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Audi A4 Convertible

I know Audi is introducing an A4 Convertible based on the new body style in the spring. It is supposed to sport a power top and the new 3.0 litre 225 hp engine. Anyone have any other info, such as:

Will it be available with a 6 speed manual?
Will it be Quattro or FWD or both?
Will it have a glass rear window?
Will Audi be producing an S4 convertible?
When will it be available in the states?

Any input would be appreciated.


  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Judging purely by the old convertible, I'd say it will be fwd only with no manual trans, but since Audi is chasing BMW model for model there might be a S4 convertible this time. In the summer. A glass rear window, most definitely.

  • wtm2wtm2 Posts: 3
    Check out these sites - these seem to have the most content & decent pics (looks like everybody right now has the same set of photos to display):
    (then go to "audi-a4-avant-2002.htm")

    Looks like Spring of 02 for US - can anyone else confirm/deny this? I haven't seen anything about price either; wondering when dealers are going to start pre-ordering (if at all). I'm seriously considering this car - my current BMW 2000 3 series is a LEMON (I'm probably offending the bimmer faithful but 11+ times in the shop w/in a year & a half is too much. My expectations of BMW's reliability & quality were much higher...oh well, live and learn.).

  • Thanks for the info and the link to pictures. It's a handsome convetible. I have been struggling with which convertible to purchase for my next car. I have looked at the TT, the Z3, the Boxter, the s2000. They all have their limitations so I am hoping this one will be it.
  • You can also check out the info on the German Audi site (it's more comprehensive, since it's available there first):

    It looks like it will be available with a 2.4L V6 or the 3.0L V6, although I read speculation somewhere else that only the 3.0 would be available in the US.

    It's going to be front wheel drive only (at least for now), 5 speed manual or Multitronic (CVT).

    Also, if you haven't seen it, check out the preview on AudiWorld -- it has some more detials and photos:

  • wtm2wtm2 Posts: 3
    and their response to US introduction was "tenatively scheduled for sometime in 2002". btw, thanks, tysalpha, for the German site - even though I can't read German the site is navigatable - pretty cool to look at all the options. I configured the car the way I wanted, then took the Marks & converted to current US dollors - looks like right around $40,000 (includes just about all the options). I wonder how well this figure will compare to the actual - anyone know if there's a big mark-up for the US market?
  • adaveyadavey Posts: 30
    the a-4 ragtop is not much better looking than audi's last attempt at a convertible. their other autos are quite attractive, why can't they make this look good, too.
  • the cabriolet is beautiful. Also, I am pretty sure that Quattro will be available with the 3.0 V6 as well as a 6-speed manual. As for an S4 cabrio, I have not read anyhting about it, I have read of the S4 sedan, wagon, and maybe coupe but no word on convertible.

    There was another article whihc went spoke of what I just mentioned but I can't seem to find that one right now.
  • viognierviognier Posts: 1
    The Dallas Auto Show was this past weekend and the Audi rep who was standing next to the A4 Cab said that the multitronic versions would go on sale in the US in October 2002 and that the Quattro versions would go on sale about a year later.

