F-150 trailer hitch options

lonesomeduvlonesomeduv Member Posts: 50
I'm getting ready to purchase an F-150. I'm debating whether to get one with the Class III towing option already installed or adding a hitch afterward.

The Class III option comes with heavy duty shocks, a heavy duty battery, a 7-pin harness and a transmission cooler if you get the 5.4L V-8. I wouldn't get the 5.4L engine, so the transmission cooler is a moot point. I can upgrade the battery fairly easily, and the shocks if necessary, which leaves the 7-pin harness as the only real difference. I'm gonna show my ignorance and ask what's the biggest advantage of the 7-pin vs. the 4-pin connection?

Also, does anybody know how difficult it is to add a hitch, and, more specifically, how difficult is it to add the 7-pin connector (or can that even be done - I don't know a whole lot about this)?

I'm not going to be doing much towing, but I know I want a hitch because I want to be able to tow things (like a boat or a moving trailer) when I need to. So far, the truck that I found that I like the most does not have the towing package option, but I'd probably get the truck anyway if I knew I could add the hitch myself without sacrificing any significant towing capability.

Any thoughts or advice will be much appreciated!


  • lariat1lariat1 Member Posts: 461
    The frame is already drilled for the hitch all you have to do is buy one that is fitted for the model you want. If you plan to tow the tow package is worth the extra $$, mostly due to the Aux cooler for the tranny. The 7 pin harness is more vesatile than the 4 pin but most smaller trailers use the 4 pin. I believe the biggest advantage of the 7 pin is the wiring for electric brakes go through it.
  • lonesomeduvlonesomeduv Member Posts: 50
    Doesn't the auxiliary transmission cooler only come if you choose the 5.4L V-8? I agree that the cooler is probably worth the price of the package alone but I thought it didn't come with the 4.6L V-8 anyway, and that's the engine I want.
  • lariat1lariat1 Member Posts: 461
    I believe the cooler is an installed option when you get the tow package with the 4.6, and standard with the 5.4 whether you get the tow package or not.
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    To me the towing option is one of the best deals you can get on a truck. I wanted it on my 99F150 and I ordered it on the new (replacement-- thanks to Ford) 2002. If you can purchase all the stuff the package comes with and install it yourself and have it warrenteed by somebody?? Then have at it and put it all on yourself, but for my money I would spend this $350.00 or so again and again. I feel if you want to do all this stuff by yourself, your time must not be too valuable.
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