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Mazda RX-8



  • Now I'm really really confused.

    The RX8 comes with 225/45R18 Wheels.

    Unfortunately - all 225/45/R18 snow tires are sold out across North America.

    The dealership suggested I get 225/40R18 snow tires instead (and said it would fit) ... told me that if I get 40 instead of 45, I might as well keep the summer tires on, because the handling will be so terrible ...

    I'm not a tire guru! All I want is a set of winter tire in the proper size that will permit me to drive throughout the winter!

    Any suggestions or opinions???
  • the_big_hthe_big_h Posts: 1,583
    i *think* 17's will fit on the RX-8
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    ...the_big_h. Get a wheel/tire set of 17's (blizzaks in a 215/50-17 size are about half the cost of blizzaks in a 225/45-18 size).

    That way, you can keep your snow tires mounted and switch back and forth between your summer tires and snow tires without going through the hassle (and cost) of continuous remounts/rebalancing.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,653
    I agree that new rims are also in order if you plan to switch back and forth.

    HOWEVER, I really fail to see tirerack's point of view that a slightly shorter sidewall has anything to do with snow traction. Yes, it will make the ride a tad (almost imperceptible amount) harsher on dry roads, but I can see absolutely no reason why it would make snow tires as bad in the snow as slightly taller summer tires. Am I missing something here??

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • mazdafunmazdafun Posts: 2,329
    The winter tires he got are just as wide as his summer tires, giving no advantage in plowing through snow (instead of sledding over it). Torque will come through a fraction more strongly, which may increase ease of breaking loose. Also, the lower profile sidewalls are likely to be stiffer than his originals, which may again cause the car to break traction a fraction with lateral load earlier. However, since they are winter tires, with softer compound and grippier tread design, they will be much better on snow and ice than the stock tires. These two factors will more than make up for the others. I think it is OK.

    However, you could improve winter handling a bit more by going to a narrower tire of similar outside circumference. If you can't find any others in stock, having your current winter tires is better than having none.
  • bigmike5bigmike5 Posts: 960
    Own a 99 300M that's almost paid for and after 5 1/2 years of enjoyment had been looking hard at the RX-8, Crossfire, and 03/04 Vette as possible additional toy to spark-up the driving interest again. I have watched all the first year build gremlins on the 8 and Crossfire via Edmunds and the Crossfire Forum, and the latest stalling issue with the RX-8 [after the A/C and oil pan issues] kills that possible choice for me. I really like the semi-backseat and cabin, albeit the exterior design wasn't a real grabber like the Crossfire, it was still acceptable and stylish. The HP thing didn't even phase me given the lousy 215 hp in the X-fire, but to now learn that there is a stalling issue with the rotary engine [and was with the RX-7 too] blew my socks off. I never heard that, but no way am I spending $30k on a car that might stall out for no good reason. So you all enjoy your RX-8s and good luck. I am now down to 2 choices, and the Vette looks like it might be the winner unless DC solves its X-fire issues [manual popping out of 1st gear, radio impossible to see, plastic fake brushed aluminum interior, A/C seals]. Gonna keep the M no matter what. Still my favorite set of wheels.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,653
    i'm gonna be blunt.
    if you are swayed by one report here of a stalling issue that may or may not exist, then good riddance to ya.

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • Thanks for all the response!

    OK - Spoke to TireRack again today - and they found me a set of 225/45R18 Blizzak winter tires ... so I cancelled my order for the 40's

    I will be keeping my original rims and just changing the tires.

    That being said, anyone else living in an area where snow is the norm in winter? If so, are you planning on driving your RX8?

    Also, if anyone else has had experience with light cars rear wheel drive - high HP in Winter, and can offer any advice, it would be great!

    Apperently the Nissan 350Z is horrible even with winter tires ...
  • jimsabo21 - during my college years, before I wised-up and moved to FL, I lived in northern WI and drove a Mustang - my advice: slow down and then slow down some more when in the snow! And have the number handy of someone who can jump your car when it's doubt you will be slipping and spinning, right into a snow bank, where it will not be able to get out, so you will leave it for the night, when it will drop to minus 40, and your engine becomes an ice cube!...(not that this has happened to me or anything!)..just go slow..please!

