Which deisel had best track record ?

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I am going to purchase a used P/U this spring. My
only concern at this point is to find out who had
the most reliable and user friendly turbo diesel on
the market, in the 93-95 time span. I am a Exotic
car mechanic that has paid no attention to the
truck, or diesel market what so ever. Now I live in
the front range of the Rockies, and the G-20 Chev
van that I used for towing car trailers, does not
make it at this altitude. The 350 engine has enough
to do pulling an empty van up the mountain ! Being
a mechanic for 25+ years I dislike working on my
own vehicle (shoe makers kid syndrome ) and would
rather not make a bad choice in this matter. My
needs: 4WD, diesel, Turbo??? (mileage and torque at
6-10k feet altitude) , and towing cap. of around
6000 lbs.. I don't care who makes it or what color
it is, but I would love advise from people that
have dealt with similar criteria such as mine.
Thanks in advance for your help,


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    hi dave,and wellcome to the wonderfull world of diesel's. i own a 97 Ford F350 dully w/powerstroke i love it i have a 40ft 5th wheel that i tow all over the US. as my job( i'm a avation contracter).take's me all over. in a lot of differnt conditions. i have no problems, cold or hot weather. a consern that u might consider is the fact the diesel fuel is harder to find than gas. as far as a turbo yes get it very worth the mony. good luck with your hunt randy
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    Hi Dave,

    Forget the chevy deisel!! They have a major injection pump problem to overcome!!!!!!! I am looking at trading in my lemon for a dodge cummins
    deisel it is the only one I have not heard any horror stories about. My chevy would not start the night I drove it off the lot!! I spent two months
    running back and forth to the dealer getting bad parts replaced Brake relay switch, oil pressure switch, fuel injector pump, and the computor were all replaced!!! It ran very well for a year, but
    it has been back in the shop three times in the past month charged the batteries once, started stalling on me while I was driving down the road
    after that and a second fuel injector pump was put
    in 100.00 deductible on an 1100.00 part!! and last but not least I just (2days ago) replaced both batteries and the alternater.
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    who makes the most dependable deisel truck with the least amount of sevice and warrenty problems?
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    I've had 2 Ford F-250 Deisels. (1986 6.9L and 1992 7.3L) Both have gone through the Eisenhower at reasonable speed. Neither have a turbo. I flat towed a Datsun 310 with the '86. I pulled the trans from drive to 2nd and was easily able to maintain a 35 to 50 MPH climbing West to East.

    In the '92, on the Grapevine, in California I'm able to start at the bottom from ZERO MPH and easily top out at 85 long before cresting the top at 4400 feet.

    As reliability goes....

    On the '92 and over 121000 miles:
    Throttle position sensor $120
    ABS and speed sensor $100
    Brakes once at 88000 miles
    Tires (Goodyear) twice
    Batteries once
    I bought a lifetime front end alignment and typically have it in every 3-6 months.
    The dealer replaced the auto trans for $50 under ESP warrantee at 99700 due to metal shavings in the pan. (Actually it was a good deal because service was $76. So I saved 25 bucks and got a new trans.)

    The three BIG things are:
    Change the oil! Every 5000 miles like religion!
    Run a good grade of fuel. Flying J or Unocal 76. Buy it from truck stops.
    Finally use a good pump lubricator additive in the fuel. I put 2 ounces in every tank. It keeps the water in the fuel dispursed and burnt as teh fuel is used. It will also prevent algae in the fuel system. The stuff is 10 or 12 bucks a gallon at truck stops.

    You will hear a lot of 'used oats' from people with their heads in places that don't smell very good about diesels and fuel. The engine is NOT intended to burn Auto Transmission Fluid, peanut oil, used crankcase oil, used McDonald's french fry oil, alcohol nor antifreeze. The engine is designed to burn diesel fuel and a small quantity of a lubricity additive, period. Feed your engine well and your pump/injectors will last 200-250 thousand miles.

    My F-250 mostly runs about on the LA freeway system and almost always unloaded. For the past six years, taking the total miles divided by total gallons gives beter than 17.5 mpg!

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    Well rich,

    I got rid of the chevy, and bought the dodge
    cummins deisel 5-speed 1 ton I'm already getting
    19 mpg. Dodge does say that the fuel additive
    is a good Idea after 50,000 miles but I think I'll
    start sooner. Cummins makes their own additive
    which I think I'll buy a case of at the time. I
    have always taken religious care of my vehicles.
    I learned fast being raised by a dealership full
    of mechanics ever since I could walk they taught
    me well. I hope this truck will last a long time
    Got the extended warrenty too.
    speaking of the fuel additive why did my chevy
    dealer never tell me of this or the owners manuel?
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    I'm a guy in the telephone industry and travel S.C., Ga, and N.C. programing systems. I need a vehicle that can tow my boat, pontoon, jet skis,etc and help out on my brother's cattle farm on the weekends. I feel that a diesel truck would probably be the best choice. I'm concerned about the v-8s "made into diesels" and am leaning toward the Cummings, but, I like Chevys better. Got any ideas? Is there anywhere I can get reliable stats on historical performance, maint costs, etc? thx.
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    deisel, What is the additive that you are talking about? Thanks
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    I've been using the golden stuff in the clear bottle. I can't remember the name but I usually buy it at a truck stop. It goes for about $12 a gallon. I add 1 ounce per 10 gallons of fuel. (Usually just put 2 oz. into a nearly empty tank.) That is a little on the heavy side but no ill effects in 125k miles. I've used other brands too; SILO (yellow and black can) and Marvel. There are three things the additive should do for you.
    1-Dispurse water
    2-Lubricate injectors and pump
    3-Prevent algae formation
    Just read the can or bottle, it'll state everything that the additive will do for you. They're mostly about the same price. Some (like Red Line) are $3-$5 a tank. I've never used one of the expensive ones. Don't use anything that isn't intended to be a diesel additive and start using it after the first 10k miles. That will give the pump and injectors time to wear in.
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    I'm in the market for a truck. I was thinking about a diesel. What you recomend, power stroke or cummins. Or would you recomend a gas engine.
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    I bought a new a 94 diesel Suburban and the 1st

