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Ford Freestyle - Taurus X



  • humblecoderhumblecoder Posts: 125
    The Taurus X is being discountinued because the Flex is a far more advanced vehicle.

    Care to explain? Looks like the Flex is going to use the same platform, same engine, and same transmission as the TX, so how is it "far more advanced"?
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    It has 4" more 2nd row legroom.
  • raezmom3raezmom3 Posts: 20
    I had a question about the discontinuation of the Taurus X. Where can I find that info and is it reliable? I have asked Ford and Ford dealers about this and they both denied it. :cry:
  • passat_2002passat_2002 Posts: 468
    It is rumored that the X will be discontinued after the 2009 model year. But it is rumor only. It doesn't change the fact that it's a very fine vehicle. It's just that the Flex will likely take it's place in the Ford lineup after 2009.
  • larryqwlarryqw Posts: 52
    No official word at all about the fate of the Taurus X. It's more the absence of word. When you hear all the official talk about the terrific new Taurus sedan design coming, you hear nothing about a new Taurus X design in the works.

    Also, the sales numbers are miserable, only around 3000 per month, which is hard to understand for a car with everything going for it. It could just be the "wagon" look doesn't sell to many. It also doesn't help, and a sign, that Ford is not putting any advertising into the Taurus X, neglecting it like an unloved child. There is rumor that the Taurus X will be replaced by the already announced redesigned unibody Explorer coming in a year or two, which indeed looks much like the Taurus X. And the new Flex coming this summer is nearly identical in features and size on the same platform.

    I suspect Ford's not making any final decision on the Taurus X until they see how the radical new Flex design pans out, or the new Explorer is available in late 2009. Some people like me are turned off by the Flex's boxy looks. That's indeed why I just bought me a Taurus X Limited a few weeks ago. (BTW, it's a great car!) It could be Ford wants to leave their options open for now, or until they have a clear replacement.

    This is all speculation by many. But it's clear the Taurus X isn't selling, not being supported by Ford, and being squeezed out of the fleet by the similar Flex and new Explorer coming over the next months and years.
  • raezmom3raezmom3 Posts: 20
    I am overseas and have not even looked at this vehicle yet. I am going to buy this car by ratings and good reviews alone. I really like the concept of this car and I like that it is different. I live in Japan and their are similar cars like the Taurus X everywhere. I just don't know why Ford is giving up. I noticed that Ford was not advertising this car and started to research why. But it makes sense now!

    I have a question for you larryqw. Did you get the 6 pass or the 7 pass? I wanted to order the limited 7 pass with ultimate pkg but Ford no longer will make those. They will only make the 6 pass with ultimate pkg. Do you know why? Is it a safety issue?
  • larryqwlarryqw Posts: 52
    I got the Taurus X with six passenger seating. I was originally thinking of the 7 passenger version when my little girl was still in a baby seat, so I could put her in the middle of the second row and allow five people to get in without going to the third row. But then she just got big enough (at 6 years old) to go to a booster, which is very easy to move around and use any belt.
    Oddly, my two youngest girls (6 and 13) love the third row most of all, even though my 13 yo is 5'10" tall. I think it's because of the command seating that puts them up high with a great view. And it's fun like being in the back of the bus..
    Accessing the third row is extremely easy with the nicely folding second row seats that make a very wide access to the third row. I can easily kneel in and help the 6yo to buckle her belt with out any strain.
    If I had a fixed baby seat in the six passenger version, I'd put it in the second row passenger side so I could see the little critter and hand off stuff while driving. And with the command seating, even that row is higher up for visibility outside. It's still very easy to get in and out of the third row by folding the second row on the driver's side. But if there's traffic, the kids still can go out the passenger side without folding the second row baby seat by just climbing over the second row console and going around. (Kids are like monkeys and the car is big - no problem for them, especially the smaller ones in back.) Actually, after using it, I think the six passenger configuration is very flexible and allows much easier access to everything.

    Also, even though I got the FWD, the unused AWD tunnel goes down the center of the vehicle, so the second row console fits nicely and gives cup holders and a nice storage area, especially for DVDs, remote control, and headphones in my car with the FES. (Incidentally, the FES is way more than just a DVD player, its another CD player and a multimedia system for audio as well. You and the kids can be listening to three different things at once.)