    BigMike - I have to agree with qbrozen - did ya even bother to test drive it?...jeeze....
  • bigmike5bigmike5 Posts: 960
    Yes, I test drove the automatic RX-8 for about 20 minutes. Liked the ride, only issues I had were how imperceptible the shift breaks were on the auto-no thump at all, and the fact I had trouble remembering that the autostick was up and down rather than side to side like on my 300M. Finally ended up using the paddles instead. At one point I thought I was moving slowly off a light, but then I looked at the speedo to see I was at 78 mph and catching a police cruiser in the next lane. A buddy test drove the m/t model and really like it, so I told em to give me a call when they got in a Titanium with m/t so I could test that to see the difference, but so far no call back. I also didn't start the car up, the salesman went and got it and brought it around while I was in the dealership showroom, so it was already running when I took it out. And we just shut it off when we got back to the dealership so I didn't have to try to start it again. Look I'm not knocking the car, I liked it, but for someone who does a lot of stop and go short trip driving, and just pulls the car out of the garage to wash it twice a week, or check/adjust the tire pressure, or wash the rims, [which is me with my 300M]it would not engender confidence to encounter the stalling issue. [And as an older person I find now that I have very little patience when things don't work right, and I don't have the knowledge to fix em.]

    One other point, can any knowledgable person explain to me why this relatively light vehicle with moderate hp gets gas mileage between 15-20 mpg. My friend, mentioned below, again, said that is just a characteristic of the rotary engine design, and the RX-7s didn't do any better; but I wonder why, after a 6 year hiatus for development, the engineers couldn't have done better. For comparison, I previously owned a 96 Aurora and that big car with a big 8 got 21 local and 27 mpg highway. My wife's 2000 Eldorado does even better. She gets 21-23 local, and we got almost 30 mpg [honest, including in and around mileage] on a 2K mile round trip to the Shell Houston Open last summer, and that Northstar 8 took regular. Curiously, my 300M with a 6 doesn't even come close to those numbers [20 local, 25 highway], so it surprises me that a small sports car isn't doing between 25-35 mpg. Just a comment and question.

    gbrozen--You need to read the other threads on this site. One report?--there have been a number of them popping on the various threads, and several cars required tow jobs. I also spoke with a retired older guy I occasionally play r-ball with, who used to sell Mazdas, and who just got a Mazda 6, which he loves, and as soon as I mentioned this RX-8 stalling issue, he piped up that the rotary engines are known for this problem, and the RX-7s which he used to sell had it as well as some other sporty Mazda car the Como [sp] which I never heard of. But he was definitive that you have to learn to live with its ideosyncracies. And he emphasized that it used to be an absolute no,no to touch the accelerator while starting the RX-7. Now I never owned or drove any other rotary, but he seemed to know what he was talking about, and any FUD issues aside, a number of other people on this board have already experienced the problem without any reported solution.
    Sorry for the long post.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,653
    I subscribe to all the RX8 threads here. Only saw one post that I remember (and it wasn't too long ago) from a guy who said it stalled for no reason and he had to have it towed, and then said the dealership was giving him flak about fixing it under warranty (bjversani was the poster). So I don't find that story very convincing, personally.

    Ah, wait.... found one more from dawurst posted on the problems board about 2 weeks ago. One post and then silence afterwards. Yup, yet another reliable source...

    People keep bringing up the problems of the RX7 as you just have and, like you said yourself, that was 6 years ago (actually more like 8 years) and a completely different engine design.

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,285
    If I could chime in here....

    I've been an RX8 owner for about 3 months (mine was a "pre-order"). I've been following the development much longer than that. I belong to the local rotary group. I also follow just about every on-line forum regarding rotaries.


    As most have pointed out before, there were a couple of people in this forum that mentioned it. We don't know whether they were truly owners of the cars, or what has been the most likely case, a couple of people who "flit" into forums, state something as fact (usually incorrectly) and then flit out, never to be heard from again.

