won't be too hard to get done, but it could take a good 30-45 minutes if you are not familair being under the hood. I like Fords because you can easily work on them. Just take it step by step, removing one thing at a time, and pay good attention to what bolts go where(if you do indeed have to remove the airbox cleaner, etc). But I don't think it should go that far.

    If you goto a pep boys or autozone, you can find a Haynes or Chiltons manual which will show you step by step what has to be done plus lots of other maintenance and repair directions. Definately a must have if you have a toolbox.
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