    The drive tunnel is unfortunate in the FWD, as you still give up space. Also you pay for it in ground clearance. When crawling under the Taurus X to install a 2" hitch for my bikes, I measured the ground clearance. It's 8 or 9 inches most everywhere, except the exhaust system that drops to just around 7 inches, with a lowest point just under the engine (Ford lists it as only 5.1", possible with full load and bouncing maybe.) It annoys me the exhaust is just below an big open hole available for the rear drive train I don't have, yet reducing the clearance.

    I don't work for Ford and have no clue why they discontinued the 7 passenger model (or that they did) for the Limited. It could be lack of demand. Unless you really need to sit 7 people, the 6 passenger version is very flexible, has more storage, and a much nicer feel.

    If you haven't driven the Taurus X, one surprise for me was the large size. I looked at the pictures and kept imagining something a little bigger than my Sable wagon . Even test driving it at the dealer with the big trucks on the lot didn't prepare me for how big it really was. When I got home and parked it next to my Sable wagon and wife's Freestar minivan, it dwarfs my Sable wagon and makes it's tires look like a toy wagon's. Overall, the Taurus X is the height and length of my wife's minivan, which is surprising from the pictures. It's got quite a bit of room.
  • humblecoderhumblecoder Posts: 125
    have a question for you larryqw. Did you get the 6 pass or the 7 pass? I wanted to order the limited 7 pass with ultimate pkg but Ford no longer will make those. They will only make the 6 pass with ultimate pkg. Do you know why? Is it a safety issue?

    I know you didn't ask me, but I'll answer your question anyway.

    You can get a TX Limited with 7 row seating however. You just can't get it with the ultimate package. As far as I know, Ford NEVER made a 7 passenger version of the Limited TX with the ultimate package.

    As you probably know, one of the features included in the ultimate package is heated second row captain's chairs with one-touch folding. So obviously if you couldn't get this feature if you had a second row bench seat, since the bench seat would negate the second row captain's chairs.

    What this also means is that you can't also get the power lift gate in the Limited trim if you want 7 passenger seating. That is because the power lift gate only comes with the ultimate package on the Limited trim. The thing that doesn't make sense, though, is that the power lift gate is a standalone option on the SEL and Eddie Bauer trims. So you can get the power lift gate and 7 passenger seating on the lower trims but just not on the Limited trim.
  • cmunizcmuniz Posts: 604
    I would highly recommend the power lift gate. That is a heavy door to close. I didn't have it in my 05 Freestyle and glad I got it now. Also the power folding 2nd row captains chairs are very handy.
  • larryqwlarryqw Posts: 52
    I chose not to get the Ultimate package with power seats and lift gate. In dealer tests, I found the springs on the seats and lift gate were well adjusted, and I could lift and close the seats and back gate just fine manually. I figured the power system would be slow and just get in my way. The lift gate also has a power pod and arm that gets a little in the way of storage.

    Nevertheless, my smaller kids and wife seem to struggle a little with the seats. It might just be it's new and they need a little more training. Like my wife couldn't figure out she needed to lift the lever a second time to unlatch the seat, and doesn't want to listen to me, the way wives tend to be. As for strength, even my 6 year old can lift the second row seat if she uses two hands. However, the monkey she is, she usually folds down the back and then jumps out over the folded back, which is faster for her. I can open and close everything fine with one hand relatively quickly. On the lift gate, opening is very easy for everyone. On closing, it's just the lower part of the swing that's awkward, where I need either to give the gate some extra swift downward momentum, or reposition my hand outside the lift gate for a final push.