    As with most things on the net, questioning someones motivation to post how "horrid" the RX8 is, is probably a good idea....maybe they have a competing car, maybe some jelousy regarding what has been reported to be a "bell weather" design by the press...some can't even stand it that the vast majority of us owners are delighted with our cars.

    Common sense should prevail that there is a lot of disinformation being spread about the RX8. Some want the car, but want can't stand the idea they can't get one "at invoice". They believe that by stating this or that dealer has 100s of them in stock, will force their dealer to sell on the cheap. Some can't stand it that RX8 owners bought one after comparing it to their particular "favorite". Who knows the motivation?

    Regarding MPG, while it does start out pretty dismal, after the engine loosens up a bit, MPG does slowly improve. I'm getting dead on what the MSRP says I should after 3 months of driving it.

    Regarding touching the accelerator before starting, any recent fuel injected engine, regardless of make, shouldn't be "primed" by touching the accelerator before starting.

    The RENESIS is a much different rotary when compared to the older ones you mentioned (like in the Cosmos or old RX7s).

    Truth is, there are a lot of "old wives tales" about the RX8 that just don't hold water when you dig a little to find the true facts.

    It sounds like you really enjoyed your test drive of the car. In short, it is an amazing car. For the price, it's hard to find anything with it's blend of performance, high quality, comfort and features, let alone the visceral feel the car exudes.

    Buy what you want. It sounds like you are a Chrysler fan. I personally like the Xfire. I've read all the "bad things" about those, too. Think about what you know about the car...that it's built on what is essentially a proven Mercedes platform. If you like that platform, then I wouldn't give a 2nd thought to what I read in on-line forums. Funny, I just read a C&D article comparing the Xfire to the Mercedes counter part. They came to the conclusion that the Xfire is a Mercedes (down to the thinly disguised interior) in all but the name and it cost $10K+ less than the Mercedes.
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  • My parents just bought me the rx8 with an automatic tranny does anyone have any new owner suggestions for me, i know the rule about not driving at constant speeds for the first 1000 miles and the oil after every two tanks, but is there anything else i should know?
  • bigmike5bigmike5 Posts: 960
    I agree with just about everything you said, except me being a Chrysler fan. After driving my mother-in-law's Plymouth one time in the 70's I swore I would never own a piece of crap from that company. So I took a real gamble with the 300M as the first Chrysler I ever owned. I was always a Olds guy til that line got too stodgy. And I never owned a MB or even thought that much of, or about their cars, although the looks on some models have improved a lot, but not any of the ones that my pocketbook could handle. I got the RX-8 material in a packet with one of my Auto mags and was intrigued by it. I waited anxiously to try one out; and liked it a lot--it was pretty even with the X-fire in a test drive--but having had a 1st year build 300M [which had a few nagging problems--window motors and door lock actuators, tranny input speed sensors, Badyear tires], I wanted to wait out the gremlins. I still may have til the spring to wait anyway, so I will check back here periodically to see what's happening, and check with the dealer's saleman about the stalling issue. Lord knows the X-fire has its problems too, so I'll see if either car mfg can clean up everything between now and then. If not, the Vettes should be a good deal as the C-5 platform leaves and the C-6 comes on board.

