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Cadillac Catera



  • merckxmerckx Posts: 565
    I do believe the owner's manual suggests replacing the belt every 60,000 miles....
    I'm glad you're enjoying your Catera. Our 2001 just turned 44,000 miles;we've really enjoyed the car. It has really great driving manners.
  • nogm4menogm4me Posts: 13
    Good Day,
    To all members and lookie-loos. I am a long time
    forum ( Townhall ) member chirping up just about now in this
    the Catera talk group. I am the 2 yr. owner of a 1997 Cadillac Catera- factory decked out Sand colour Tan interior
    with a wee bit'o rust. It's was purchased in Sept '05 for
    the princely sum of $ 6720 USD, emmisions certified and
    rare'in to to, and oh yes, oil undercoated. I see there is
    quite the dicotamy of opinion concerning this vehicle and I
    would have to say, I am one of the more satisfied owners.
    I look forward to sharing my experiences with you and infromatively helping in any way. Cheers, " noGM4me "
  • Recently purchased a 2000 catera. Valve noise seems a bit excessive. Is this normal?? If not, what did you have done to quiet same. carnut829
  • I checked Rock Auto as you suggested for the crank position sensor and note there are three with wide ranging prices. Would like to know which on you purchased. Thanx Car nut829
  • My 1997 Cadillac Catera has two problems (1) A flashing " Levelling " sign on the dash panel (2) the car does not want to go faster than 55 mph on the highway. The transmision is not sliping or any thing.
    Can any body help?
  • I, too, have had the "leveling" problem. It stops flashing only after I turn off and restart the car. The transmission DOES slip if I don't warm up the car for 4-6 minutes. We can't locate the transmission stick in order to check it. The car didn't come with an owner's manual. Could anyone tell me where to locate the tansmission stick? Thanking you in advance, I am!