    Its a great looking car. I think it looks as good as, but different than, a 3-Series convertible and the Audi rep said it would price out a couple of thousand less. There will be a slight hp difference, also.
  • I put down a grand to get 3rd in line to order the Audi cabriolet and they just emailed last week that they are about ready to take an order. From the dealer ->
    Base price $41,500
    destination(shipping) $660 (I think - they have not put that in print yet)
    Heated front seats $450
    Xenon headlights come in a package that includes: Xenon, wind deflector, multi function steering wheel(radio controls), Auto dimming rear view
    mirrors, compass in inside mirror, power folding exterior mirrors, and
    memory for driver's seat and exterior mirrors) $1475.
    Leather inserts (the part that one sits on) are standard
    Premium leather (total seat, etc.) $1000
    Premium sport leather $1500
    That covers what you asked about. In addition they offer:
    17" alloy wheels with all season tires $500
    Sport package (17" wheels with performance tires and 30% stiffer
    suspension) $750
    Navigation $1350
    Other than the upgrade stereo that's it.
  • sphinx99sphinx99 Posts: 776
    That's much more expensive than I thought it would be. Add a couple of options plus tax, and that's a $50k convertible...
  • does anyone know if the cab will have two or three seatbelts in the back?
  • I am almost positive the backseat will have 2 seatbelts only. I cannot wait for this convertible to get to market. It looks hot, IMHO.
    There are many exterior/interior/ragtop color combinations. Does anyone know if potential buyers can custom order and get exactly the configuration they want from Audi? I am going to wait until spring for the 1.8T w/170 hp, and am thinking of what timeframe to put a deposit down and place the order. Would greatly appreciate any info on this process from someone in the know.
  • cstowecstowe Posts: 101
    On Monday I was driving on I-10 between New Orleans and Biloxi and guess what passed me at about 90 mph? A new ragtop 2-door A4. It took me a second to realize what it was and I did not get too good a look at it since it flew by so fast but it was pretty neat. The coolest thing was that it had European plates on it. It was blue/blue and very much reminded me of the old Audi cabrio which is good since I have always considered it to be one of the best looking converts ever made.
  • Went to a training class today for this car; I was astounded. It was much better than I expected. Structural integrity is tops, no cowl shake, no body roll. Very comfy, easy to use controls (Audi actually put an off button for the climate control, imagine that.....)No torque steer (they're all 3.0 CVT Front traks right now)and the quality of the top is amazing. NO STICHES. We had a BMW 330ci parked right next to it to compare feel and touch; it didn't come even close to the Audi. Now I love the way BMW's drive when I wanna throw a car around, but for every day practicality, build quality, safety and style, the A4 Cabriolet has them all beat. Oh, I forgot there was a C70 and CLK 320 there; or maybe I was supposed to.....
  • ccotenjccotenj Posts: 610
    "no cowl shake, no body roll."...

    you sure about that statement?

    i might believe "limited cowl shake" and "minor body roll"... having driven convertibles for a long time, cowl shake is inherent in a convertible, you can make it better, but you can't make it go away, and having driven cars for a long time, it'd BETTER have a certain amount of body roll under certain conditions or you are gonna find yourself in the closest ditch, quattro or no quattro...

  • Let's get one thing straight. An Audi ISN'T an Audi without Quattro! I can't believe they've introduced the car with FWD and AUTOMATIC transmission only. It also appears that they plan to introduce the quattro versions with automatic trans only, no six-speed manual 3.0.

    And to top it off, no european delivery is available from Audi! Hello! You're competing with BMW and Mercedes, both of which allow European delivery. Porsche and Volvo also provide European delivery as an option to clients. If you want to compete in the luxury arena you need to act like a luxury auto dealer!
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Actually, there will be no quattro offered period. Audi figured that offering quattro wasn't worth it since most people that buy convertibles live in fair climates. I would concur with their thoughts. However, I would have liked to see a 5 speed manual offered on at least the 1.8T model, since BMW offers one on their convertible.
  • I don't think that's the only reason. Quattro would have added yet more weight and I think that's the kicker. With FWD, this is already a 3800lb+ convertible that now has a engine bay power deficit versus many common family sedans, much less $45,000 luxury vehicles. If they loaded it up with AWD you'd be looking at a 220hp car that could easily weigh 4500lbs with four passengers.

    I could be wrong (someone correct me if you can think of an example) but once you figure on an option or two plus taxes, the A4 convertible is quite possibly the slowest $50k vehicle in production.
  • I am getting ready to put my $1k down to place an order. Does anyone have info. on what the lease payments are going to look like for a 12k 36/39 month lease? The dealers have told me anywhere from $600 - $750 dollars a month with no money down.
  • andys120andys120 Loudon NHPosts: 18,883
    on the Audi

    BTW- I've read that there will be Quattro convertibles possibly next spring.

    2000 BMW 528i, 2001 BMW 330CiC

  • ccotenjccotenj Posts: 610
    are they really gonna make the ragtop with the quattro? i thought others were saying that isn't gonna happen?

    i hope they do. that means they are one step closer to a s4 ragtop!

  • WOW.

    Just read Edmunds review of the A4 cabriolet.

    They say its slow off the line and the top bows when up at speeds over 70MPH!!!!

    The vehicle is forming up to be a very tame/stale ride at best.

    I was waiting for this vehicle for 3 years, and now im having doubts:((((((
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Please don't take what Edmunds says as gospel. You owe it to yourself to test drive it yourself and draw your own conclusions. I seriously doubt that the actual production cars will have a top that blows at 70 mph. Edmunds did the same thing to the X-Type. One of dumbest reviews ever.