    I will say that the guys on the Crossfire Forum who have identified mechanical problems [tranny, A/C] seem to be getting almost instantaneous responses from DC [which I assure you is highly unusual] except on the visibility of the radio readouts, where they are basically getting blown off. Mazda seems to have solved the oil light/oil pan problem and is apparently working on the A/C, so maybe they can sort it all out. I thought their offer on the hp thing was really good customer relations work. 10 hp wouldn't have meant much to me one way or the other. The RX-8 still has 30 more hp than the MB engine they downgraded to and dropped in the X-fire. But throwing in free services and some bucks was a gesture indicating that they want this car to succeed. I suspect that it will.
  • mkollmkoll Posts: 21
    I've had mine all of about two weeks. So far so good. What a great car. If you want plenty of attention, you will get it. Everytime I am on the road I have people pull up along side me and give me thumbs-up, at the do-it-yourself car wash someone always comes over to talk about the car, and it is fun to watch heads turn as you move through an intersection.
    As far as quirks, I haven't experienced any thus far. I've checked the oil regularly and have yet to see any change in level. The gas mileage of course is not great. I have been getting 16.5 mpg over the first 700 miles. I am looking for that to improve a little as the engine settles in. Gas mileage is low priority. All I can say is it is a lot of fun to drive. I too have the automatic, and having driven a 6-speed for a day before deciding on the auto, I am satisfied with the power.
    The 6-speed I drove did have a check engine light on which I showed the dealer when I returned the car. No such problem with this one as of yet.
    Enjoy your ride.
  • mkollmkoll Posts: 21
    Without being redundant, I've had my car for about two weeks and I am curious about a couple issues which seem to be mentioned from time to time. Is there an oil pan concern, and what about the air conditioning? Can you describe what these concerns are? I have not experienced either of these, atleast not that I am aware of. As far as the stalling / flooding, I have not experienced this, but just in case I always let the engine warm before turning it off. Seems ok.
    I realize that these vehicles have been in production for a short time, the manufacturer's tag on my door jamb says 7/03. Where these problems more evident in the earliest cars?
    The check engine light issue concerns me since my other vehicle is a 93 Ford Probe GT and I have replaced the oxygen sensors 3 or 4 times over the last 7 years to correct this problem. That car has Mazda parts, coincidence?
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,285 response to your questions...

    The RX8 was on the market a while in Japan before being introduced to the North American market. So, any first year "bugaboos" (if any) have been addressed.

    MPG starts off poor. As the engine breaks-in it gets better. There's been some wide-spread speculation that the Engine Control Unit (ECU) has a "trigger" that is set off at a predeterined mileage that keeps the engine from operating at peak power and efficiency until it is thoroughly broken in. Without the ECU "maps" from Mazda (which they aren't very likely to provide to Joe Public) it's hard to verify this, though. I know I'm getting much better MPG and power after 2K miles on the odo than I did the first 1,000 miles I drove it. Idling the car for any legnth of time is going to produce poor MPG, also. The owners manual states nothing about idling before shutdown. I would say if any stalling issues have occured, it was because of people using poor gas or somehow modifying the engine. Some would say "vapor lock" can cause stalling, but I haven't seen any sort of vapor lock issues in cars for 2 decades due to fuel injection advances.

    The "check engine light" (CEL) has been reported on a few of the cars (including mine). The most common cause of this is running the car very low on gas and/or not tightening the gas cap. If neither of those conditions apply, there was a "port campaign" to reprogram the ECUs on early North American 8s (as noted by a "port campaign" sticker under the hood. The reason for reprogrammed ECUs on the early American RX8 deliveries was the fact that Mazda was concerned that the catalytic converters which gather moren than 100K miles may or may not pass the stringent Califonia emmissions. They don't know for a fact if they would fail, either. To be on the safe side, they reprogrammed the ECUs to guarantee the usefullness of the CATs past 100K miles. This, in turn, caused the HP claims to be restated (didn't affect the performance figures by the trade rags since the test cars had the reprogrammed ECUs). The reprogrammed ECUs caused the EVAP units to give off the wrong emmissions readings and the CEL to come on (that's what happened to mine). The solution was to put new EVAP units in the cars. If your VIN was affected, there's a TSB your dealer should have on how to fix.

    The "low oil level" lights came on in a few cars due to the oil level sensors giving off the wrong readings during very spirited driving. After checking, those that experienced the problem didn't find the oil level to be low. Mazda has a TSB out about this. The solution is to put "baffles" into the oil pan that corrects the problem.

    A/C works fine. It does cycle on and off on occasion (like when running at high RPMs). It is never unconfortable and always cold. The compressor will cycle on and off giving the impression, on very rare occasions, that it is momentarily blowing cool air (as opposed to "cold air"). It's usually only for a few seconds until the A/C compressor kicks on, again. There are various explanations for this. My dealer tech (a very good one) says U.S. models have all the hardware for "automatic climate control" that is available in RX8s in other parts of the world. But, U.S. models don't have the electronics for such a system like auto fan speed and auto vent control. This is what he says causes the compressor cycling. The A/C gets the interior to a certain temp (as controlled by the temp knob) and then cuts in and out to maintain that temp....kind of a "semi-automatic" HVAC system.