    I need another week perhaps to be sure and get everyone trained right. But I still think I don't need any of the power lifts and seats. They'd just get in the way.
  • richfig23richfig23 Posts: 15
    Hey Everyone. I own a Black 2006 Limited AWD (w Navigation and rear entertainment system) with 7 passenger seating and prefer this configuration to the 6 passenger with 2nd row buckets just because it gives me more options. I don't really need 7 passenger seating all the time, but it did come in handy a couple of times so far. And you can sit 3 people in the 2nd row (which I do much more often) without having to utilize the 3rd row. I have to say, it was really disappointing to see how Ford did almost nothing to promote this fine vehicle. Every Ford Ad you see in the local paper promotes every other Ford Vehicle (especially Exploers & Edge), except the Freestyle (Taurus X). It's like it doesn't exist. I've been asked by complete strangers, countless times in parking lots, "what vehicle is that?" Everyone is so suprised how big the interior is and that is has 3 rows. And yes, many peoople think it's a very sharp looking vehicle. I bought my Freestyle in October of 06 with 15K miles for $24K. It was almost new in my eyes and considering the base price of this vehicle with all the options I have was about 36k new, I think I got a bargain. I have not had any problems with this vehicle (I did have the brakes replaced under the extended warranty program). It's not the most powerful vehicle and the gas mialge is not the greatest, but if you don't plan on towing a boat and carrying loads of big objects in the rear, it is the perfect combination of car and SUV. It gives you much better milage than an Explorer and it rides almost like a car. I suspect that Ford never really promoted this vehicle because the profit margins are so much greater on the explorer. When you think about it, the Freestyle has almost the same capacity as an Explorer (except towing), yet the explorer cost so much more. I was reading an review on the new Hyndai VeraCruz in the paper and the reviewer was pointing out all the great feature of this vehicle ($38K with options) and I was saying My Fresstyle Limited has everything this car has. My suggestion for anyone contemplating buying a Freestyle (Taurus X), go ahead and make the purchase. Just stay away from 05's as there were still some kinks that were being worked out in that model year.
  • freealfasfreealfas Posts: 652
    my '05 has been 30k problem free miles short of the rear brakes @ 18k on our black limited fwd bought new. We're still on the original conti's, religious oil changes/scheduled service have been the only real reason to take it in. A couple of fit/finish items when delivered were dealt with as well.

    I'd argue buying a used '05 makes for a good deal as well.
  • passat_2002passat_2002 Posts: 468
    My '05 Freestyle SEL has been flawless too. I wouldn't shy away from a clean looking '05 model at all.
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    I like the 2nd row bench because from time to time we'll sit three in the back and can have a lot of cargo space. To me the captain chair option is just a waste of the center seat in the 2nd row because you're having to use the 3rd row more often. I do wish that the center position in the bench had a fold down armrest when not in use.
  • humblecoderhumblecoder Posts: 125
    We are getting a TX with captains chairs but without the center console. The reason being was that we can put carseats in both of the second row positions, but still access the third row via the space between the second row seats. That way, we don't have to remove the car seats in order to fold the seats down.

    I can't say that I can get emotional about the rumored "demise" of the TX. Truthfully, all car models have a limited shelf life anyway (5 years?). It's just that the new model happens to retain the same name as a old, discontinued model. That gives consumers the mistaken impression that the model lives on somehow just because the name is recycled.

    The "new" Explorer is more TX-like than Explorer-like from what I have read. However, because Ford happened to stick an Explorer name on it, somehow people think that it is somehow related to the old Explorer, which it really isn't. So for those mourning the death of the TX, your tears are misguided. Really you should be crying over the death of the old Explorer, since the TX will live on, but with a new name! Sort of like the Freestyle. :)
  • coldcrankercoldcranker Posts: 877
    I noticed a few posts saying the changes for the TaurusX over the Freestyle are all cosmetic. Actually, besides the obvious new engine/tranny, giving more power and less fuel economy in the new TaurusX, they did change the design of the front engine cradle subframe for better noise/vibration (known as "NVH") isolation. Actually, I prefer the old V6 with CVT, since it gives better MPG with no "shift-shock", smoothe as butter. 205 hp in the old engine is adequate. The new engine has 263 hp, but is that extra power worth a drop in MPG by 2 ? That 3.0L V6 in my '05 Freestyle was originally designed by Porsche, and refined slowly from 1994 to 2005 for good durability and low internal friction, and found in Jaguars, Mazdas, Lincolns, Taurus, Escape, Freestyles, 500s in variant forms for many years.
  • raezmom3raezmom3 Posts: 20
    Thanks for replying. Actually they did make the limited 7 seater with ultimate pkg. I placed my order in January and it was accepted until recently. I just don't understand I thought the limited was suppose to be top of the line. I don't care about the other two thing I just would of loved having the powerlift with the limited. And everytime that I write ford about this they never answer my question. I would go for the other trim but I don't like the two tone color on the car. thanks again :cry:
  • saabturboidsaabturboid Posts: 178
    coldcranker wrote:

    That 3.0L V6 in my '05 Freestyle was originally designed by Porsche, and refined slowly from 1994 to 2005 for good durability and low internal friction, and found in Jaguars, Mazdas, Lincolns, Taurus, Escape, Freestyles, 500s in variant forms for many years.

    Now if only they had made the engine sound like a Porsche and the Freestyle go like a Porsche....