  • merc1,

    Thanks for the advice. I think you know the type of anticipation that builds when you have been wating for something from preconception(day 1) to release(within the next 4 weeks).

    This has been my anticipated cabriolet. I bought an A4 in 1998 new and LOVE the car even at 190hp.
    My loyalties are with Audi, but when I heard that:

    2. NO european NAV 2
    3. NO anticipated S4 version for 2003
    4. 220HP given its massive weight.

    I was dissapointed and sent a letter to Len Hunt at Audi America.

    I was able to see and sit in the car 2 weeks ago in Redwood Shores California and loved the look and feel, so gave it the benefit of the doubt.

    Now I read the Edmunds review:

    "mainly marketed to females"
    Top bows at 70MPH
    tame ride
    so-so- cornering

    Its like a 3rd stab in the back for me.

    Im wondering if I should hold on to my 98 A4 until Audi gets a bigger engine and fixes its problems in this vehicle?

    Of course Ill test drive it next month, but im beginning to believe what others are saying about avoiding first year vehicle introductions to let them "get the bugs out:"

    Just my 2 cents.

    anyones comments are welcome:)
  • My feelings still stand. It looks like a very nice car that costs too much for what you get. It reminds me of the Acura 2.2CL, the first year IS300, the first year base Boxster, the first Mercedes ML or BMW Z3---an unfinished vehicle. At a low sticker price, I'd be willing to take an almost-there vehicle but when you start tipping the scales at $50k, for me personally I'd rather that the manufacturer finish the job before I put down money. My guess: this car will get Quattro and a real engine two calendar years from now, for the 2005 model. Either that or it'll be dead. That's the car I'd pay $50k for.

    Just my opinion. I haven't driven one and haven't read much about it. I do know that based on the specs I was hearing, I honestly thought the A4 cab would be (like the sedan) a low-to-mid $30s convertible that fills the gap between a Sebring and a CLK cabrio. Unfortunately yet another mid-$30s convertible opportunity has been lost.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Two of your disappointments should be fixed by adding the Sport package. Edmund's test vehicle did not include the Sport package, therefore the tamer ride and ok handling. Having a "tame ride" is a good idea in a convertible since the body looses a lot of its rigidity compared to the sedan, but Audi offers a Sport package for those who would rather punish themselves with a rougher ride, greater cowl shake and body flex, and more squeaks and rattles over the long-term.
  • andys120andys120 Loudon NHPosts: 18,883
    to be a sports car or a real performer. It's too heavy. Think of it as an analog of the Mercedes SL, albeit w a small back seat.

    Look at the TT 'vert if you want to fly with the top down. I believe there's more power coming for it (240 hp?).

    2000 BMW 528i, 2001 BMW 330CiC

  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    I really think you're reading way too much into Edmunds' review. Test drive the car yourself. Find a dealer that will let you take the car for a day. The Audi dealers here are very willing to do whatever to get you into an Audi. The Cabrio is a luxury convertible not a sports car, you know a relaxed touring sort of car. My only issue with it that it only comes with the CVT. Awesome technology but a bit strange feeling when you drive one.


    There will be a 1.8T version in Feb 2003 for about that price range.

  • Yes, I still owe it to myself to test drive one, and Im not looking for a rocketship, but I would like to know that it at least has the same off-the-line acceleration as the BMW 3301 cabriolet. Is that too much to ask? also: I have cooled down about this issue, but Audi Quattro has always been a competitive differentiator and probably saved their asses 6-7 years ago. They have abandoned this feature for the cabriolet. Bad choice in the longrun. My recommendation:

    A higher low-end torqe ration engine(probably a 240+HP). I dont know how the Audi engineers approved a 220HP engine for a car of thiis weight?
    The Marketeers in the US must have applied pressure to them to make the quick buck to boost 2003 sales.

    Just my 2 cents.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    I don't think Audi has ever offered Quattro on the Cabrio. I think they see it as being a "good weather" car and thus most people wouldn't opt for Quattro on a convertible. I don't *think* it will be as quick as the 330CiC due to weight and that car having a manual trans option.
    Good luck in whatever you decide, keep us posted.

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