    Again, very few cars are affected by any of this. If you don't notice a problem, then you have no worries. Throughout the world, Mazda has close to 50,000 RX8s on the road. A very small number have any sort of problem.
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  • I have an '87 RX7 and have had problems with the engine flooding, usually caused if the accelerator is depressed prior to starting. My mechanic told me a procedure to get it unflooded and avoid a tow. This should also work on the RX8. Under the hood, find and remove the fuse for the fuel injector. Crank the engine over a few times to clear out the fuel. Replace the fuse, do NOT depress the accelerator and start the car. It works for me, maybe it will also work on the RX8.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,285
    Thanks...I forgot about "priming" a fuel injected engine by hitting the accelerator before starting. That's a big "no-no" in any fuel injected car and will indeed flood it.

    If the someone does flood the RX8 (and again, any car), another way to clear it up is to crank the car while depressing the accelerator all the way to the floor and then lifting off the accelerator.
    2018 Acura TLX SH AWD ASpec
  • All I can say is that I am so happy GGuy is on our side! You Rock GGUY!!!

    and BigMike, if you test drove it and that didn't sway you, then nothing any of us here can say will change your mind. Nobody here has had an RX8 for a decade and can tell you what it's like owning it for years. But, there is no guarantee that an established model will last forever either. I agree with GGuy - drive/buy what makes you happy!! because that's all that matters....
  • kewl1kewl1 Posts: 11

    I have a 99 300M and a 99 LHS. Oh and the RX8. Yes, I still have all three, don't ask why. I like the LHS over the 300M. LHS handles and rides better, especially steering. And its faster in the 1/4 mile. However, I love the RX8. I haven't experienced the stalling problem some are talking about and I have done the 'pull it out to the driveway to wash it' several times without issue. However I do let it idle for a few minutes now.....just in case.

    Gas mileage in the RX8 isn't that far off either the 300M or the LHS, both of which get about 21, the RX8 gets about 18.5 if I drive all three about the same way - tough to do with the RX8...its just too much fun. I should point out that the 300M/LHS only weights about 300 pounds or so more than the RX8.

    As for why the rotary uses more gas, well you have to fully understand the engine design to understand the reason for that. I accept the mileage...knew it before I got the car so don't worry about it.

    If you ask me to buy the RX8 again....I would without a second's thought.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,285
    cheez...why thanks.....(blush);-)

    kewl...I can find no reasonable reason for anyone's claim that the RX8 stalls. Even in the dedicated RX8 forums (where most of the RX8 bretheren reside) have there been any reports of stalling. That's what leads me to believe a couple of people who may or may not own the RX8 and reported stalling, are really just some folks trying to "stir the pot". Who knows what their reasons are.

    I've started my RX8 and shut it down within seconds in all types of weather and temps on numerous occasions. There is absolutely no reason for the car to stall unless someone is using poor gas, has a clogged gas filter or has somehow modifed their engine in some way. There's only been a couple of "tuner" companies that have done any 8 modifying and even they haven't reported any stalling issues.

    I like the 300M/LHS. For what they offer (big v6, great handling car for its size, plenty of luxo features) and the discounts given, you can buy one of those for about the same price as an uplevel Accord or Camry. In my estimation, the LH cars are way better looking than either of those, too.

    I believe it's hard for some people to understand the fact that something as small as a 1.3L rotary won't get 40 MPG. As we know, size isn't the culprit. We've been conditioned over the years thinking that the smaller the engine, the better the MPG. When a 1.3L engine puts out 210-240HP, and something that's as different as the rotary is when compared to a piston engine, all that power has to come from somewhere. Still, a car that is capable of getting high teens/to low 20s MPG and still break 6 sec in 0-60 runs is pretty amazing.

    As all of us RX8 owners already know, short of an exotic car, there's nothing on the road today that gets the attention an RX8 does. I can't park mine or stop for gas or just get flagged while stopped at a red light without someone making overwhelmingly positive comments.