    - Chad
  • bighank1bighank1 Posts: 27
    I just purchased a 2008 Taurus X and the Maroney sticker says ROOF RACK SIDE RAILS but this morning I noticed that there is NO ROOF RACK on the rails.
    WHAT GIVES? Do they install it only after you ask or what? My Montana has two rails and two cross pieces bridging the rails which are adjustable front to back. Did I get slighted? Who makes a van or SUV with roof rails and nothing else?
  • freealfasfreealfas Posts: 652
    You need to buy the cross rails... as you said the side rails are installed the rest is a aftermarket option for you to decide whether you want or not like most manufacturer's.

    I went Yakima and have always been quite happy with their products as Ford is not in the roof rack manufacturing business.
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    Actually quite a few CUVs come only with the side rails. Maybe because different folks want to attach different things to the roof, while others don't use them at all. Sort of like floor mats, mudguards, cargo covers, etc which are all dealer add-ons.
  • larryqwlarryqw Posts: 52
    I'm also looking for cross bars for my Taurus X. No crossbars are currently available from Ford, supposedly coming later this year! That sucks even more.

    Yakima has some listed for the Taurus X, a LowRider claw that only fits on the first raised part of the rail. The separation is so small, only a few things can be carried. Nevertheless, my Yakima dealer sees a way to use a Yakima foot and tower with a metal block placed in the slot to allow the whole length to be used.

    I suspect crossbars weren't included standard for reasons of appearance, cost, and air drag on gas mileage.
  • freealfasfreealfas Posts: 652
    just looked at a Tre-X picture on the Ford site, what were they thinking by mounting the back half of the roof rails tighter to the roof line then on the FS. I have the Yakima bars that Ford sold as a accessory mounted with no problems. doing what they did they effectively mae the side rails all but useless.
  • bighank1bighank1 Posts: 27
    I read the owners manual which says you can have up to 8 PATS keys recognized by the Antitheft system 4 of which can be IKT keys which have the integrated remotes. The manual goes into placing 2 active keys into the ignition, turning them on and off and placing the new key to be learned into the ingition and the having it recognized by the vehicle. I have done this before on Ford vehicles. What I question is the statement that if you are adding an IKT it will program the transmitter so that the remote will function with the vehicle. On non-IKT vehicles you must use the buttons on the remote to allow it to transmit RF and then be recognized by the vehicle.
    Will someone who KNOWS HOW TO PROGRAM IKTs please respond as I do not want to purchase an IKT and wind up with only the equivalent of a PATS key. I am also assuming that anytime you learn a new key you must program ALL KEYS that you want to work in the same vehicle. Is that correct?
  • larryqwlarryqw Posts: 52
    Bighank1, I just programmed my IKT for my Taurus X, in order to get a third key. Here's how it works.

    The IKT is an "Integrated Keyhead Transmitter". What that means is that the engine security coding, when placing the key in the ignition, and the remote transmitter of the usual separate remote part are now integrated as one security element in the key head. So indeed you only need to do the programming once, and both the engine security, and remote control operation will then work with the one IKT programming. It's nice having just one thing to program and work with now.

    So indeed programming the IKT also programs and allows remote entry. It worked for me. But as you said, the manual indicates the remote entry function is only allowed on up to four of the eight IKTs that can be programmed. I've only used three IKTs so far and all the remotes work.

    You only need to reprogram all keys if you don't have two keys that are already active.

    One note on the programming a third key from two active keys. You need to do it just right and it's not clear from the manual (page 149 on T-X), although I found the instructions were correct. I had a lot trouble and even the dealer couldn't help. I had to look it up on the web. Basically, you need to really wait long enough but not too long, like 6 seconds after turning each active key to on (between 3 and 10 seconds according to the manual). I found the trick was that you'd see the lock symbol change (go off) on the dash a few seconds (~3) after the panel flashes everything. Keeping the key in the "ON" position for those few seconds until the lock symbol finally changes was the right time. You also need to go to the next key within 10 seconds. On the last key you're programming, you need to keep the key in the "ON" position even longer, like around 10 seconds. You then remove it and put it back in again to start the car. Again, watching the "Lock" symbol for changes will give you a clue on timing.

    My IKT cost something like $130 at the dealer. I've heard you can get them for very much less on eBay. But I didn't trust they'd work, and didn't want to wait, so I just paid the price.
  • peetertpeetert Posts: 124
    We are looking at purchasing a used Freestyle as a replacement for our '02 Windstar and I have a question regarding the DVD player. Ideally, we would like to find one with the DVD player, but in case we don't ( and we probably won't), how many of you have added aftermarket players, and which ones integrate the best.