  • my son's first car is a 2000 used cadillac catera. we've had it for almost a year, march. since the week after we left the dealer, it has been nothing but problems--engine lite on--coils replaced repeatedly, radiator, steering problems. we have spent about $1400 and nothing is fixed. does anybody know how to fix them or where to go to get them fixed. i'm sick over this. what's going to be next. please reply if you have any suggestions.
  • ask4ask4 Posts: 2
    After 10 inline fuses were replaced to attempt to correct overheating issue which caused the radio/cd to cut off, now only the radio works - cd player says it won't initialize - help!
  • I have a 97 Cadillac Catera and according to the owners manual, I quote
    Leveling light comes on steady when the rear load level in your vehicle changes. Don not drive your vehicle when this light is on. The rear of your car is too low and part of the body/rear axle may be damaged when driving over bumpy roads. When light goes out leveling is complete, unquote. I think if your trunk is full and everything is on one side the light will stay on, I had this problem once and that was the reason. The next time is stays on more than the minute when you first start your car, look in your trunk and level the contents, or remove some. I hope this helps out.
  • Believe it or not but I have found that Ebay has alot of parts for a Catera that are sometimes pretty cheap, also salvage yards the thing about this is some parts do not have warranties.
  • I just picked up a 97 with 85,000 miles. I can't get the interior lights to come on. They worked the first day but now nothing. Any solutions? I don't have the owners manual.
  • calicagocalicago Posts: 53
    I would first check the fuse if thats ok check swich at the door jam you might have too remove the panel on the middle pilar then check for broken wire or disconnect plugs
  • where is located the transmission oil checking rod?
  • calicagocalicago Posts: 53
    Hey whats up well this is an ZF transmission it is sealed no trans dip stick can't check the fuild :cry:
  • illedeturkilledeturk Posts: 1
    hi guys i really really need ur help alot. let me tell you what it is..i bought a engine which is 32.000 miles and i got this engine for my 2000 catera with my friends help but they coudnt do right wiring for sure..radiator light is on. and theere are little bitty wires between radiator and engine..i dont know know wher it goes.. i really need that wher those littl bitty tiny wires go. where they connect ...i need desperately those clear pictures .. i really really really appreciate if u guys send me those pictures through e-mail. i search in internet for those kinmd of pictures but coudnt find it.. i really dont know what to do ...i bought that damn cadilalc catera very chep 1900 bucks but it cost me 1500 bucks fro repair.. my email is, im really broke financially ...all i need is those pictures clear pictures between motor and radiator..little bitty wires. it very least i f ihave pictures i could figure out by my self.. thanks in advanceeee
  • calicagocalicago Posts: 53
    Well hello my name is calicago im a retired mechanic of 20 years never relly got into cateras untill I owned one a real fun car to drive I found that factory direct helps to get those hard to get parts expensive sometimes but the reguler joe will go to the dealer and sometimes end up paying more. it's more fun to do it yourslef and the modifecations like cool air box fairing kits etc,etc,etc im learning as I go . good to meet you :)
  • calicagocalicago Posts: 53
    Hi if you have an catalog let me know thanx
  • fred1209fred1209 Posts: 2
    on the side of the pan kinda looks like a smashed corner or flat,,its added there and once it spills out it is full
  • calicagocalicago Posts: 53
    actually it's not fill there the pressure lines to the trans cooler are tap and is filter and refilled that way and if you try to do it that way the toruqe converterwill not get the proper amount and the trans will start sliping and you will get high revs and brun more gas and brun the trans :surprise:
  • kkdallaskkdallas Posts: 1
    kkdallas; I have a 1999 cadilac catara 4 door sudan and my gas cap went bad. They put on a new one but it was a universal one and IT will not work on my car. I went to the dealer here and they said they do not even have it on their list of parts any more. So I had them call the manuf. and they were told that they quit making cataras in 2001 and they no longer carry parts for them that I would just have to find some were that would still have one in stock. I can't find any one who has it! PLEASE HELP ME FIND THE RIGHT GAS CAP FOR MY CAR!!! thank you kkd
  • carnut829carnut829 Posts: 4
    Recently purchased one from local dealer in Phoenix..long time large operation with huge parts inventory. If no luck try Rock Auto. There are several Catera parts listings on the internet. Go to Cadillac parts and surf. carnut829
  • calicagocalicago Posts: 53
    I have some friends that bought a 2000 catera yank the engine and trans cpu struts front and rear repalced the heads with the ones from GM performace the intake crank and cam rebuilt the trans put a super charger on from borg & werner reprogram the cpu and OH MY GOD IT's A BMW KILLER zod to 60 3.8 sec top speed 202 mph inter cooled very low compression and yes 120 shot NOS FAST AND FURIOUS
  • jonw3jonw3 Posts: 4
    :sick: hello everyone my name is Jon. i am having a problem with my cady. I can start it up and after about 45 sec. is starts to miss really bad and then stalls i have checked the filter and put injector cleaner in a full tank of gas and still have the trouble. any one have a problem like mine?

  • az_hvyaz_hvy Posts: 30
    Hi Carolyn
    Go to the Cadillac Catera Maintenance and Repair section of this form (calicago, "Cadillac Catera Maintenance & Repair" #694, 4 Aug 2008 3:02 pm) and read post 707, easysell said he found a site which haves them on line mabye post there Im sure someone will help all pretty good folks here

  • narvintnarvint Posts: 1
    Hi all, I need help with the radiator cooling hose connections.
    I run the hoses in the in correct place. will same one inform me
    how to run the hoses back in the correct place.

    I help with the following heat hose runs ( from the top of the radiator to the elect or aux water pump.Water is spraying out of the radiator's storage tank with the cap off

    I need a pictures of the top engine radiator hoses "Please"

    Please forward to:

    God Bless

  • my 97 cadi is sputtering and pulls on the trans when driving-- it is driveable--- but barely, we have to drive it, the only car we got. it just started this--- we replaced the trans about 3 months ago. also the fuel pump. all this car has been is a head ache.. any suggestions on what it could be??
  • az_hvyaz_hvy Posts: 30
    go to Cadillac Catera Maintenance & Repair in this form I sure someone can help you there but it sounds like the CPS to me read past 10- 20 post
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