    My favorite is going to the mall or the grocery store and coming back out to my 8 and seeing nose prints all over the windows from people who have stared into it.

    And, as we all know, the RX8 is truly a joy to drive. It makes mundane errand running an event.

    With the colors changing and the weather promising to be sunny, crisp and clear, I'm planning just to take a drive tomorrow on the country backroads in my 8 to my old college town. I'll probably stop and have lunch and turn right around and drive back for no better reason that to enjoy the RX8.
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  • mkollmkoll Posts: 21
    You said it. This cars appeal is amazing. I marvel at it myself everytime I look at it in my own garage. But it is so much fun to stop at an intersection and see how many cars move forward a bit to get a better look. It really, really gets noticed.
    By the way,thanks for all your response to my more technical queries. Your help and knowledge is greatly appreciated. This is a great forum and once I found this the discussions helped me in my quest to purchase my car.
    Someone said it some time ago, it is like driving a "rock star". What fun. To anyone still contemplating a purchase, simply put,... awesome!
  • kewl1kewl1 Posts: 11
    OK so I know I shouldn't have said anything about stalling...not to worry it hasn't. But it sure didn't want to start this morning. It is a bit colder this AM - in the the 20's, but the RX8 sits in the garage and it's warmer there so I don't think that had anything to do with it. It took about 7-8 seconds of turning the starter before it would light off. Its not done that before and the smell...well lots of that wonderful gas exhaust in the garage this morning.

    The car ran fine after starting and running for about 20 seconds and the next start, sometime later in the morning, was just fine... Can't say I really put much into the interesting start this morning, I've had the DC cars do strange things on start-up every now and then to. The 3.5 engines in the 300M/LHS can sometimes make the most god awful lifter [like] noise you have every heard when you first start the engine and the gas smell is really strong. I'm not sure that the noise isn't really an injector. It clears up after about 10 seconds, but you would think the engine is coming apart for those 10 seconds. You can just imagine what I was thinking the first time that happened.

    I would agree that it appears that some people are trying like hell to make something out of nothing. They act like the RX8 is the only car in the world that has issues. But then again I would expect them to do that given how jealous they have to be when the realize what they 'are' driving around in compared to the RX8 they could be driving around in. And in that vein I understand their plight. So maybe we should just be polite, shake our heads and smile as they tell us their stories. I know I do.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,285
    Truth be told, I was a bit skeptical about the RX8 when I first saw the pictures of it before it came to market. I happened to be in Detroit when the international auto show was going on last January. That's the first time I saw one "in the flesh". I remember being amazed by it when able to see it in person and actually sit in it at the autoshow.

    Still, I was a bit skeptical, so I started to follow everything I could find out about it before it arrived, knowing that I would be in the market when it hit our shores.

    Originally, I was in the market for a 350Z/G35 Coupe. I had driven them several times. While great cars, I couldn't get over the one time I had seen and sat in the RX8 at the auto show. Before I plunked down $30K large for any car, I wanted to drive the RX8 first. I pre-ordered the RX8 with a refundable security deposit thinking I would not like it as much as the Z/G.

    When my dealer got the first ones in, he invited me for a test drive in one of their demos. The rest, as they say, is history. While the 350Z may be marginally faster, the RX8, taken as a whole, was the much better car, IMHO. I even found the interior, materials and build quality to be better in the RX8 than in the Infiniti.

    Then Mazda announced they would buy my car back due to the HP snafu. I redrove the Z/G yet again, thinking I might change my mind and get another vehicle. Even with the discounts I could have negotiated for the Z/G, I found I liked the RX8 even more than the first time I did the comparison. I was more than happy to take the free maintenance and $500 offer from Mazda for my troubles and keep my 8.

    So, given the opportunity to take a 2 month RX8 test drive with no financial penalty still didn't dampen my enthusiasm for my car. It's that good.