    injector pump didn't last the whole day. Since

    then It's been replaced 3 more times. The engine

    has been out 3 times and replaced twice. Know one

    wanted to take it on trade, wholesale was the

    best I could do. I finaly unloaded it

    at 70,000 miles with the help of my local Chevy

    dealer as GM would never respond to my complaints

    or calls. All of these were under warranty (which

    is 100,000 miles) and you will use all of it. I

    for one will never own another GM product.
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    I'm looking for a '93 Dodge Cummins Diesel with extended cab - 5 speed. Our personal experience is that these pickups are the best value for the dollar - those Cummins engines are very reliable and easy starting even in SD in the dead of winter! I can't afford a newer body style Ram, although I want the extra room. Can anybody tell me about the rear seat in the '93? Is it a bench or jump seats and is there enough room for a couple of kids?
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    My '94 Chevy C2500 has now been through five main fuel injection pumps, four fuel lift pumps, and numerous other problems including a transmission mount that probably broke due to a very rough idle. All of this in less than 49,000 miles. I have now written the CEO of Chevrolet twice asking for help. I received one phone call after the first letter stating that Chevrolet was unable (unwilling) to help. They promised to send me their position in writing. It has now been a month and no response. The only saving grace in this whole situation is that my local dealer, Ourisman Chevrolet in Wheaton Maryland has been much more helpful that Chevy.
    My recommendation would be to avoid the Chevy diesel since Chevy does not seem to care.
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    Anyone know anything about the Isuzu Hombre.
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    I own a 1996 f-250 ford w/ the power stroke diesel.I have had the air conditioner replaced at 17,000. the engine has been wonderful.To those of you with the question: the power stroke is a international design and has been used for several years. make sure with all diesels that you keep the anti-freeze up to snuff or you will have major problems with the engine water jacket corroding!!! also, I would recommend that you use delo brand of oil. the shell brand is ok but, delo is better.
    Absolutely, do not buy the chevy diesel as it is just a 396 block made into a diesel. I use my truck to pull a car trialer and i have a camper. I live in the mountains and I don't have any problems staying with traffic.
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    modelt, Do you usualy tow in overdrive, or third gear. If its a 5spd 5th or 4th?
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    The first diesel I had was an 82' Chev. 6.2. Most trouble I've ever had with a PU. Next two were 84 Ford 6.9 with 4 spd manual. Had good luck with that one 250k few problems. Next was 93' Ford 7.3 with automatic. Trans went at 85k - $1500. Injection pump governor @ 95k. Mileage is so-so, pulling not great. Currently 97 Dodge with Cummins, 5 spd, 4:10 gears, 50k, pulls super, mileage is good under 65, deteriorates fast over 65 because of 4:10's . Get 3:54's with this PU, it has plenty of power. We pull 8x28 stock trailers with 12-14k inside plus trailer wt. So far, so good. Starts good (ND winters). Ride is great.
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    I am considering buying the new'99Ford f-250 w/ diesel. I live at 8k elev.(just moved)and have been told that diesels are the best choice for this alt. The motor in the 99 has been around for awhile but Ford has made some changes. Any early reports on the perf. of the retuned motor? Any comments in general re: Ford diesel 7.3l v8/
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    Exhaust Brake; 99 Ford SuperDuty Diesels:
    Published in March '98 issue of "Trailer Life" that it is to be an available factory option by mid-year. Anybody had any experience and can comment on the need for this feature on any Diesel Engine ? I'm in the market for a 99 F-350 and trying to decide whether to wait for the Exhaust Brake to be available. My towing requirement will be for a 35-40' 5th Wheel RV hauling an 800 pound Harley inside the integrated "garage" going coast to coast.
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    If looks of the vehicle are not real important to you, check out Isuzu. They make a dually cab/chassis with a cab that can be customized to hold 4 to 6 adults on ling trips. Engine is a 500+ci turbo, intercooled diesel good for 300k or better. Six speed w/ 2 or 3 speed rear end makes it greatr for hauling those 35+ft firth wheels. Price is comparable to Ford or Dodge 3/4 ton diesels.
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    Here is a good site for the ford fans. www.abol.com/users/jlester its the ford deisel page and they have a ton of info on the navistar.
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