    Now, I'll start by saying I have yet to test one with the OEM System, so I have a few questions in this regard. Our Windstar has the factory VHS player that is situated next to the drivers seat. My wife likes this since she can control what is on as well as the buttons themselves. With the DVD, I understand it's mounted to the ceiling so changing DVD's is probably not an option, but does the driver have controls to turn on the player? Also, how does it integrate with the factory stereo?

    Now for questions about aftermarket systems.

    For ceiling mounted systems, have you been able to connect them to the factory head unit, or have you had to buy a new one. And with that, have the steering wheel controls still worked?

    For headrest systems, I'm not sure if these can itegrate, but if there are those, the same questions as above. Also, how well can the 3rd row passengers see the headrest systems.


  • saabturboidsaabturboid Posts: 178
    We have an '05 Freestyle with the factory DVD system. It works like you described with the DVD player and screen mounted on the ceiling between the first and second rows. The driver can not easily control the DVD player but it does come with a remote so any rear passenger can easily control it. The driver can turn it on and off via the head unit and turn the volume up and down but that is it. Any regular DVD control functions either have to be controlled via the remote or from buttons on the face of the player facing the rear passengers.

    Aftermarket players work much the same way so I don't think you are going to find a system that allows you to control everything from up front. I believe the aftermarket players use an RF modulator to transmit the sound to the stock head unit so no change there is necessary and no wiring to the head unit is necessary.

    - Chad
  • larryqwlarryqw Posts: 52
    With my new Taurus X Limited, I also have the DVD Family Entertainment System along with the Navigation System. It's fabulous and totally integrated into the car at many levels. No aftermarket can compete. It's way more than a DVD player which is why they call it an FES. It can play CDs, MP3 disks, or use A/V input for games. It can also pick different stations from the front panel to play on the headphones independent from what the front speakers playing.

    As for your question, from the front LCD, I can control the rear DVD play or stop, fast forward or backward, or chapter skip, in addition to volume and other media selections from up front.

    The factory system is much more integrated. For instance, the rear remote can also control the front system, if not locked out. The rear screen shows control menus in integration with the front LCD.

    From the Front or Rear (if not locked out from the front), I can also control headphones versus speakers. That is I can have sound on the front speakers and rear speakers off. I can control what sound goes into each channel of the headphones (Channel A can have AM/FM/Satellite/Front CD/Audio In/USB/Bluetooth Streaming/ and all of B; Channel B can have DVD/Rear CD/Rear MP3 disk, and rear AV inputs) Each headphone can flip to channel A or B independently.

    For example, driving last week, one young daughter was watching cartoons on the DVD with Channel B on her headphone. My teen daughter streamed her songs from her phone to our car via Bluetooth and listened to it on Channel A. I listened to the Satellite Radio up front, all simultaneously. You may not have everything without SYNC, but you still have a lot of audio inputs available.

    The newer FES is wider, thinner, and is up higher and doesn't interfere with the rear view mirror. It only blocks the upper third for middle third of the rear window, or about 1/9 of the view that's usually sky anyway.

    I don't know if you can get this newer FES system for the '05 Freestyle, and how well it would integrate, but they should be similar. I'd try with your dealer. It may be the connectors are there and not too bad. You just have to check.
  • peetertpeetert Posts: 124
    First, thanks for the DVD answers, we're still working on what to do with that one. I would like to hear from people who have added an aftermarket, or have found an OEM and added it themselves ( do they prewire so its just plug and play)? I'm pretty handy so a bit of cutting/wiring will not scare me.

    Now for this question. In looking at the available inventory around here I'm finding alot of ' 07 SEL's that have nearly all that we are looking for, but also a few '06 Limited's that have everything and more. While I realize, all things being equal, go for the '07 as it is newer, but were there any vast improvements over the 2 model years that would keep me from going for an '06 ( if the price were right ) ? More than likely we'll be keeping this car at least 5 years or so, so by then the years' depreciation will be neglible.

    Finally, I've read thorugh the bench/bucket 2nd row threads. Ideally, we would like the buckets for the 2nd row as the third row will be used quite regularly. For you bench seat owners, how easy is it to flip the seat for third row access. We will have a car set in the 2nd row, but it will be in the drivers side.

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