    This isn't an idictment of the 350Z/G35. As mentioned, they are fine cars. I just couldn't duplicate the thrill of driving the RX8 when compared to them. Given how good the Z/G cars are, that's high praise for the RX8.
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  • carlikercarliker Posts: 285
    It's looks like Mazda is already giving a $500 Cash Back Rebate to customers from 11/02/2003 to 01/02/2004. This can be found on Edmunds Incentives/Rebates Listings. Obviously, these cars aren't selling as well as Mazda would like for them to already be giving rebates. At first, I figured maybe it was due to the winter season...though Nissan isn't giving any rebates or low APR on either 2003/2004 350Z vehicles. The G35 Coupes don't have any incentives/rebates either (yet they did have a special APR at one time). It's the only 2004 sports car that is brand new this year to be giving a cash rebate. The Audi TT and the current model for the Corvette aren't even giving cash rebates and they have been around for years. Though both have lower APRs currently.
           Mazda was supposedly rewarding customers $500 and 4 year free maintenance for keeping their car after the HP error. Now, less than two months later, they are giving a $500 cash rebate to any potential buyer. I'm glad I decided against that deal. Rebates are sure signs that a car isn't selling up to par. This goes along with the large amount of RX-8s sitting on dealership lots (which I saw when returning mine). What are your thoughts on the rebate Mazda is giving out so soon?
  • the_big_hthe_big_h Posts: 1,583

    dude that's gonna rock! I don't really give a damn why they start the rebates so early, but if Mazda's willing to give some corporate-level discount on top of whatever the dealer's willing to deal at, great!!!!!

    btw, Z's around here are going for a few hundred bucks over invoice, so dealers are already discounting on their own to move inventory.
  • so, I go to the beach here in South Florida. Got Shima (my RX8) all spiffed up...looking good....heads are turning on the is good.....then, I get to the beach parking, get out, waiting to see my adoring public...but wait!....what pulls up slowly behind me and then goes off to another spot? A mint, white, fully tinted windowed, all detailed, Lamborghini Countach!....arrrgh....I had to live in a place with a zillion beautiful, wonderful, exotic cars.....guess that's a good thing, eh?....LOL...I loved it! was great - a wicked car that Lambo........but the pretty blonde I was with said she liked Shima better ("at least you can carry stuff in your car!"), let the Lambo be, the RX8 is the one for me!!
  • I just found this message board a couple of days ago after having trouble with my two month old RX8.
    I had to have the car towed to the dealer after it would not start. The day before ( a Saturday) I backed the car out of the garage to clean it and pulled it back in. The next day it would not start.
    The dealer said the engine was flooded and stated the car had to be run for ten minutes minimum after a cold start. Also, they'd fix it under warranty this time , but not again.
    This sounded screwy to me so I called Mazda. They told me it should be run for three to five minutes after a cold start, and asked me if I'd received a brochure on rotary engine tips from the dealer. Of course, I had not.
    I work about eighty mile from where I bought the car, and called a dealer in that city. They told me the engine simply had to warm up before shutting it down. That might be a minute in warm weather and somewhat longer in colder weather.
    It's a pain to worry about every time I drive, but am getting used to it. But it shouldn't have to be.
    Another issue that was frustrating was snow tires. The manual calls for them and to be installed by a Mazda dealer. But the dealers were saying they were getting no info from Mazda.
    I called Mazda again and they faxed me a list of acceptable snow tires (the same ones that I had already found on the Tire Rack web site.) I faxed that to the dealer and ordered a set.
    However, other than those two issues, I have not had any AC problems (although it was not in the 90's here in September), and have not had any check engine or low oil lights going on.
    The car has gotten lots of second looks and favorable comments on the appearance.
    My gas mileage has been 20.5-21.5 since I bought it, but it is almost entirely Interstate highway driving.
    My only other question ( if there is any one out there still reading this rambling piece) is a "clunk" that occurs under the front end when first moving the car. It happens once, after either backing up or moving forward about two car lengths. It sounds and feels like I just drove over a pot hole. Two dealers took a look and both say nothing is loose. One said it might be the disc brakes slipping as the axle first started moving. Said Mazda's brakes were like that. There is no problem breaking, but sometime the car drifts a bit too much to the right if a bump in the road is encountered. Anyone have an idea?
  • gee35coupegee35coupe Posts: 3,475
    Hate to say "I told ya so"......
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